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Softlabs Group is the best software development company in India offering custom software development service, mobile application development services, BlockChain solutions and digital marketing solution for your business.

Third-party API Integration Services. Softlabs Group — Top 10 Laravel Development Companies in India. Softlabs Group — 10 Most Trending and Profitable Food App... ASP.NET Core Development Company. Scaling Ethereum Application. CRM & Operations Software for Leading Electricity Provider UK. Rental Properties Management Software Development Solution. Loan Recovery & Credit Rating System For Zambia Government. Mutual fund software for Finance & Asset Management. Cloud Based Diamond ERP Software Solution. Custom Travel Management System. Student Enrollment Management System.

Client Case Studies. Manufacturing Software and App Development Services. Software Development For Diamond & Jewellery Industry. Insurance Software Development Company in India. Utilities & Energy Software Development Company in India. Real Estate & Construction Software Development Solution Company. Transport & Logistic Software Development Company. Education & eLearning Software Application Development Solution Provider. Hospitality Software Development Services. Government Software Development Company In India. Retail & eCommerce Web Development Company.

Banking & Financial Software Development Services. Life Science & Healthcare Software Development Company. Intuitive & Scalable Software Development Solution for all Industries. In today’s competitive market, it’s time to market uniqueness and modern methodologies, a benchmark for a High Standard Software Company.

Intuitive & Scalable Software Development Solution for all Industries

To be visible to the client, a Software Company needs to have a cutting edge over its adversaries. While most of the provider’s focus on technology, very few emphasize the significance of Industry Perceptions. The industry is a critical but often overlooked or undervalued component of the client-focused professional service methods and processes. Possessing comprehensive knowledge about the industry always helps the Software Provider design the solution that will encompass various aspects of the industry it will be catering.

We at Softlabs believe that the Development of truly functional and successful software solutions takes more than just technology. Big Data Analytics Companies in India. Big data is a term for data sets that are too large and complex.

Big Data Analytics Companies in India

The traditional data processing application software’s are inefficient in handling them appropriately. Big data generates several challenges including data capture, data storage, data updating, data analysis, data sharing, visualization, search, transfer etc. However, in today’s market, the term "big data" rarely projects a particular size of data set. The importance of big data doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but how you manage it. It tends to refer to the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, or other progressive data analytics approaches that fetches significance from data.

Big Data allows you to analyze data from any source and study it to find effective solutions that enable Cost reductions, Time reductions, Inventive Decision Making and Designing of solutions with enhanced features. IoT Software Development Company in India. AI Solution and Machine Learning Counsulting Company in India. Tron Development Company. Crypto Trading Bot Development Company. Cryptocurrency & crypto trading is gaining wider acceptability by the global audience with the maturing market, gradually making it conventional and voguish, with people, taking part in trading activities to make a profit, actively or otherwise.

Crypto Trading Bot Development Company

Trading bots were primarily introduced to establish effective trading functionalities while lowering the time spent on analysing the trends in the market. Trading bots are smart automated software programs that use APIs to directly connect with financial exchanges for an automated trading process. They actively monitor exchanges or places to submit buy or sell orders accordingly to gain more profit. As a leading Cryptocurrency Exchange & Blockchain Development Company we provide the best crypto trading bot development services aimed at meeting customer expectations and satisfaction alike. We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge coupled with vast experience in building & modelling the trading bots.

Smart Contract Development Company. Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company. Ethereum Token Development Services. Ethereum is become the most widely used blockchain network which is specialized for its superior smart contract functionality.

Ethereum Token Development Services

Ethereum request for comments (ERC) is a protocol of the ethereum blockchain network & token is a script running on the ethereum blockchain. Ethereum ecosystem offers flexibility & efficiency together which makes the token extremely beneficial for business purposes. As well as it can be implemented in any kind of business regardless of its size and niche. Therefore, ERC20 token development has seen a substantial spike in the last couple of years. Top Blockchain Software Development Company in India. Following are the advantages of blockchain Enhanced Security The Blockchain network is designed to automatically reconcile every transaction with itself in every 10-minute interval.

Top Blockchain Software Development Company in India

This is a form of self-inspecting system of every digital value. Top IT Consulting Companies in India. Top Offshore IT Outsourcing Company in India. In today's world where the internet user community is switching from Desktop and Laptops to Cell Phones and Tabs, it becomes extremely important to be able to reach the audience and capture their attention to the product.

Top Offshore IT Outsourcing Company in India

A highly innovatively designed Company Website is the best solution for promoting and augmenting any business in the market. There are numerous website designing companies in the market but not all possess the skills or innovative outlook to be able to capture a business process into a visually captivating website design. Softlabs Group, one of the most reliable and best Website design and Software development Company offering complete website design development services all over the globe. Softlabs is well known for providing custom made-to-order enterprise solutions to reputed clients worldwide across multiple domains such as Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Travel, Hospitality, Export-Shipping, Construction, Transportation and Education, and Finance. 1.

Start Up Solutions, Software and Mobile Applications - Softlabs Group. Software Product Development Company. Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Services. Offshore Business Process Outsourcing Services. Best Digital Marketing Company in India. Website Design & Development Services. Custom Web Application Development Services Company in India. Custom Mobile App Development Company in India. Custom Enterprise Software Development Company in India. Software Development Services India. Food Ordering & Delivery App Development.

Smart Contract Development Company. Tron Development Company. Crypto Trading Bot Development Company. Custom Software Development with CI/CD Practice. To win technology marketplace, deployments have to be faster, more reliable, and more accurate than the competitors.

