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La « nouvelle vague » du design français : une sélection de projets innovants.

Espace modulaire

Creative Architecture: Starbucks Coffee Design In Japan. Like many Universities here in the States, when I was in school, we were required to study Starbucks and how they’ve successfully built their business since 1971.

Creative Architecture: Starbucks Coffee Design In Japan

I always thought it was interesting how the company’s mission statement is not to sell a lot of coffee, but rather “to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” By focusing on making drinking a coffee a whole unique experience, they’ve been able to change our entire perception about what a cup of coffee can represent. To this day, caramel macchiatos are my favorite coffee drink in the whole word, but at 240 calories and 34 carbs per pop, I have to enjoy them in moderation, unfortunately.


SIGNALETIQUE. Muséographie. PSi Skyscraper in Hong Kong / Michael Young. Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young has been commissioned to develop building project strategies for Wanchai Cultural District.

PSi Skyscraper in Hong Kong / Michael Young

The first concept PSi Tower has been developed as an office complex with luxury apartments for business users and executives overlooking Kowloon district. Conceptually the project, based visually on the essence of ancient Chinese building techniques, has been carried forward into the 21st Century with its multi facetted surfaces that change according to weather and light conditions. The 5-hectare site will include a ground level internal atrium for public art and pedestrian use, containing outdoor restaurants with outdoor seating.

The upper central interior section also boasts a native plantation that encloses an outdoor theatre area. Having lived in Hong Kong for several years, Young wanted to design a building that could be both understood by local residents and also be compelling on an international platform. Digital Fabrications: Architectural and Material Techniques by Princeton Architectural Press. Technicolor Bloom - Project. Technicolor Bloom by Brennan Buck. Technicolor Bloom is an architectural installation constructed from 1400 flat plywood panels to form a double-curved perforated tunnel.

Technicolor Bloom by Brennan Buck

Designed by Brennan Buck with Rob Henderson and students from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, the project is currently on show at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna. Buck is assistant Professor at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and a critic at Yale School of Architecture. Photos are by Christof Gaggl. Here's some info from Buck: Amazon's Seattle headquarters will be giant orb-shaped greenhouses. News: Amazon has gained planning permission for a new Seattle headquarters that will feature a trio of glass orbs containing a jungle of mature trees and tropical plants (+ slideshow).

Amazon's Seattle headquarters will be giant orb-shaped greenhouses

Design d'espace. Facet by Bloomming for 3form. Arne Quinze, sculpteur entre punk et haute-couture - Le jardin du mixed media. Mardi 24 janvier 2012 2 24 /01 /Jan /2012 06:53 En me promenant sur la toile, j'ai découvert ARNE QUINZE.

Arne Quinze, sculpteur entre punk et haute-couture - Le jardin du mixed media

Nove modi per rappresentare lo spazio. Cosa ci viene in mente parlando di spazio figurativo?

Nove modi per rappresentare lo spazio

Sicuramente penseremmo alla prospettiva lineare e alla tipica rappresentazione della profondità attraverso linee convergenti verso uno o più punti di fuga. Eppure questo è solo uno dei tanti modi utilizzati nel corso della storia dell’arte per raffigurare lo spazio su una superficie bidimensionale come ho ampiamente raccontato in questo ipertesto. Ne esistono, infatti, almeno nove! Naturalmente non tutti descrivono in modo matematico ed univoco lo spazio tridimensionale ma riescono comunque a suggerire un senso di profondità o, comunque, una disposizione reciproca degli oggetti. Book_CB Paysagiste8.jpg (Image JPEG, 4266x3200 pixels) - Redimensionnée (20%) Tomás Saraceno. Il est malheureux de devoir aller jusqu’à Berlin pour voir de ses propres yeux Cloud Cities, l’incroyable installation de l’artiste argentin, Tomás Saraceno, tissée dans la grande nef du musée Hamburger Bahnhof de Berlin jusqu’au 15 janvier.

Tomás Saraceno

Né en Argentine en 1973, vivant aujourd’hui à Francfort, Tomás Saraceno reste étrangement peu connu et peu montré en France. Il a pourtant exposé ses installations visionnaires dans le monde entier : Walker Art Center de Minneapolis en 2008, Biennale de Venise et Statens Museum for Kunst de Copenhague en 2009, Bonniers Konsthall de Stockholm en 2010. "Carton plein" Microgenèse - Le 104. A Year in a French Forest. 2011-2012.

Le Tetris : une salle de spectacle multicolore composée de conteneurs. Reportage photos.

Le Tetris : une salle de spectacle multicolore composée de conteneurs

Le Tetris est une nouvelle salle de spectacles très originale, avec une façade multicolore composée de conteneurs, construite dans l’enceinte du Fort de Tourneville au Havre. Sa situation en plein centre de la ville, entre ville haute et ville basse est idéale pour rendre l’équipement accessible à tous. Réalisations en intérieur. Architecte Zen+dCo ARCHITECTE Zen+dCo.

Réalisations en intérieur

Gelato à Montevideo/Dovat & Asoc. Arquitectos-Social Design Magazine. Montevideo, Business and Technology Park Zonamerica, cela Dovat & Asoc.

Gelato à Montevideo/Dovat & Asoc. Arquitectos-Social Design Magazine

Arquitectos, est la première réalisation d'un prototype conçu pour être répété dans plusieurs espaces privés pour usage public en changeant la taille et le contenu, peut être placé librement dans les rues ou dans les jardins. Jean-Marie Massaud.


