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Futures In Biotech 92: Foldit - Crowd Sourcing God's Work. Creating Life - The Ultimate Engineering Challenge. (Synthetic Biology documentary) Chaîne de bioetechniques. Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life. George Church at TEDMED 2010. George Church: Know your Genes. Synthetic Biology: An introduction. The Synthetic Kingdom. Modern Biotechnology 2011 (Synthetic biology) - Science of the Unthinkable.!! Carbon Cycle 2.0: Jay Keasling: Biofuels. Andrew Hessel at FutureMed.

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Andrew Hessel at FutureMed

Building Life: The Promise and Challenges of Synthetic Biology (Feb.23, 2011) J. Craig Venter: Designing Life - 60 Minutes. The Internet of living things. Meaningful Innovation: Whether to Design or Evolve? Broadcast Yourself. Death and Life as the Stuff of Design. Prof Jamie Davies - Synthetic Biology: the potential and the problems of re-engineering life. Video View. Synthetic Biology. Synthetic biology is perhaps the most accelerating science.

Synthetic Biology

In fact, since biology became an information technology, for the past several years synthetic biology has been developing even faster than Moore's Law. And just one example - paralel to the pioneering days of computer science, is the explosion in DIY biology garage-based hacker labs. There is a large and rapidly growing number of relevant YouTube videos. This page will post a collection of some of the most interesting ones I could find but feel free to contribute more clips of your own: Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive. Andrew Hessel discusses writing DNA. Archispasm. 100 Years of Synthetic Biology. Synthetic Biology and Data-Driven Synthetic Biology for Personalized Medicine and Clean Energy. Video: John Cumbers Talks Synthetic Biology at Parabolic Arc. Videos/Community Videos. Meet Ginkgo Bioworks! E. chromi. The Synthetic Kingdom. Synthetic Biology Explained.

Dr. Thomas Richard On Synthetic Biology. The Synmod Team. Holly Million's videos. Scinamate Synthetic Biology‬‏ Video View. YouTube LeukipposInstitute's Channel.