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Halal Cosmetics: Between Real Concerns and Plain Ignorance. Despite commanding an impressive market size, the Muslim cosmetic-using population seemed blissfully happy dabbing their cheeks with products of questionable health and religious compliance.

Halal Cosmetics: Between Real Concerns and Plain Ignorance

On the other hand, perhaps they just sincerely did not know… Tasha just turned fourteen and among her Form Two peers at the Convent Bukit Nanas Secondary School here in Kuala Lumpur, she is considered to be the most popular, not least because of her looks. Of mixed parentage between her Malay mom and her German dad, Tasha’s Pan-Asian looks have been featured in many television commercials and teen magazines. It is not surprising that of all her many birthday presents, the one she loved the most is from her mom: a Body Shop’s birthday gift set. “She seemed so happy, so innocent,” said her mom. Like many other emerging economies, Malaysia is not spared from the global marketing onslaught wielded by major cosmetics manufacturers.

Globalising local halal communities. A new halal cosmetics company with a twist... Calls to unify global halal standards gain ground at Dubai expo. DUBAI // Calls for global standards covering the sale of halal products have been backed by businesses.

Calls to unify global halal standards gain ground at Dubai expo

The move would help cut red tape and give consumers more confidence, supporters say. At the launch of the 5th Halal Expo in Dubai yesterday, exhibitors said a single international agency issuing regulations would boost the halal market by unifying the existing system, which differs according to individual countries' regulations. "We have had very informal talks with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce about this issue and it is something we feel would be of benefit to everyone," said Datuk Hajah Rohani Binti Haji Abdul Karim, the Malaysian minister for domestic trade and consumerism.

Temporal Brand Consulting - Publications - Articles. Dr.

Temporal Brand Consulting - Publications - Articles

Search results in Body & Skin Care - Page 2. Strong growth to continue for fragrance and cosmetic in GCC. After a buoyant performance in the fragrance and cosmetic industry last year, experts are anticipating a promising 2011 as the Arab’s intense predilection for fragrances and cosmetics ensures a healthy outlook within the coming years.

Strong growth to continue for fragrance and cosmetic in GCC

In the GCC alone, total sales are expected to exceed $1.6 billion by year-end, $500 million in colour cosmetics and $1.13 billion in fragrance sales.According to Euromonitor International, by year-end 2014 the sector could increase by 15.1 per cent to reach annual sales of $1.88 billion – $578.5 million in cosmetics and $1.3 billion in fragrances respectively. Growth prospects Saudi Arabia’s F&C sector is set to report the biggest increase in sales this year, with total sales reaching $1.1 billion, of which cosmetic sales will account for $292.3 million this year. Fragrances, meanwhile, are forecast to jump from $821 million in annual sales this year to $939.2 million by the end of 2014.

With growth, however, comes challenges. Lipstick Liability: Key Regulations for Cosmetic Manufacturers. From the male grooming market to halal cosmetics and organic or ‘green’ beauty products, the cosmetics industry is constantly expanding and diversifying.

Lipstick Liability: Key Regulations for Cosmetic Manufacturers

Photo by Sanja Gjenero, Zagreb In 2009 the European market was worth approximately €69.5 billion and represented almost one-third of the global market. This update looks at the key regulations covering cosmetics manufacturers and their insurers in the United Kingdom. The main set of rules is the Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations 2008 (download original pdf), aimed primarily at safeguarding public health. The regulations implement the EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC). What is a cosmetic product? If there is a possibility that the product may be regarded as a chemical substance or micro-organism (ie, a biocide), the Health and Safety Executive should be consulted. Borderline products Many products, such as cosmetic treatments using Botox, are on the border between medicines and cosmetics. Specific labelling requirements.

Home - International Conference on Halal Cosmetics and Toiletries. Halal cosmetics segment is on the rise... According to Organic Monitor, halal products are becoming more popular with international manufacturers and suppliers, and an increasing preference for natural and organic products in the Middle East has seen the sector grow by 20 per cent last year.

Halal cosmetics segment is on the rise...

The move towards halal A recent report by the University of Malaysia Perlis, revealed that as cosmetic companies begin to tap into this significant market, the segment, although noted as doing particularly well in the Middle East, is also growing on a global basis and is estimated as worth between €5bn-€14bn. Halal cosmetics offer new beauty twist to Muslim faithful. One Pure Halal Beauty Launch at Galeries Lafayette. One Pure Halal Beauty on BBC. OnePure Halal Cosmetics on Astro Awani. Marketing Halal Cosmetics - Health - Health & Science.

The cosmetics industry is a fickle, fashion driven thing, always looking at the next trend, idea and novelty.

Marketing Halal Cosmetics - Health - Health & Science

Global fashion events for Muslim Fashionistas. Designers from around the world will parade their latest collections in Abu Dhabi’s first-ever Eco Fashion Show, a five-day event featuring couture-with-a-conscience this April.

Global fashion events for Muslim Fashionistas

Designed to raise awareness of green practices nationwide, it’s part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Green Festival 2014, and an offshoot of Berlin-Dubai Designer Exchange 2013, conducted in partnership with the Goethe-Institute Gulf Region. Linking product lines to the environment is a clever differentiator; hug a tree or two and your frocks immediately stand out in the world’s uber-competitive $400 billion-dollar rag trade. (We’ll take forward strides in sustainability regardless of how they’re dressed up!)

Abaya (the long, black cloak) and hijab (headscarf) are usually made out of rayon, polyester, or nylon. Nasty traps for heat and moisture, these fibers also fall fairly low on the sustainability pyramid. 5 Halal Skincare & Makeup Companies. As salaamu alaikum these are a few halal makeup and skincare lines we found and wanted to share with you.

5 Halal Skincare & Makeup Companies

For the purpose of this post halal refers to the contents and ingredients. The only downside that we've found with these products is we haven't see any companies that make foundation for deeper skin tones i.e. african americans/other ethnic groups. cleansers, moisturizes and acne serums . Full line of cosmetics face, lips, eyes and make up brushes. Registered halal, vegan, full line including bronzers, concealers, face & lips.