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Social Help Care is the best NGO working for children saving and helping the children in need. We donate food, Clothes, Medicine, and school supplies. Social Help Care is an NGO in India.

Social Help Care Believe - Social Help Care. Hope is the reason for strong survival in any situation.

Social Help Care Believe - Social Help Care

If a person loses hope, he/she lose everything because they don’t believe for what they want…? Social Help Care Vanishing Humanity - Social Help Care. In today’s time, people are so busy in self-development that they are even ready to bully other people and often they are hurting the feelings of many people around them.

Social Help Care Vanishing Humanity - Social Help Care

Today no one value the opinion of others if he/she wants to get the things done or wants to achieve something. People simply walk away even after seeing someone who needs help or who is seeking for help. Today we ignoring the needy people as if they don’t even exist around us. Still, few people believe in helping others or to the one who needs help. Looking at the present scenario, it seems like humanity is vanishing as if people are not noticing what is happening around them. Nowadays even after being aware that something happened just a few steps away from them, still they don’t bother to know what happened or is there anything they can do for the victim/s.

It’s true that everyone indeed has some or other problem in their life and everyone is struggling to achieve what he/she wants and are working hard for the same. Social Help Care Illuminate Child’s Life - Social Help Care. Illuminate Child’s Life By admin, In Education, 0 Comments Education a tool that can work as a miracle in our life and also as a weapon to save someone’s life.

Social Help Care Illuminate Child’s Life - Social Help Care

To get a good education is the right of every child and also a value-adding feature that can be added for the growth and development of the country also for the development of children. I am willing to pursue my career which can relate me to social work and the one I can utilize for the betterment of society. Education is the key which can illuminate the life of anyone. Awareness: When you hold the key to education, it opens many doors for you in every situation and light up the dark path while you are unable to find the right path. In India, there are many families in urban, rural areas, villages where there live people who have kids who are good in studies but due to poor family condition are unable to go schools/colleges.

Often due to proper financial situation parents withdraw the admission from schools. Contact us: Sindhu tai sapkal pdf. Social Help Care Shyam Sundar Paliwal - Father of Eco-Feminism - Social Help Care. Is it said that – “बेटे भाग्य से होते हैं, पर बेटियाँ सौभाग्य से होती हैं” Still we get to hear that some villages in our country are not considering birth of girl-child has a curse or liability for them and are practicing unacceptable practice like make a girl-child “Dudh-piti, killing the baby by poison, throwing them in garbage.” it sounds really strange but all these are still practiced and many social workers are working on it to stop this evil practice.

Social Help Care Shyam Sundar Paliwal - Father of Eco-Feminism - Social Help Care

Today, we are going to share the story of one the social activist, Mr Shyam Sundar Paliwal who is been entitled the tag of Father of Eco-Feminism. Shyam Sundar is a social activist from Piplantri village, Rajasthan. He is born on 9th July 1964, in Piplantri. He did his academics till class 10th and then he didn’t study further and started his professional life by joining a marble company. Moving towards his family, his father name was Late. The day after he became the Sarpanch of the village, he started this “Kiran Nidhi Yojna.” Social Help Care Your Every Behaviour Is Noticed - Social Help Care. Each day whatsoever you do or you are doing is been noticed and copied by one or many, especially the one who is living with you in your house.

Social Help Care Your Every Behaviour Is Noticed - Social Help Care

If you behave good, it will create a good image and if you do bad it will create a bad image. The children during their childhood love to copy their elders and often we enjoy when they do so, but when we do something negative and the same is copied by the small kid, then we punish them. We never give a thought on the incident, we think we have punished the kid or kids now everything is fine. But actually, nothing is fine, punishing the kid is not the correct way to correct your mistake. You have to work on it. Small children are innocent they don’t know what is good? A small 5-year old boy, everyday noticing that his parents where talking in a bad manner with his grandma. Next day in the morning, the father of little boy was searching his specs and asked his son to help him find out his specs, but he was shocked with revert given by his son.

Social Help Care Life of Special Kids - Social Help Care. In our day to day life, often we see kids or adults who are physically challenged and the one who is unable to do the work easily, as we the normal people do… They are addressed as Special Kids When we are born even our parents don’t expect that they are going to get the special kid who is physically or mentally challenged.

Social Help Care Life of Special Kids - Social Help Care

And when they come to know about the same, they feel very dejected, often it becomes difficult for them to accept the fact. Often this kind of kids or individuals are been bullied by the people in society. But if take a pause and give a thought to HOW THIS PEOPLE MIGHT BE FEELING WHEN WE BULLY THEM AND MAKE FUN OF THEM? We will realize what we are doing? Instead of helping such kids and people, we make fun of them. Extraordinary requirements is an umbrella term for a wide exhibit of analyses, from those that resolve rapidly to those that will be a test forever and those that are generally gentle to those that are significant. How Transform Your Unused Stuff Into a Good Deed. 2020 Time to do something (3) 5 WAYS TO AVOID CORONA VIRUS.