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SocialEngine PHP 4.10.5 Release: All You Need To Know About Major Security Features. SocialEngine PHP is a software platform that gives the user an opportunity to build a simple, unbranded network that can be customized at later stages as well.

SocialEngine PHP 4.10.5 Release: All You Need To Know About Major Security Features

Complete freedom is present to have full control over all aspects of the website and its content. Nowadays, business enterprises create social network website to market their products & services. Recently SocialEngine released the 4.10.5 version for its users. This release includes major security improvements, some amazing new features, and handles the bugs discussed below. Now’s the time to upgrade or start the community with the latest SocialEngine PHP release. Password Improvements Require Password Reset – This setting allows admin to specify a password reset and mention the days until a reset is needed.Improved password reset security.Advanced password special character list. Apart from the security improvements, the following highly requested features are also added: Improve Member Browse Privacy Improvements Hashtag Improvement. SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4 Release: All You Need To Know About Bugs Removed.

SocialEngine PHP is a software application having innovative features that enable the development of social networks as per the business requirements.

SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4 Release: All You Need To Know About Bugs Removed

In the initial stages, social network was used only for communicating and making new connections. However, with the advancement in technologies business enterprises use social networks to market their products & services. But before you invest in the Social Network development, it is important to know the latest release of SocialEngine PHP. The latest version released is SocialEngine PHP 4.10.4, this software application was released a few months back with some bugs removed. Expand Your Business Reach With A Robust Social Media Strategy. To get success in the social media world, every business needs to have a strong social media strategy, which defines their plans and goals.

Expand Your Business Reach With A Robust Social Media Strategy

It not only helps you in deciding your future actions to move ahead but also, helps you know whether you are getting success or not in your business. However, this should to be very concise and specific. In order to build a robust strategy and execute it in a good manner, multiple businesses take help from social engine Experts. They help businesses to set the goals that align with their business objectives and achieve them so that they can get more success, higher conversion rates and increased revenue within a short span. Moreover, the following steps may also help you in developing a winning social media strategy for your business. Differences Between BuddyPress & SocialEngine Based On Key Features. A custom social network can serve the purpose of connecting like-minded individuals and professionals belonging to the same organization or same niche of work.

Differences Between BuddyPress & SocialEngine Based On Key Features

It’s a great platform for the individuals, and business enterprises to have a social networking platform to connect with people in their private circle. 7 Differences Between Public Social Networks & Private Online Communities. The concept of social selling has made it big in the past decade and businesses are seeking success in this marketing channel.

7 Differences Between Public Social Networks & Private Online Communities

They are leveraging it in diverse ways, with public social networks and private online communities being the two main ones. However, these concepts may confuse you if you are new to the social selling concept. Public social networks and private online sites differ structurally and functionally, yet both are important from the business point of view. You need to understand the difference between them so that you can use both of them to your advantage. Here are the 7 ways in which the two differ. Top Indispensable Techniques To Grow Your Business’s Social Media Presence. Social media was launched as a medium to connect with people online.

Top Indispensable Techniques To Grow Your Business’s Social Media Presence

But, today it has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Whether you have an online or an offline business, you can’t afford to skip marketing on social media channels. These social media channels provide multiple options to reach existing and new customers. Almost every business has an account on Social network service to engage with their audiences and grow their brand reputation. 5 Unique Ways To Grow Online Business With Social Network. Important Tips To Grow Startup Business with Social Network Marketing. The social network has become highly important for business enterprises whether small or big.

Important Tips To Grow Startup Business with Social Network Marketing

Every business wants to acquire new & retain existing customers using social channels. Tips for Business Enterprises to Improve Their Social Media Reputation. Tips for Business Enterprises to Improve Their Social Media Reputation. Major Benefits of Social Marketplace To An E-Business. Marketplaces are places for doing commercial activities like buying and selling products.

Major Benefits of Social Marketplace To An E-Business

Places, where this commercial activity takes place, have evolved significantly from small shops to shopping malls. In recent years, the major change marketplaces have experienced is form being a physical store to a virtual one. What are the Future Trends of Social Network Platforms and their Major Benefits? - SocialEngine India Blog. Social media is a robust medium for business enterprises nowadays and it is becoming more robust on a regular basis.

What are the Future Trends of Social Network Platforms and their Major Benefits? - SocialEngine India Blog

Millions of users create social network accounts on a daily basis and for brands reaching a huge number of potential customers has become easy than before. People spend most of the time on the social network as it offers plenty of things that they like to see. All social network platforms are developed keeping the target audience in mind. The usage of social platforms has completely changed, earlier it was used as a communication medium and making connections with millions of people. How to Build an Attractive Social Networking Platform to Drive Business Sales? - SocialEngine India Blog. We all very well know that Social Network Websites have completely transformed the way individuals communicate and express their views.

