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Mass Effect

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Christopher Aaby's Blog - Mass Effect 2 and game storytelling with karma systems. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.

Christopher Aaby's Blog - Mass Effect 2 and game storytelling with karma systems

The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. I recently went back and played Mass Effect 2 again (after completing it twice), this time to revisit the DLC. This got me thinking about a certain system within the game – the renegade / paragon system. There are a number of things that are interesting with this system. For one, it’s not a karma system, meaning that it does not measure your habit or capacity for doing good and evil deeds. First, I’d like to move momentarily into the morasses of moral metrics in video games. It’s hard to generalize about these systems, but safe to say that these systems measure something which relates to your character, and that character’s relationship with the surrounding world. Morality Tales – BioWare Versus The Issues. By John Walker on August 26th, 2008 at 11:03 am.

Morality Tales – BioWare Versus The Issues

I’ve been playing lots of Mass Effect recently, because as a leading games critic it’s essential I stay ahead of the curve and keep my finger on the pulse. A mere nine months after buying it on 360 and then never playing it, and then blagging a PC version only three months after its second release, I’m on the case. It would probably be controversial to say that BioWare‘s three most recent RPGs, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Mass Effect, are all exactly the same game in a different setting. Because Mass Effect’s setting is quite similar to KotOR’s. But what’s rather fortunate is that they change the combat style in each, so there’s always something unique to complain about on a forum. News zu Mass Effect 2: 700 Entscheidungen wurden aus dem ersten Teil übernommen für Xbox 360 - Seite 1. Mass Effect 3 plot and combat details arrive. More pearls of Mass Effect 3 knowledge have dropped form the latest issue of Game Informer.

Mass Effect 3 plot and combat details arrive

Mass Effect 2. Bioware lands Now comes the major part of the game, the one in which Bioware excels: game universe, people and social interaction.

Mass Effect 2

In Mass Effect 2 like in its predecessor, you spend a significant amount of time talking to people, gaining information, trying to persuade them to do something or just chatting with of course the possibility along the road of romancing one or more characters. Analysis: On FemShep's Popularity In Mass Effect. [In this Gamasutra analysis piece, James Bishop discusses the popularity and appeal of the often overlooked female protagonist in Mass Effect, and why playing as a female drastically changes the user's experience.]

Analysis: On FemShep's Popularity In Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a game I powered through on the 360 because I was on a bender, having just acquired my first Xbox ever. When it came time to put the controller away, I had finished the first game and its sequel in less than a week. Truthfully, I only played the original because the sequel was coming out. I figured that understanding the story so far is important in this kind of game.

What I did not expect was my sudden attachment to the female incarnation of Commander Shepard—fondly referred to as FemShep around the web—during the first game and my continued connection in the second. It’s not that I’m opposed to BroShep/ManShep but something about the female version drew me in and made my gameplay that much more meaningful.

Schools use video games as teaching tools - Technology & Science. Mass Effect, a game with a complex story developed in Edmonton, will be required 'reading' for a course in contemporary Canadian fiction at Concordia University.

Schools use video games as teaching tools - Technology & Science

((Bioware)) LittleBigPlanet is more than a video game in which little creatures made of sackcloth run and jump. It was designed to make it easy for players to make their own levels, turning gamers into game designers, which is why it was one of the games in the curriculum at a New York public school last year. Students at Quest to Learn, for Grades 6 through 12, used LittleBigPlanet to adapt, create, and perform one of Aesop's fables. Katie Salen, a game designer and an architect of the school's program, explained in an interview that the eight-week project had connections to language arts, literature, math, physics, and computer science. Katie Salen is a game designer and an architect of the Quest to Learn school program in New York. Learning to adapt '[Gaming is] not a marginal pursuit anymore.

Sparking student interest. 'Mass Effect: Inquisition' is ready to blast off. By John Geddes, USA TODAY The popular video game gets the comic-book treatment.

'Mass Effect: Inquisition' is ready to blast off

For more information: Visit Dark Horse Comics at Mac Walters occupies an enviable place in pop culture. Mass Effect 2 Gamers Greatly Prefer Playing As Soldier Dudes. Morality. Morality is measured in Mass Effect games by "Paragon" and "Renegade" points.


Unlike many contemporary role-playing games, such as BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, that represent morality as a single sliding scale of good and evil, Mass Effect keeps track of the Paragon and Renegade points on separate scales. A good action will not make up for an evil one; therefore, being nice occasionally will not stop people from fearing a killer or remove the reputation of an unsympathetic heel, but nor will the occasional brutal action significantly damage the reputation of an otherwise upstanding soldier.

This also means there is no gameplay-driven motivation for avoiding a particular type of action. Commander Shepard's Paragon and Renegade scores affect the availability of special "good" or "bad" dialogue options with significant impact. Mass Effect Edit Paragon Edit Paragon points are gained for compassionate and heroic actions. Mass Effect: The Paragon and the Renegade - Xbox 360 Feature at IGN. By Hilary Goldstein & Erik Brudvig November 7, 2007 In Mass Effect, the choices you're faced with don't necessarily fall into the traditional "good" or "evil" categories.

Mass Effect: The Paragon and the Renegade - Xbox 360 Feature at IGN

You're out to save the universe -- anything you do to that end is in some way good. However, the means you use to reach your goals can span the moral spectrum from Machiavelli to Ghandi.