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SOFTVIRE is a leading IT distribution company. The company yields a prime destination for various kinds of hardware and software including antivirus, Internet security and much more.

The Kind of Thin You Need to Avoid: Thin Content and 7 Ways to Prevent It – Web Hosting Blog by MilesWeb. Growing Views Of Your YouTube Videos. As the new era begins to unfold, it is difficult to argue that many people’s lives have become very much influenced by social media and content.

Growing Views Of Your YouTube Videos

These days, the world is now dominated by video content. Many advertisers, business owners, and influencers found having a YouTube channel a great opportunity to grow their brands. With the growing dominance of videos these days, one of the most critical goals in your marketing strategies is to increase your YouTube videos’ views. YouTube is now ranked second as the second-largest search engine, next to Google. CADsoft Envisioneer: Personal vs. Pro Architect. CADsoft Envisioneer is a home design software that’s becoming more and more popular nowadays.

CADsoft Envisioneer: Personal vs. Pro Architect

With advanced tools incorporated into this software program, designers and architects use it to increase productivity and create accurate designs. Moreover, computer-aided design software as such allows collaboration, fast-track the project creation, and build a model that looks real. Previously, we have mentioned different CAD software that is essential for architects and engineers in our blog. Do I Need A Website For My Small Business?  If your company has gone too far without a website, you may be curious: should I get a site for my company?

Do I Need A Website For My Small Business? 

What’s the use if my company is good without one? The short answer is that there has never been a better or more critical time to invest in your company’s website. A business website provides a wide range of benefits to small enterprises, and most of these benefits increase their value exponentially year on year, much like the internet itself. Websites are now crucial for businesses, particularly those who are just getting underway with their company. 10 Tried and Tested VPN Solutions To Consider in 2021. The best VPN (Virtual Private Network) software hides your location and keeps your online activities anonymous.

10 Tried and Tested VPN Solutions To Consider in 2021

However, as VPN has shot into the mainstream, millions of people worldwide realize that they can do so much more than keep you private. Doing your research and picking the best VPN is incredibly important, and, surprisingly, only a select few can do everything you might need. The best VPNs anonymize you by routing your connection through encrypted servers all over the world.

It hides your activity from your ISP, meaning that it cannot tell you are accessing restricted sites and subsequently cannot block them. The Importance of Cybersecurity in Digital Marketing.  What does the Future of Cybersecurity Going to Look Like in the Quantum Era? Image Source Quantum technology, also called quantum information technology, uses peculiar laws of quantum mechanics to produce practical applications and more powerful tools to process information.

 What does the Future of Cybersecurity Going to Look Like in the Quantum Era?

Practical applications range from quantum computing, sensors, cryptography, metrology, and imaging. Scientists are using quantum technology to create new kinds of computers and communications networks, and sensors for new ways in imaging and measuring things. Quantum mechanics is all about the unique behaviour of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level. Matter and energy can exist in multiple states at the same time, called “superposition.” With the arrival of quantum computing, traditional security measures are becoming obsolete and ineffective. Security threats incurred a £30 billion cost to the economy of the UK alone.

5 Effective Ways to Integrate Cybersecurity in Web Design - Great Tech Pros. There is such a high demand for websites to be of high-value in terms of content, design, credibility, and protection.

5 Effective Ways to Integrate Cybersecurity in Web Design - Great Tech Pros

These major factors are important to readers, and search engines reward sites that practice them and penalises those who don’t. Cybersecurity, then, is such a crucial element to integrate into your web design. Juniper Research predicted that online payment transaction fraud will hit $25.6 billion in 2020. How can Social Media Bring Traffic to Your Website? Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends in 2021. Mobile applications are a revolutionary advancement in technology that has changed how we work, shop, and connect.

Upcoming Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

Mobile applications have grown over the years, with new developments and updates implemented each year. Using mobile apps is so popular because of its convenience. For one, buying software online is the norm. Leaps in technology have pushed mobile app development. Some of these innovations are big data, cloud-based solutions, cloud-native apps, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and the IoT (Internet of Things). Innovations like AR/VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) and 5G (fifth generation) are also making mobile app experiences better. 8 Mobile App Development Trends.

Is keyword still key to a successful SEO strategy? Google keeps improving its search engine algorithms to help make people’s lives better.

Is keyword still key to a successful SEO strategy?

It is constantly indexing more and more factors to get people the most accurate results on its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In its ever-upgrading system, digital marketers might wonder, are keywords still key to a successful SEO strategy? Search engine algorithms have changed dramatically over the years. What to Expect: Social Media Marketing 2020 - Seascape Web Interactive. The year 2019 was called the year of visuals for social media and it didn’t have its name for nothing.

