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Soap & Cosmetic Classes

Learn How to Make Homemade Body Wash at Home. What is a body wash?

Learn How to Make Homemade Body Wash at Home

The body wash is like a liquid cleanser made for cleaning of the whole body expect to face. At the time of the shower, body wash, you can use to cleanse your body. Body wash offers a silky texture that keeps the skin smooth and soothing. Join Bath Salt Making Courses. Bath salts a Bliss to turn your life more peaceful !!

Join Bath Salt Making Courses

Bathing is the most essential part of our hygiene .The solution of warm water and bath salt work in collaboration to draw out impurities, contamination, dirt,oil, and sweat from the human skin just because it expands the blood circulation throughout the body. Bath salts help in the recuperating of dry skin, making skin delicate and supple with it’s amazing effect. Theory: In the theoretical part we would cover all the aspects of bath salt which would further cover :- Introduction about bath saltsSignificant Equipment used for bath saltWonders that bath salts can giveHow bath salts act as a remedy for skinHow to customize the raw material for bath saltWhat is the Difference between fragrance oil and aroma oil used in bath saltThe selection of packaging for Bath saltsThe do’s and dont’s of bathRecipe and formulation of the bath saltsShelf life of the bath salts Practical course would cover various aspects such as:

Looking for Easy Homemade Herbal Skin Care Recipes. Join the Cosmetic Making Courses Institute. How to Make Bath Salt for Different Skin Type at Home. Bath salt is best bathing material.

How to Make Bath Salt for Different Skin Type at Home

They are pulverised and water soluble. Bath salts improve the joy of bathing and keep the skin healthy and shiny. It contains natural minerals, glycerine and other natural added ingredients. This increases the joy of bathing and heals the body from several toxins and dirt. With little training, it is easy to make personal natural bath salts. Why Cosmetic Making classes are Important. Learn to Make your Own Hand Dish Powder. Are you Searching for the Best Soap Making Academy in Delhi. Soap Making Courses-Soap And Cosmetic Making Classes. Learn How To Make Natural Homemade Soap at Home. Professional Melt and Pour Soap Making Classes. Definition and desired properties of a shampoo: Formulation of a shampoo.Knowledge of various surfactants.Knowledge of all the raw material used in shampoo making.Knowledge of various conditioners used in shampoo making.Knowledge of utensils and machinery for shampoo making.How to make shampoo to trat different hair problmes like- hair fallKnowledge of various preservatives Mild/Strong/colour/perfume/ for shampoo making.Knowledge of PH.Knowledge and importance of hair conditionerEvaluation of shampoo.How to make your own shampoo formula for various types of hair.Packaging of shampoo.

Professional Melt and Pour Soap Making Classes

Practical demonstration of the following cosmetics will be given: Plain shampooDry hair shampooOily hair shampooEgg shampooPearly shampooTransparent ShampooHerbal shampooStraigth hair shampoo, shampoo with conditionerConditioner for normal hair, dry hairDandruff shampoo, Protein Shampoo, Course Duration – 2 days. Take the Quality Shampoo Making Classes & Courses with SoapAndCosmeticClasses. Detergent Powder. Natural Cosmetics Look Great and Easy on Pockets! Modern Women are fashion freaks and look for skin friendly cosmetic products to make them look gorgeous and stylish.

Natural Cosmetics Look Great and Easy on Pockets!

But, most of the time it happens that we depend on available market makeup kits or cosmetic products which are enriched with high chemicals. There are several popular brands in market for cosmetics but most of the times we find these are not suitable at all for our skin. So, what to do in this situation?

Here we can go for natural cosmetics made of various herbs. These herbal products are extremely soothing for all types of skin types. Ø Natural oil cleansing Ø Natural bronzer or blush Ø Natural eye liner and shadow Ø Natural mascara Ø Natural Skin Toner Ø Natural Body Lotion There are various ingredients which are necessary to make all such natural products and here our experts will guide you in details.

Is there anything else with is hitting your mind about these homemade natural cosmetic products?

Are You Looking Detergent Making Classes in India?

Shampoo Making Classes & Courses Institute. Why Should We Prefer Organic Soaps Over Synthetic Soaps? Soap is an essential part of the daily need of a life.

Why Should We Prefer Organic Soaps Over Synthetic Soaps?

It’s like an inseparable part of human life. Soaps keep the body clean, germ free and also help to fair the color of the skin. That is why it is essential. There are a large number of varieties of soaps available in markets. There are two main groups of soaps which are explained below: Organic or Natural Soaps These are the soaps which use only natural ingredients in the process of soap making.

Natural soaps are gentle on the skin. 1. In this, all the ingredients are mixed together at the same time and leave it to a fixed time at a specified temperature in the molds. 2. After pouring the mixture into the mold you have to leave the mixture for 24 hours. Synthetic Soaps Synthetic soaps are the soap which uses chemical substances in their making. Like this: Like Loading...