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25 Tested Tips: How to rank website on google - I AM UR TEACHER. How to rank website on google is a significant problem for SEO’s.

25 Tested Tips: How to rank website on google - I AM UR TEACHER

It’s more frustrating when you see your keywords ranking on the 7-8-9th page of google search engine. After the continuous effort to improve your performance and ranking. Are you in the same position as me? I know all of this because I went through this many times. How to make a wordpress blog in new localhost - I AM UR TEACHER. Do you really want to create a wordpress blog?

How to make a wordpress blog in new localhost - I AM UR TEACHER

I will make it possible. Just follow this guide step by step, so that you don’t get stuck on any step. Why choose WordPress platform? There are many platforms by which you can create your desirable websites. Choosing a blogger/blogspot or free wordpress blog will cost you nothing. Choosing wordpress gives you more customization according to your need. Its independent platform other than blogspot which is a google service. In this blog, I will share step by step, graphical images to make it all clear to you. Choosing the best BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) for your workout - I AM UR TEACHER. When you step inside the temple of the body that is the gym, the effectiveness of your worship is going to depend upon how you work out.

Choosing the best BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) for your workout - I AM UR TEACHER

You pick up your weights. You start lifting. It gets you pumping. How to increase domain authority - I AM UR TEACHER. Domain Score or Domain Authority of each single website matters.

How to increase domain authority - I AM UR TEACHER

You can quickly get tons of links from low-grade websites, which will not increase your domain authority. I prefer to make backlinks on websites having high domain authority other than low domain authority score websites. How to monetize your website with website monetization strategies. What is difference between SEO and SEM. In this modern era, SEO and SEM both are popular, but for different objectives to catch a business goal.

What is difference between SEO and SEM

Sometimes it's still confusing to clear SEO vs SEM. They are like and unlike each other in certain waysIf you don't have the clear difference between seo and sem, then you can't improve your website visibility in search engines and can not gain business profit. An Ultimate way to do crawl budget optimization. How to improve SEO. Are you worried with your website performance?

How to improve SEO

There are few ways to improve that performance. Website performance depends on many factors. Breadcrumbs SEO : A Factor You Should Not Ignore “Breadcrumbs SEO” How to start a Section 8 Company? Competitor Advertising: How to peek on your competitors ad. Why is your website deindexed by google? AGR Dues teach us a harsh lesson about filing DOT Compliances. How to Increase Organic Traffic: 14 Simple Secret Tips. How to optimize for Google featured snippets. Start Video Marketing without giving yourself a headache. Prepare your website for mobile-first indexing. Best Alternatives of Adsense for Low Traffic Websites. Improve robots.txt for better SEO performance. How to increase blog traffic - Most effective way to increase blog traffic. How to create backlinks when you have a new site and no money. The Comprehensive Guide to Start SEO Website Audit. How to Create Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign. How to Create Facebook Brand Awareness Campaign.

Guide to start facebook lead generation. 10 Greatest Cricket Players of All Time. Cricket has witnessed many great players with miraculous talents that still amaze the fans.

10 Greatest Cricket Players of All Time

Cricket is World's second most famous game after Soccer and is played in almost every part of the World. However, Cricket,was first played in 1844, and it has produced many talented players.So, here are Top 10 Greatest Cricketers of all time: –Sir Donald Bradman (Australia)Sir Don Bradman is the greatest Cricketer of all time.Sir Donald Bradman is acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Bradman has an average of 99.94 in Tests. Bradman has played 52 Test matches. In 80 Test innings Bradman has 6996 runs with 29 Hundreds. Wasim Akram is the greatest bowler in the history of Cricket. How To Setup Custom Domain For Blogger. Step by step guide to start Facebook lead generation Ad. Why google hummingbird algorithm was introduced? How to setup google search console? What are the factors affecting website ranking?

Why should you have a custom domain name for a blogger? What are the Content factors affecting website ranking? Many bloggers want to gain traffic and want to earn money quickly.

What are the Content factors affecting website ranking?

They post the number of blogs to achieve this. But they forget about content optimization and other factors that determine ranking and traffic engagement. So to do this in a proper way here is a list of what you can do to optimize your content. Content QualityContent quality makes any website can be seen in the search engine. Google AdSense Account Approval Process. What is SEO? What is On Page SEO? Previously, I have explained how one can do on off page seo/off page optimization for their blog/website and can gain a high amount of traffic.In this blog, I will describe how you can do On page seo/on page optimization for your website.

What is On Page SEO?

There are various activities which can take your website to Google's first page. All you need to do is make your content SEO Friendly and use a keyword planner to use best targeting keywords. Doing these can hike your blog traffic as well.Why on page SEO necessary? On page seo is most important as it can provide search engines what actually we are modifying in the contents. As doing on page seo can affect in a better way when we have efficiently optimized our website regarding content, heading, meta keywords, meta descriptions, url, request and response of a website. What is Off Page SEO? Add XML Sitemap In Google Search Console. What is Sitemap?

Add XML Sitemap In Google Search Console

A sitemap is a file where you give full detail information about the pages, blogs, website and another kind of data which is present on your site. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo fetch this file which is currently on your website. A sitemap tells the crawler which records you believe are significant in your site.

Like when the page was last modified, Published date, Content Updation frequency and any kind of redirections and change to version(HTTPS, HTTP, www) which is made on website or pages. Must Do Activities for Food Bloggers. How to Setup Google Analytics for Blogger/Website? What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a tool proposed by Google which is an online web analytics service . By this online service, you can track and make reports on website traffic, their platform, source and medium. You can track the number of users/visitors ,page-views, sessions, country, states and lots more to track.Google Analytics is the most widely and commonly used for tracking website traffics worldwide.Why is it used?

