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Sophia Priolo

Sofia Jewelry, established in 1994, is a landmark of the vibrant shopping scene in Mill Valley, California. It is a full service, family run jewelry store in the Bay Area, specializing in custom creations and bespoke designs. After 22 years Susan and Carl Priolo handed over the reins to their children, Lucas and Sophie, who bring their unique talent as former professional ballet dancers and a lifetime of exposure to the jewelry world, to their role as stewards of the family business. You can trust Sofia Jewelry with all your jewelry needs from repairs to jewelry redesign.

Some Quick Tips To Buy Gold Earrings For Women. Women love gold earrings as long as humans started crafting and having jewelry, and we can not see any possibility to believe it is going to change ever.

Some Quick Tips To Buy Gold Earrings For Women

The popularity and grace of Gold Earrings For Women never seem to decrease over the period. Even if the cost of gold is shooting up, maximum women adore experimenting with their appearance with new gold earrings. Gold Earrings For Women are one piece of jewelry that requires a lot of study and thinking, and if you intend to buy some earrings to jazz up you in the current pandemic. Rather than driving to the jewelry shop and buy that and perhaps it is not in your city, so something like an earring is the best part of buying them online. Here are some tips you should keep in mind before placing the order online. Decide the design - While purchasing gold earrings online, one should zoom in enough to know the details and the design that you are going to buy. Diamond Jewelry By Sofia Jewelery.

Diamond jewelry is gorgeous, glorious, precious, and ever in style : Any Custom Made Jewelry is more than sufficient to give a finish-touch your whole party look without putting in a lot of effort.

Diamond Jewelry By Sofia Jewelery

14 Karat Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring – Sofia Jewelry. How Customized Jewelry Creates Lifetime Of Memories And Impression ? Bespoke jewelry designs are perfect for all occasions.

How Customized Jewelry Creates Lifetime Of Memories And Impression ?

Personalized jewelry holds a deep meaning and creates a lifetime memory. No matter the occasion, the enchanting range of customized jewelry always covers as an ideal gift. The craftsman put together the jewels and precious stones to create the finest piece of jewelry. Bracelets – Sofia Jewelry. 18 Karat White Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring – Sofia Jewelry. Custom Wedding Rings By Sofia Jewelry. Your wedding day is very special.

Custom Wedding Rings By Sofia Jewelry

You always want to customize this lifetime memory. A wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry, so why choose it from a regular ready-made design catalog? You can buy a spectrum of breathtaking ring buying selections in California when you have control over every factor of the wedding ring you want. When you get the chance to design your wedding ring, you don’t need to explore numerous stores and designers and evaluate various alternatives. All you need is it to be indicative and have an unmatched manifestation of your bond with your companion.

Nowadays, people choose Custom Design Jewelry not only to stand out from the crowd but there are much more reasons. Here are some significant reasons why they need to look at custom wedding ring: Clear choice : Nowadays, there are several choices to purchase a ring. However, when you choose a Custom Wedding Rings, all you require to do is give the idea for the ring design frame for the job to begin.

Rings – Sofia Jewelry. Earrings – Sofia Jewelry. Palladium Sapphire Shaker Necklace – Sofia Jewelry. Have you ever thought, why diamond rings are loved by every woman ? Well, don't think too much, here you will read about some of the reasons why women love diamond rings on every occasion: Over the years, diamonds have been received and given as expensive gifts.

Have you ever thought, why diamond rings are loved by every woman ?

There is a pleasure and passion to possess diamonds and wear them. Earrings – Sofia Jewelry. Different Types Of Customized jewelry. Be Special, Be You!

Different Types Of Customized jewelry

A personal-touch helps you get the ultimate value out of jewelry. Custom Made Jewelry pieces provide a creative personal-touch to your style. Every small piece of jewelry you own reflects a story about you, defines a little bit about your personality, and speaks a bit about your taste. In a society where everybody is continuously discovering various styles and letting their identity stand out, bespoke custom jewelry designed by you could be the best way to express your personality. When you look for Custom Made Jewelry, you may have some design possibilities in mind or have an abstract idea that you would like an experienced designer to make more factual.

Once a designer has all the input he needs, it only takes a few days for the designs to get contour and carve their way to realistic images that you can visualize exactly. The next step- choosing your pick from a curated collection of high-quality diamonds or precious gems. 18 Karat Yellow Gold Constellation Diamond Band – Sofia Jewelry. 18 Karat Rose Gold Diamond “Planetarium” Bracelet – Sofia Jewelry. Varieties Available For Women’s Bracelets.