TOMAS SARACENO – CLOUD CITIES. R Tomás Saraceno Cloud Cities, 2011 Installationsansicht Hamburger Bahnhof Foto: Tomás Saraceno Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin Thu 15 September 2011 – Sun 15 January Tomás Saraceno.Cloud Cities Tomás Saraceno’s installations shatter traditional concepts relating to place, time, gravity and traditional ideas as to what constitutes architecture. Wheel of Everyday Life. In her work, Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg explores her interests in everyday consumerism and forms of Eastern spirituality. To do this she covers architectural spaces with ornate, repetitive patterns that she creates by transforming supermarket, fast food, big box store, and common household product logos.

She incorporates these into large-scale, circular patterns that resemble sacred mandalas. アマノデザイン事務所 天野善啓. Le logement social et son architecture en France : histoire et réception - Gérard Monnier. Tours infernales.... Vidéo Le Paris des gratte-ciel. Freddy 3 les griffes du cauchemar. Shigeko Hirakawa - index des Installations d'Art Environnemental>/title>

New City Library Stuttgart on Behance. 1ère année - Semestre 1 - Thorncrown Chapel - Etudier l'architecture. Thorncrown Chapel/ chapelle eucuménique - Une fôret dans une fôret | E. Fay Jones (1921-2004) | Eureka Springs, Arkansas, US | 1980 Analyse menée en binome : Aurélien Millefiori / Nunes Antoine-Frédéric La Thorncrown Chapel est une église construite en 1980 par l’architecte américain Fay Jones (1921-2004). Elle se situe aux Etats-Unis à Euréka Springs dans l’Arkansas, une région forestière au pied des rocheuses. Bruce Munro - Artist and Lighting designer. Bruce Munro - Artist and Lighting designer. SeaHill Press (Santa Barbara, CA) has published Catching the Light, a 208-page hardcover book printed on chlorine-free, acid-free paper, including 210 stunning colour images of Bruce Munro’s artwork. The book includes an essay by art historian, critic and exhibition curator Dr.

Richard Cork, with a foreword written by Lord Rothschild, a major figure in the fields of art and philanthropy. Munro provides commentary on the inspiration and conceptions behind his immersive landscape-scale installations, his suspended light-based pieces and his sculptures. This book span’s Munro’s career and brings together for the first time images from his earliest artworks, to the very first Field of Light, through his 2013 exhibition at Cheekwood Museum and Botanical Garden, Nashville, Tennessee. Catching the Light Published October 2013, available through all major books sellers or your preferred online book seller. Book Distributors United Kingdom: Bruce Munro - Artist and Lighting designer. StARTT: whatami at the MAXXI. Jun 24, 2011 stARTT: whatami at the MAXXI ‘whatami’ by stARTT at the MAXXI museum, rome images courtesy of MAXXI rome now open to the public is ‘whatami’, a temporary installation by roman architectural practice stARTT.

(POP)culture on Behance. WORKS. Playground Crochet Artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam. If you ever get a chance to go to the children’s area of the Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park in Sapporo, Japan then you’ll immediately notice a very cool, colorful landscape of crochet netting that kids can play on. This is the most famous work of textile artist Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam, the Rainbow Net. More about crochet artist Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam. Annex 3 ~ London: Urbanzeitgeist. Annex 3 ~ London Since opening their restaurant Les Trois Garçons in London's East End in 2000, the trio of Hassan Abdullah, Stefan Karlson and Michel Lasserre have blazed a trail at the most fashionable end of the UK hospitality scene.

Their Loungelover bar, just around the corner from Les Trois Garçons, has picked up a clutch of awards for its wildly eclectic interiors and creative cocktail menu, and their latest venture, Annex 3, near Oxford Circus, has become one of the glitziest spots in the capital. The turn-of-the-century building has previously been a library, a seedy pole-dancing club and a restaurant, but by the time the team bought it, the interior resembled a hideous salmon pink terrazzo bathroom. Out came the tacky tiles, revealing an original mosaic floor, which became a feature of the bar where two red stiletto chairs from a Parisian shoe shop and a tin model of a fairground ride from Sweden take centre stage. Email | Bookmark | Link. Bienvenue dans ARCHILIBRE. Glass Igloos With Magnificent Northern Lights Views. September 2008. From:TechRepublicExtreme tree houses Tree houses aren't just for kids anymore.

They are used increasingly as primary residences, vacation getaways and meditation retreats. Homes perched high in a forest canopy or woven from the very branches of trees take ecofriendly building to the extreme. Future-forward designers are concocting tree houses that live and "breathe," such as the Fab Tree Hab. Categoría Proyectos: transporte. Estación del norte de Barneveld / Barneveld Noord Station. Entre la continuidad y el cambio – stabraum pavilion. Stabraum pavilion, various locations: Wechselnd, Biberach a.d.Riß, Friedrichshafen, etc – Germany (2003). Claude Costy et Pascal Haüsermann — Artbite. Mental_floss Blog » 10 Unusual Restaurants Found Around the World. 19 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts. 19 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts. 19 Most Innovative Bus Stop Concepts Unless you are a secret admirer whose only chance to see your crush is on the bus to school or office, bus stop is not a place you would want to pay a visit. But with the ever-rising oil price, the ever-worsening traffic, more and more people are forced to choose the bus as their primary transportation.

Bus stops become indispensable in the daily schedule of many city commuters. As life is changing, we have to, and the right bus stops will improve as well. Walyou introduces 19 most innovative bus stop concepts that include awesome designs, and besides the actual 17 Bus Stops we seen earlier, they make for a great dream. Una capilla en el gorro- wedding chapel villa escamp. Categoría Arquitectura textil.

Experience Music Project de Seattle.