Google Analytics is used to track website activities like the number of users visiting your website, bounce rate, dwell rate, page views, sessions, country, states, session duration, traffic source. Unlimited Backlinks Strategies to Rank Top in Google. To build more unique links, There are many keyword suggestion tools, but I prefer the one “BuzzSumo.”Visit the BuzzSumo website and then type the keyword which is related to your niche or industry. When you hit enter to search, it will show you all accessible content based on social shares.Open the content which is high quality or In-depth detail and do the things in a step by step manner and create an image related content (i.e., Infographics) with the same article.Don’t forget to edit it in your own words and add some more detail if you can.

When you are creating the infographics, don’t forget to mention the source, that you find this source from which website. The content you write will go viral all around. Want to know why? Just think once that the same content is written in such a lengthy format, and you have simplified the content with infographics. New Removal Tool Launched in Google Search Console by Google. This new feature allows you to block some URLs from appearing in Google search results, itshows outdated content and content which is filtered by Safe Search.Google has recently originated a new removal tool in google search console ( I like topronounce it as a new url removing tool).This tool will help you by doing 3 tasks. It allows you to hide any URL from showing in google search results, but the effect is temporary.

This will show you the content which is outdated or old because they are not in the google search result as they are old/outdated. This will only show you the URL which was filtered by Google’s Safe Search adult filter. Effortlessly Boost Your CTR (Click Through Rate) The way by which you can boost your SEO ranking is to increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Click-through Rate. Below are the steps to do that. It is not right that you have to rank high in Google, to get a high amount of clicks to your website. In this concise article, I will illustrate how you can enhance your SERP Click-Through Rate. POS Billing Software. Marg eOwner App to keep complete track of your business eOwner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F's). The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success.

Income Tax Notice: Reasons why you get notice from the Income Tax Department? First, don’t worry, every person who fills income tax gets either intimation or notice from income tax. The intimation and notice come to those email ids and phone numbers which are added in the income tax portal. 10 Simple Steps e-filling Income Tax Return Online? Latest News: Deadlines for filing belated ITR has also been extended by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This decision was taken as most of the taxpayers would have failed to file the ITR asked by the Income Tax Department within the lockdown period and that could cause a heavy penalty on individuals.

GST Portal - How to register yourself in GST Portal simply? The business that has exceeded 40 lacs turnover (10 lacs at NE and hill states) needs to register for GST. For certain businesses, GST is required no matter what turnover they have. If they run the business without GST, it will be an offense under GST, and they must pay huge penalties for the same.

Stores Management software. EPFO-Latest news on applicability, structure and functions. The EPFO has integrated a new option in the UAN portal, where the employees can themselves enter the date of leaving the previous company or employer. This will ensure the smooth transfer of the provident fund (PF) withdrawal if it is getting stuck by any technical issues or missing date of exit. Till now, only the employer was enjoying the privilege of entering the date the employees are leaving the organization. However, after the introduction of this facility in the Unified Portal, the employees will be able to enter the date by themselves and there will be no restriction from the employer. Sometimes employers fail to enter the exit date which leads to the delay in the settlements of PF claims. This facility has come as a savior for the employees, as from now they can ensure their hard-earned money is safe and secure with PF.

Marg ERP Blog. Cloud Backup in Marg ERP: Storing & Securing your Data. Cloud Data Backup is also known as online backup. It refers to storing a secured copy of all your data online on a virtual cloud, enabling the user to secure the data from being lost due to machine failure or theft. It allows the user to upload his data online directly on Google Drive and One Drive. The user can also access the uploaded, secured data from anywhere and restore the backup as per the requirement.

Practicing the technique to back up the data on the cloud can help bolster an organization’s strategy to protect its crucial data and to avoid the excessive cost of data transfer. Initially, most of the organizations like small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) took subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis from third parties but this will cost an additional cost to small companies.

What is GST - A Complete Guide. Throughout India, Goods and Services Tax is an applicable indirect tax. It replaces other taxes and levies that are applied by central and state governments, including Value Added Tax (VAT), Central Sales Tax, Special Tax, and Consumption Tax, among others. A Dig Into The World Of Software Solutions - NDTV HOP.

EPF Withdrawal Procedure - To Fill EPF form & Get the Claim. Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the oldest schemes offered by the Centre to ensure a safe and secure retirement of employees. Under this scheme, employees contribute 12% of their basic salary every month during their time under service and an equivalent proportion is contributed by the employer; together forming a corpus to the provident fund. HR, Leave & Salary Management software Free Download. Generate Easy and Error-Free E-way Bill. Jewelry Shop Billing & Accounting Management software. Marg eOwner App to keep complete track of your business eOwner keeps a strong vigilance on your business and is a perfect Management app for entrepreneurs (Retailers, Distributors & C&F's).

The app keeps eyes on Sales, Collection & GPS tracking of field staff which guarantees an increase in the sales revenue which influences on time business decision making power and assures 100% business success. Pharma Software for Distribution & Wholesale Billing. Mandi Software For Krishi, Vegetable, Fruit Free Download. FMCG Distributor Billing software. MARG CARE. Pharmacy Billing Software. Retail Billing System. Small Business inventory Software. MARG CARE. Barcode Label Printing Software. Restaurant Management Software. Billing Software for Retail Shop. Best Invoice software for small Business. Point of Sale Software.

Free Accounting Software for Small Business. Get the best Inventory Management Software by MARG ERP.