A Bracelet For Women mans a piece of ornament which that can wear around her wrist in the form of a chain or bangle.

Varieties Available For Women’s Bracelets

Most women like to wear the bracelet in their right hand. If you want to create a bracelet on your design, then you can go for the option of Custom Design Jewelry. Bracelets can be created with different materials such as metal, leather, cloth, plastic, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, pearls, and many more materials. Following are varieties of bracelets available for women. Chain Bracelet : Chain bracelet means metal loops connecting together into a band to create a chain. 18 Karat Yellow Gold Maya Diamond Pendant – Sofia Jewelry. Different Styles Available For Women’s Earrings.

Earrings are a fashionable piece of jewelry that women wear for thousands of years.

Different Styles Available For Women’s Earrings

Earrings For Women have countless styles which they wear for different occasions with different outfits. Generally for routine Gold Earrings For Women is a preferable choice. In earlier times and fashionable e women are not that fashionable so they prefer to wear simple stud earrings or hoop earrings. But nowadays women want to look classy and fashionable so they carry varieties of earrings to match their outfits. Following is a list of various styles of Earrings For Women Stud Earrings : stud earrings mean a gemstone or other stone fitted with a small post that crosses over a piercing in the ear and is held by another side of the ear. Most Trending Necklace Designs Are Worn By Women. Jewelry is most precious for women to look elegant.

Most Trending Necklace Designs Are Worn By Women

Women wear jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, armlets, anklets, bangles, earrings, rings, nose ring, and many more ornaments in different parts of the body. Sophia Priolo's answer to What are the different types of engagement rings? - Quora. 18 Karat White Gold Diamond And Turquoise Earrings – Sofia Jewelry. Choose The Best From Varieties Available In Engagement Rings! An engagement ring is a ring that two people exchange during their engagement ceremony.

Choose The Best From Varieties Available In Engagement Rings!

An engagement ring is a symbol of the starting journey of two strangers to become soul mates. We wear the engagement ring on the ring figure which is known as the vein of love means the ring finger is directly connected with your heart. There is a tradition like Mens Wedding Bands is purchased by the bride’s side and Wedding Rings For Women are purchased by the groom’s side. If you do not like the ready design for your engagement ring then you can go for an option like Custom Engagement Rings. Sophia Priolo's answer to What is the most popular jewelry piece? - Quora. Stylish And Trendy Women’s Gold Jewelry. A piece of jewelry is so precious for women. The Jewelry is made from many metals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, brass, diamond, and so on. Sterling Silver Tuscany Bracelet – Sofia Jewelry. Sophia Priolo's answer to What is the difference between 'fashion jewelry' and 'fine jewelry'? - Quora.

Varieties In Women’s Jewelry. 14 Karat White Gold 5 Diamond Necklace – Sofia Jewelry. How Fashion Jewelry Is Different From Fine Jewelry? – Sofia Jewelry. Jewelry is a thing that never goes out of trend. No matter how much time is passed the different designs of rings, earrings, Necklace For Women, Bracelet, anklets serve as both fashion and fine Jewelry. You can wear Jewelry that is created with materials like diamond, gold, silver, copper, platinum, pearls, stones, and so on. Fashion jewellery is also known as costume jewellery is less expensive jewellery usually created with non-precious stones and base metal such as brass, bronze that you can wear every day.

Fine jewellery is more expensive than fashion jewellery that is created with gold, silver, stones, platinum, and other precious metal. The jewellery between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery is called semi-fine jewellery that is gold plated or gold fill jewellery. List of points that show the difference between fashion jewellery and fine jewellery. Sophia Priolo's answer to What are the different types of Necklaces?

Sophia Priolo's answer to Which type of diamond is used as jewellery? 14 Karat Yellow Gold Prism Diamond Ring – Sofia Jewelry. Unique Types Of Diamonds Used In The Creation Of Beautiful Jewelry – Sofia Jewelry. Diamond is a solid gemstone used in the making process of jewelry. Diamonds are high in price than gold, silver, and other metals which are used for the creation of jewelry. Diamonds are certified based on “4 CS” that are carat, cut, color, and clarity. Sophia Priolo's answer to What is the most favorite jewelry women like? Sofia Jewelry.