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6 Instagram Tools That You Can Use to Spice up Your instagram Post. You have uploaded them before, the various white-and-black Facebook pictures of the beach, filtered and blurred with in-depth and exciting quotes about human nature.

6 Instagram Tools That You Can Use to Spice up Your instagram Post

Your buddies might have rolled their eyes at you, and some might have even liked them. However, irrespective of whether they like it or not, you need to realize that Instagram is the latest smash-hit, photo sharing app. And it is here to stay. Instagram – For Your Business And Brand You can use Instagram to enhance your brand image in 2016 and beyond. Ultimately, it is all about enhancing the experiences that potential customers want and developing an interest to know about you. How to Make Blogging Profitable. It wasn’t that long ago when blogging was still an activity that was pretty far outside the mainstream.

How to Make Blogging Profitable

Although there were already some very successful bloggers, most people didn’t understand this method of publishing or the technology behind it. Fast forward to the present, and it seems like everyone is at least familiar with blogging. Why Live Streaming Can Be a Great Fit for Businesses. Whether it’s through Facebook or another platform, live video is something that everyone is talking about.

Why Live Streaming Can Be a Great Fit for Businesses

It’s also something that lots of normal people are using for fun. Regular people going live has even lead to viral smashes like “Chewbacca Mom,” who generated over 140 million views by going live on Facebook and laughing as she tried on a Chewbacca mask. Between Facebook live, Snapchat and now Instagram, people of all ages are getting comfortable with broadcasting themselves via video. However, one group that often shies away from this exciting technology is businesses. Can Your Business Benefit From Facebook Live? Over the last year or so, I’ve talked a lot about how video has become one of the biggest drivers of online activity.

Can Your Business Benefit From Facebook Live?

While pictures and posts like these are still consumed countless times every day, people are spending more time watching online video than ever before. Since watching videos on the Internet is by no means something new, you may be wondering why it’s recently become such a big trend. One aspect is how popular YouTube has gotten. With so many creators making content that’s just as engaging as what people are used to watching on cable networks, YouTube has set the tone for other social media sites. Another important factor is both broadband and mobile Internet speeds have continued to get faster. Because video is such a “hot” area right now, big online and media companies are looking for the best ways to harness it.

The Basics of Facebook Live. Facebook Ads for Business – Worth the Investment? When social media first became a “thing,” plenty of businesses complained about the fact that there wasn’t enough data available to track ROI on social media marketing.

Facebook Ads for Business – Worth the Investment?

Then as these platforms matured and got more aggressive with their monetization, many of the same people threw their arms up about “pay to play” models. With over a billion users, calling Facebook huge is an understatement. As a result, the amount of activity that takes place on this platform is absolutely massive. While there are probably plenty of Facebook users who are interested in your business, that doesn’t mean you’re the only business they want to follow. This reality lead to the average Facebook user following lots of brands. Tips to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers. Businesses often face two major challenges with social media.

Tips to Convert Your Social Media Followers Into Customers

The first is getting started. Once a business passes that challenge by gaining some momentum and attracting followers, the next challenge that often comes up is converting those followers into customers. Do You Know About the New Facebook Page Design Changes? Facebook is currently in the process of rolling out design changes to business pages.

Do You Know About the New Facebook Page Design Changes?

If you’re wondering what this means for your page, we’re going to start by comparing the current and new designs, then share a few helpful tips for making the most of your page’s new look. 3 Notable Facebook Design Changes The first change is Facebook is reducing the width of the header image. Instead of stretching across the entire top, the new design reduces the width of this element to 3/4 of the page. The second change has to do with Facebook shops and services sections. Top Tips for Designing an Amazing Website. Mobile Friendly Web Design Tips Whether you’re launching a new website or want to redesign your existing business website, the decisions you make will determine whether the design is great or a flop.

Top Tips for Designing an Amazing Website

8 Important Social Media Training Tips for Your Company’s Social Media Marketers. Companies that invest in social media training do so because they understand how these platforms can move their business forward.

8 Important Social Media Training Tips for Your Company’s Social Media Marketers

Since the social media efforts of most companies involve more than one person, it’s important for all efforts to be consistent. To help keep a brand’s message consistent across all social mediums, here are eight actionable tips: 1) Define Goals Having clearly defined goals is useful for both businesses and all of their employees. By figuring out what should be accomplished, everyone will have a much easier time knowing which efforts are driving the right type of results, and which ones need to be adjusted. 2) Create a Style Guide By creating and then giving everyone involved in social media marketing access to a style guide, a business can keep the voice of their brand consistent across all networks. 3) Allow Freedom 4) Review New Employees 5) Encourage Teamwork The more employees work together, the better everyone’s social efforts are going to be.

Franchise Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016. Successful social media marketing can be a challenge for any type of business.

Franchise Social Media Marketing Tips for 2016

But this task can be especially challenging for franchises. One of the reasons is that it can be difficult for a franchise to strike the right balance between maintaining a consistent brand identity and giving individual locations their own personality.