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China-Glaze-Beauty-and-the-Beach.jpg (JPEG Image, 700x324 pixels) Alison*elle: nail art. Last month, Clinique introduced an innovative new line of nail polish, A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skins, which is currently creating a lot of buzz in the beauty world.

alison*elle: nail art

However, if your initial reaction is similar to mine, you're probably wondering what effect nail polish could possibly have on the skin since, as we all know, it goes on our nails. L-R: Hula Skirt, Strappy Sandals, Summer in the City, Black Honey, Base/Top Coat Turns out regular nail polish can be a significant allergen for people with sensitive eyes and skin, resulting in itchy, watery eyes (we touch them constantly without even thinking about it) and uncomfortable rashes. It only makes sense that Clinique, a company known for its sensitive skin products, would be behind this dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-approved nail polish formula. Under indoor lighting I initially thought this polish looked a little like OPI Mermaid's Tears but they are not dupes at all. And that's it, sandal-ready toes! Aless in Beautyland. Dr. Frankenpolish. DizzyNails.

The other day I was thinking about my favorite vampy colors, and I remembered Dior Purple Revolution.


I was looking for it on my blog, here, but couldn't find it. What the heck? I forgot all about it but then remembered again tonight. I searched through old photo albums and finally found it! Along with it, I found this situation that you are looking at right now. What is it, you ask? This is from December of last year!! How cute is this?! Oh, you wanted to see that Dior I was talking about? Two utterly glorious coats of Dior Purple Revolution 906. It practically applied itself, and look how pretty it is!! Almost black, I know. Remember Wet 'N Wild Blitzen from last winter? The blinginess here borders on obnoxious. The Beauty Brains. Accessible Beauty for Every Woman.

A place for my nails. Pinch of Pretty » Page 2. Tuli's New Year's Eve Glitter Giveaway. Giveaway נוצץ במיוחד לערב הסילבסטר !

Tuli's New Year's Eve Glitter Giveaway

נכון, לנו יש את ראש השנה שלנו ואת התאריך העברי, אבל אני באופן אישי חוגגת גם את התאריך הזה מאחר וביום יום אני משתמשת בלוח הלועזי וגם כי זו עוד סיבה למסיבה ! ומה חייבים במסיבה טובה ? נכון ! קצת נצנצים ! חחחחחחח. 20 טיפות צבע. Home - Community Nail Polish Gallery. All Lacquered Up - A Nail Polish Fanatic's Resource. Lacquerized - A blog about nail polish. Nails by Asami. Scrangie. Tough as nails (especially if they're pink) - the nail care thread. The Lacquer Files: Stamping Polish Database. TheLacquerFiles' Photostream. WAH NAILS. My first stiletto.