How to Build an Attractive Social Networking Platform to Drive Business Sales? - SocialEngine India Blog

For business enterprises, it is a cheap and result-oriented way to market their services and engage customers. Experts consider it as the best phase of technology and a lot of changes are coming across for the users. What are the Process and Challenges Experienced During Social Network Development? - SocialEngine India Blog. A social network is a platform, where people interact online to communicate or share views in terms of posts, messages, or comments. Users fill their personal details in account pages to express themselves to the online world. It is impossible to survive in this digital world without online communication. Today, the first thing people usually do in the morning is the checking of their news feeds, messages, comments on different social networks. On the other hand, businesses are using networks to drive sales & ROI. To understand the social network development process, let’s first discuss what the network is and the features it has.

What are the Important Features to Consider during the Social Network App Development? - SocialEngine India Blog. Social network apps have become an integral part of our lives. The power of social network service is such that more than 2 billion users are expected to connect by 2021. Big and renowned social networks like Facebook and Twitter are some of the most used ones. People use social networks for different activities like making connections, communicating and promoting their business. The idea of building a social network app is great, but it would be useful to know a bit about the core features that these apps rely on. No matter who the potential customers are, the app should provide them an interactive user experience and smooth navigation. 7 Social Media Rules That You Must Follow For Achieving Business.

Social campaigns have become an integral part of marketing strategies today as this is where the audience really are. While building a robust presence across various social media platforms is must, you may also consider the idea of having a community for your own brand. For the first part, you need to have a marketing team that gets your brand visible and viral across channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

On the other hand, you need to invest in Social Networking Web Development to create a community for your brand. Community building is a smart approach as it gives you the ownership of a business network that you can use the way you want to. Further, it fosters strong loyalty amongst customers, extends the outreach of your brand, and serves as a reliable communication channel as well. SocialEngine Unite Beta: All That You Need To Know. Tips To Build A User-Friendly SocialEngine Network For Your Business – socialenginedevelopers. Tips For Making Your SocialEngine Community GDPR Compliant. Data breaches have become a common occurrence these days, which is the reason that businesses are taking privacy more seriously.

Whether it is an e-commerce website or social community that you are running for your business, data privacy is something that you cannot afford to ignore at any cost. The implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has also necessitated relevant action in this direction. Whether you already have an online community up and running or are looking to invest in SocialEngine development, there are some tips and facts that you should know to ensure that the privacy of your users is protected adequately. First things first- Understanding GDPR GDPR is basically a privacy compliance regulation that is meant to protect the data of EU citizens from being shared without their express permission. GDPR Compliance for SocialEngine Websites: With a large number of businesses interacting with EU clients, GDPR compliance does not remain a choice for them today.

Elgg Website Development Company. With our Elgg services, we enable you to connect, share and collaborate with your existing and potential clients. This powerful social hub becomes more effective when designed by a professional team like us. As a leading Elgg website development company in India, we have a rich experience of working with many leading clients across the globe. From social and community networking sites, to customized web applications solutions, online learning platforms, and social commerce apps, our expertise extends multiple domains. Our Elgg Development Services Elgg UI Designing Elgg theme development Custom plugin development Elgg Hosting Integration with other applications Elgg Website Maintenance and support Why Choose Us As Your Elgg Development Partner?

Over the years, we have emerged as a trusted Elgg website development company in India. We Follow a client-centric approach to create solutions that fulfill unique requirements of clients. Elgg Website Development Company. How Enterprise Social Networking Can Empower Businesses. Social networks are no longer only the platforms for personal connections but are extending to business connections too. When it comes to businesses, they serve as secure platforms where teams across different locations can communicate and collaborate closely on projects in real time. From discussing project details to sharing client requirements, talking about troubleshooting, and more, there is a lot that can be done on these networks. All That You Need To Know About Social Media App Development.

As social media becomes the lifeline of businesses today, it is practically impossible to imagine growth without a presence across these channels. While a majority of businesses have already invested in online communities, Social Media App Development is also fast-emerging as a business trend. Though these apps are an extension of business communities, their value goes much beyond as they are capable of enhancing connections with the customers and engaging them better with your business. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google Hangouts are just a few examples of popular social apps, but when it comes to creating business-oriented ones, the concept is still novel.

Before you invest in one, here are all the facts that you need to know. What: The Type Of Social Media App You Are Looking For: