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The Best Chef’s Knife for Most Cooks. The Swiss aren’t renowned for their kitchen knives, but based on the $30 Victorinox Fibrox 8-Inch Chef’s Knife ., they should be.

The Best Chef’s Knife for Most Cooks

In head-to-head test , the Victorinox beat out a comparable blade from notable German manufacturer Henckels, which cost three times as much. It’s not the best bar-none, but you won’t find anything that performs this well without spending at least twice as much money. You’ll want a knife that suits your current skill level and budget, but won’t hold you back as you improve Buying a chef’s knife is a lot like buying a musical instrument. There will be a lot of variation, even among instruments of the same kind. Why recommend one knife rather than a whole set? Our pick The Victorinox may cost only $30, but it packs some serious features for the price. In most categories it’s difficult to find reviews of budget-oriented gear, but apparently knives are the exception. Who else likes it? WIRED recently did a roundup comparison of 8 Chef’s knives . The competition. Mushroom Risotto.


Full Bellies, Happy Kids. Dill ranch oyster crackers. This is our first post from: the food of Memorial Day my head, that was stated loud and fast like the host of The Soup announcing "It's reality show clip time!!

Dill ranch oyster crackers

" Get it? No? Moving on... What do you need for a long weekend away? Snacks. Main Man couldnt keep his paws out of the stuff even the night I made them.... " 1 (1 oz) package ranch dressing mix 1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil (I always use olive oil for it's health benefits) 1 t dried dill weed (or to your taste) 1/2 t garlic powder (or to your taste) salt to taste 1 box or bag oyster crackers Preheat oven to 250°. Super simple. 87 Make-ahead Freezer Meal Recipes.


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