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3D Modelers

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3D Web Experience Creator For Sketchup. Strata Design 3D CX. SolidThinking. Argile. MoI 3D (295$) Rhinoceros (995€) 3DVIA Shape (free) FormZ (1125$) Introduction General purpose 3D solids and surface modeler form•Z, the 3D form synthesizer, is above all a 3D modeling program, even though it also includes drafting, rendering and animation.

FormZ (1125$)

Additional photorealistic rendering is offered by form•Z RenderZone Plus. It is a general purpose modeler that designers from a variety of different fields can use to create and visualize 3D forms. A few samples of what users from distinctly different fields are doing are shown above. Bonzai3d (499$) ShapeShop (free) Wings 3D (free) Silo (159$) Silo brings 3D modeling zen to artists via a clean, focused environment and a streamlined toolset, honed over years of development.

Silo (159$)

It was initially born of our own frustration with the needless complexity and slow, unmanageable workflows of all-in-one graphics software. We single-mindedly devoted Silo to modeling, discovering that the modeling workflow could be made much simpler without sacrificing any power. This unique approach has attracted in equal number students, hobbyists, and professional artists in film, games, architecture, and other fields looking to maximize their production.

(Read interviews with professional artists using Silo.) At Silo's heart is an innovative, robust, and 100% customizable polygon editing toolset, suitable to both organic and hard-surface modeling. Trimble SketchUp (free/638€) SketchUp's Plugins.