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Best Of DYAC. DudeOnSkis. Hey I'm Brandon or Dougo, whichever you prefer, I live in New Hampshire.


I call myself an amatuer philosopher but that is truly not up to me. Alright meow, enjoy my highdeas. My picture is a perfectly roasted marshmallow sitting on a warm fudgy chocolate brownie, caked between two graham crackers. Best s'more ever. MakeUseOf Geeky Fun. He could be your boss one day…

Cute animals

Peace Vincent Gallo. Don’t mind me, just building my house. Wow, to every smug spectator, (blabbering their mouths from the peanut gallery,) I won’t even bother to take the time out to tell you what to go out and get; such as a heart, or something better to do than flap your lips with ignorant and heartless comments.

Don’t mind me, just building my house

Not to mention, the bulls**t “comeback” responses ya’ll have made to each individual’s intelligent and heartfelt comments, post and prior to yours! No one asked you to take a look at these magnificent pictures and no one asked you for your opinion. Furthermore, and in fact lastly, ask yourself this one question; “Am I channeling my thoughts and passions for the good of what I’m reacting to? Dog Mustache. Modern pooch : your daily doggy fix. The goodbye shirt. 19 Best Angry Windshield Notes. Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse. Not A Morning Dog Video. DEAR BLANK, PLEASE BLANK - Pìcame – Visual arts smugglers. Un progetto ironico e geniale di Jared Wunsch e Hans Johnson.

DEAR BLANK, PLEASE BLANK - Pìcame – Visual arts smugglers.

Le stampe si possono acquistare online ma la cosa più divertente è inviare le proprie submission e vedersele pubblicate sul sito. Altri esempi dentro al post. UPDATE: si può scaricare gratis l’app per iPhone da qui. An ironic and brilliant project by Jared Wunsch and Hans Johnson.


Dog Goes Nuts During Soldier Homecoming Video.