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3D Modelers

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3D Web Experience Creator For Sketchup. Strata Design 3D CX. SolidThinking. Argile. MoI 3D (295$) Rhinoceros (995€) 3DVIA Shape (free) FormZ (1125$) Introduction General purpose 3D solids and surface modeler form•Z, the 3D form synthesizer, is above all a 3D modeling program, even though it also includes drafting, rendering and animation.

FormZ (1125$)

Additional photorealistic rendering is offered by form•Z RenderZone Plus. It is a general purpose modeler that designers from a variety of different fields can use to create and visualize 3D forms. A few samples of what users from distinctly different fields are doing are shown above. Bonzai3d (499$) ShapeShop (free) Wings 3D (free) Silo (159$) Trimble SketchUp (free/638€) SketchUp's Plugins.