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South Florida Legal Rescue, LLC represents clients throughout Florida. The firm was founded on the belief that each client deserves an individualized approach to their unique situation.

These Things You Must Know About Parental Alienation. Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Legal Separation vs. Divorce? The differences between legal separation and divorce and why it matters.

Find Out Now, What Should You Do For Legal Separation vs. Divorce?

4 Secret Things You Didn't Know About Rights and Responsibilities. This page talks about parental rights and duties and how they can be modified.

4 Secret Things You Didn't Know About Rights and Responsibilities

For parents in high conflict timesharing or custody disputes, the question of parental rights regularly surfaces. As new boundaries and routines are established, a parent may wonder whether their rights are being violated or whether they will “get into trouble with the court” because they have violated the parental rights of the other party. Back-to-School Week: 5 Things Divorced Parents Should Know. Parents in South Florida are gearing up to send their kids off to school in the coming week.

Back-to-School Week: 5 Things Divorced Parents Should Know

For those who are recently divorced or in the process of getting divorced, you have more to contend with than just shopping for school lunches and it’s important to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible. Here, You Know About Visitation - How Divorce Impacts On Your Children. Visitation- how divorce impacts how often you see your children.

Here, You Know About Visitation - How Divorce Impacts On Your Children

Navigating new territory…where to start with custody. During divorce or paternity proceedings, the biggest question most parents have is “how often will I see my kids?” Understandably, it’s an enormous concern. To go from being able to tuck your child in every night to not having the enjoyment of spending every Christmas or holiday with them as they unwrap their presents…it’s a huge adjustment for both parent and child. In Florida, the term “timesharing” (custody v. timesharing) has replaced “visitation.” If You can’t afford attorney, We Providing prepared legal documents at an affordable price. Providing attorney prepared legal documents at an affordable price.

If You can’t afford attorney, We Providing prepared legal documents at an affordable price.

I need a divorce but, I can’t afford an attorney. Divorce can be downright terrifying and for some, it’s an introduction into a whole new world. A world of unbelievable paperwork, numerous filings, and confusing legal mumble jumble. Absent exceptional circumstances, no one who opts for self-representation does so by choice. 5 Question You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer.

Dealing with the emotional reality of dissolving a marriage is weighty enough without the stressful responsibility of choosing the right family lawyer.

5 Question You Should Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Ultimately, the legal advocate you choose will be the chief architect of a new foundation designed to support the next phase of you and your family’s life. Ok, hopefully not too many of you are hyperventilating. Now lift your head up from between your knees, take a deep breath and keep reading… We are here to help! MARITAL SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS.

The Importance of A Well Drafted Marital Settlement Agreement The anatomy of a divorce has several stages.


Initially, parties file pleadings that spell out what it is that each party wants or is seeking. Then there is the discovery process where the parties seek out information from the other party regarding such things as finances or anything pertinent to the divorce proceedings. After discovery, one of two things can happen. Either the parties can settle whereby they enter an agreement/contract about how property and timesharing with the children will be allocated or they can opt to go to trial. MSA’s widely vary in terms a length and scope. Custody vs. Time-Sharing. Providing low cost, affordable legal services for custody, parental responsibility and timesharing issues.

Custody vs. Time-Sharing

Types Of Custody In divorce, custody is probably the issue that creates the most apprehension for divorcing parents. Many people feel that they are transitioning into the unknown. Unknown family status…will the kids stay with me or not? Unknown quality of life…how will my children and I fare with the changed circumstance? Will I just be a stranger in my child’s life, but be forced to pay through child support for the privilege of seeing them on a sporadic basis. Child Support Enforcement. Many divorced couples with children are under the impression that once a court makes a decision regarding custody and child support, there will be no more court appearances for either parent.

Child Support Enforcement

This misconception is as common as it is wrong. Despite the belief that dealings with a family lawyer may be “one and done,” the truth is that a large number of clients must one day return to court to enforce a child support order. Many parents who owe and are owed child support find themselves in the following situations: The obligor parent refuses to pay child supportDue to a change in income, the obligor parent cannot pay child supportThey cannot find the obligor parent because the obligor has relocated.

Proceeding As A Pro Se Litigant. Over 70% of all family law litigants in Florida are unrepresented by counsel.

Proceeding As A Pro Se Litigant

Not everyone qualifies for Legal Aid and the overwhelmed organization just does not have the resources to help everyone who may need it. With the downturn in the economy, litigants strapped for cash are proceeding to court with only the help of Lord Google. Family law is a specific area of law, but within family law you have different sub-specialties such as adoption, divorce, and then you have custody. Custody is extraordinarily heartbreaking. The biggest casualty of a breakup is the child. I never recommend proceeding pro se when it comes to custody of your child.