What to Expect: Social Media Marketing 2020 - Seascape Web Interactive

Over 500 million people used Instagram stories every single day and different channels like Facebook, YouTube and Spotify followed suite. Post were interactive, boring graphics turned into flashy graphics and people followed instructions better when visuals are used. Social Media marketing is now highly integrated as one of the most powerful thing in building brands, growing a business and captivating target market. In the year 2019, we saw continued social media innovation for brands. Shoppable posts capabilities has been added by several platforms allowing customers to shop even without leaving your photo or video. PPC Campaign: How to Avoid Wrong Audiences. Ways to Promote your Business in YouTube - When you hear the term social media, these names would usually come into your mind: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ways to Promote your Business in YouTube -

This might surprise you however that according to statistics, Youtube is now one of the largest social media platforms with over 2 billions users each month. As of March 2019, it was recorded that users were watching videos in YouTube for over 250 million hours on TV screens and yet studies show that mobile device still dominates YouTube users with 70% watch time. It is also in fact the second biggest website in the world next to its parent, Google. Given these statistics, it should be enough to drive you to try and create your brand’s own YouTube account and start to utilize video content marketing. Why video content marketing? There is no denying to the fact that video contents have become of one of the most effective tools in marketing in this digital times and the demand for these type of contents are increasing day by day.

10 Productivity Tools for Small Businesses - We watch new trends, whether these are related to technology, the internet, fashion, or music, come and go. The fast changes that happen with these trends prove that we are a society of short attention span. Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses? Times have changed, and even the way businesses approach their customers has shifted.

Traditional marketing has taken a step back and bring a new face in front of the industry. Our desire for change and creating ways to make it possible have led a lot of things into a different path. Although not all traditional marketing strategies are gone, the current techniques implemented by marketing professionals are far more popular than what we used to know.

The internet has brought a whole new market. Cybercrime Has Evolved, How About Your Security Software? We have seen the world transformed radically since the internet was turned into a public commodity in 1991. The world then did not even realise how big the internet would get and how this information ecosystem will become pervasive in our daily lives. We now use this modern marvel for almost everything we do, from simple communication to online banking and purchasing. We can now use the internet to control our homes, vehicles, and other smart devices. We go to the internet to book travels, manage off-site teams, and handle businesses from anywhere in the world. Without a doubt, the internet has become an integral part of our global economy, but as the internet evolved, so did cybercrime. What is Quantum Technology? And Why is it the End of the Digital Revolution? - ForTech.

Advancements in technology today did not just progress incrementally through the years but have taken leaps and bounds towards a future that is bringing the world of computing to quantum speeds. Quantum technology has been the buzz of the town since 1997, with tech giants like Google, IBM, Intel, and even Microsoft competing for “quantum supremacy.” Quantum supremacy is the goal of exhibiting that a programmable quantum device can crack a problem that no traditional computer can practically solve. How an SEO Strategy Helps your Business Grow - Testomato Blog. Fog Computing and Cloud Computing: What is the Difference? Over the years, technological advancements have grown in leaps and bounds. The Internet ushered an age of connectivity and information like never before. There will be 75.44 billion Internet of Things or IoT-connected devices globally by 2025, a five-fold jump from figures in 2015.

In this year alone, there are already 30 billion IoT devices, as recorded by Statista. Grow Your Business On Twitter: 8 Ways to do it Successfully. Social media is the biggest market digital marketing experts dive into to bring awareness to brands. 10 Essential Lessons on Cyber Security We Need to Teach Our Children. The internet is a modern marvel, and it has been changing the way we live since 1991 when it first came out. The internet brought the world closer. 10 latest trends in software development. Sponsored ⚭ Programming ⚭ Feb 22, 2020 ⚭ 864 views Change, being the only thing constant, has many benefits, particularly in technology. Is There a Darker Side to a VPN Split-Tunneling Feature? Microsoft Office: Difference Between Office 365 and Office 2019. Microsoft Office Suite is the most commonly used and best productivity tool. It has been utilized by corporate businesses to individual users like students. Almost everyone uses the Office suite offered by Microsoft.

The Microsoft Suite is made up of basic productivity tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Access. Techniques to Master in SEO writing. As search engine optimization (SEO) started to prove its importance in driving traffic to company websites, some marketers and SEO agencies have complicated the process and many believed that effective SEO campaign only revolves in inserting keywords into page tags and body of the content. Cybersecurity in SEO: Website Security Makes or Breaks SEO Ranking. Is your SEO performance affected by your website security? 5 Website Builder Tools You Should Have This 2020. 10 Best Dictation Software and Applications in 2020. 8 of the Best PDF Readers in 2020. 5 Risks to Watch Out for When Hiring Remote Workers — Email Marketing: Is it Still an Effective Marketing Strategy? 4 Reasons why Small Business Must Use Big Data.

Alternative to Photoshop: 7 of the Best Photo Editing Software. POS Malware Data Breaches and Why They Keep Happening. Windows 10 Home Vs. Pro: What’s the Difference? 5 Best PC Cleaner and Optimizer Software in 2020. The Difference Between Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 2020. 5 Ways on How to Check if Windows Operating System is Valid. What is the Importance of Online Reputation Management? - Seascape Web Interactive. How to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Content for 2020. Digital DIY: How to Successfully Do SEO Yourself. POS Malware Data Breaches and Why They Keep Happening. Phishing Scams: How to Spot and Protect Your Business.