Custom Software Development with CI/CD Practice

A sturdy Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is the solution for this challenge. CI/CD brings automation into development workflow decreasing deployment timelines considerably. Continuous integration and continuous delivery implies to the practice of developing & delivering software in small cycles of build-configure-deploy-test-release reinforced by automation. With this improved software development workflow we can minimalize manual errors and improve the feedback loops throughout the SDLC. At Softlabs Group, we deliver exceptional value to our clients by implementing CI/CD pipeline into the development process that push our developers to work at its peak performance. Scrum Software Development Services. The agile development methodology is the anchor that holds together technology and work management to nurture productivity and manage changes while delivering results on time.

Scrum Software Development Services

It allows the software to be released in iterations that increase efficiency by letting teams find and fix defects & align expectation early on. This methodology minimizes the risk (such as bugs, cost overruns, and changing requirements) when it comes to adding new functionality. Most of the businesses are vouching for Agile Product Development, and why not when the prospect of its success shows outstanding potential. At Softlabs Group, software development is executed using agile principles to get flexible approach to planning, improvement via a continuously updated prototype, regular updates on status, and a quick response from us if conditions change rapidly. Microservices Software Development Company.

Microservice architecture is gaining a lot of popularity in recent years with more and more software development companies gradually adopting Microservices approach to speed up their software application development process as well as enhancing agility.

Microservices Software Development Company

Adapting this architecture will benefit, especially when it comes to enabling the agile development and delivery of complex service-based applications. Microservices is an architectural style that structures the application as a collection of autonomous services, modelled around a business domain. Each service is self- contained and implements a single business capability. Each micro service focus down to single business capability that lead to better quality. At Softlabs Group, we adopted Microservices architecture to respond swiftly to the ongoing demands of the business of our client and help them to stand out from the competition. Top IT Outsourcing Companies in India. Top 10 IT Outsourcing Companies in India In the era of digital transformation, IT outsourcing gaining tremendous popularity and becoming the most essential part for the growing businesses.

Top IT Outsourcing Companies in India

Whether you want to cut costs, expand your development team, or deliver a custom solution on time, you will have to choose a trusted IT outsourcing partner to help you out. Choosing the right IT services provider for your business can take your business to the next level and keep you ahead of the competition. To assist you in your search for the best outsourcing partner, we’ve covered the list of top software outsourcing companies in India on following critical parameters like company’s size, its top clients, a field of expertise, experience, and location. This list will help you to find an outsourcing partner which can best suit your company’s needs. How Much Does It Cost To Make An App With React Native? When it comes to building an app the first question that comes into the mind is How much does it cost to develop an app? Being an entrepreneur, it is difficult to manage various business’s expenses so every business owner is looking for the combination of High Quality and Low Development Cost.

This combination is more possible to achieve in React Native App Development. Technology Blog: Why React Native is good for business? React Native React Native is the most responsive framework that has completely change the mobile app developments. It is an open-source mobile application development used to develop applications for android, ios, web, and UWP.

This framework was introduced by Facebook all over the world. This development will make your app smoother, fast, and effective. Nowadays it's been booming in the market because it can be used in your existing android and iOS projects. React Native framework has many advantages for mobile app development which is good for the businesses and they are as follow: Softlabs Group — Best way to choose the right outsourcing company...

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company | Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Development Services

ERC20 Token Development Company | Ethereum Token Development Services. Dedicated UI UX Designers for Hire. Top iPhone App Development Company in India. Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers. Top Offshore Outsourcing Software Development Company in India. Custom Software Development Company in USA. Softlabs Group — Benefits of outsourcing software development... Software development Company in Sweden, Nordic - Softlabs Group. Softlabs proudly announces its success in Sweden which paves the way for its footprints in Norway, Finland and Iceland in this year.

Our vision is to expand across the entire Nordic region with the good will from our existing clients in Sweden. With untiring hard work to develop state of art and robust business solutions, we envisage to mark our presence in the ICT markets of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. The Nordic is a reputed market around the world for it openness towards innovations, early adopters and a mix of international start-ups to big international brands. We wish to set a footprint and a reputed name around the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. With this objective in sight, we have combined our experience within providing cost-efficient IT solutions from India to various branches around the world and to the Nordic market. Software development Company in Sweden, Nordic - Softlabs Group. Software development Company in Sweden, Nordic - Softlabs Group. Hire Dedicated Developers. IoT Software Development Company in India. IoT Software Development Company in India. Offshore Software Solutions providers in Slovenia – Softlabs Group.

We have extensive exposure to Fintech Industry, Insurance Sector, Infrastructure Sector, Energy Sector, Education Sector, Hospitality Industry, Government Sector, Real Estate Sector, Retail and eCommerce Industry and Health Industry across India, US, Canada, Sweden, UK, Portugal, UAE, Kenya, Zambia, Australia, South Africa and South Korea. We wish to create value for the Slovenian companies from these Industries with the help of our expertise. Softlabs has opened a plethora of IT Service offerings for the Slovenian companies which include Enterprise and Start Up Software Development, Mobile Applications, Website Designing, IoT Solutions, Blockchain Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Solutions, which can help them achieving technology transformations thus complementing their growth rate tremendously.

Offshore Software Solutions providers in Slovenia. Hire Dedicated PHP Developer in India. Hire Dedicated Android Apps Developers in India. Hire Dedicated React Native Developer in India. Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers in India. Top .NET Development Company India. Outsourcing Software Development Company in India. Hire Full-Stack Developer - Softlabs Group. What to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Software Outsourcing Company?

Software Development Trends That Will Boost Your Business.