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Text and images Copyright (C) 2002 Eric R. Jeschke and may not be used without permission of the author. Intention In this tutorial I'll show you how to sepia tone a color or black and white image. This technique is modeled on the traditional darkroom method of sepia toning in that the sepia color is applied "unevenly" to areas of different tonality. Sepia Toning Sepia Toning
Wilber-loves-Apple 08.10.2008 Roadmap to nowhere Now GIMP 2.6 is out and people are wondering when packages will be out. Unfortunately, things are not going very well at Wilber-Loves-Apple. What used to be a community has been maintained by a single individual (me) for quite some time now, after everyone disappeared, leaving the project at a lack of packagers and contributors. At the same time, my amount of free time has diminished progressively. Furthermore, GIMP for mac projects are being multiplicated. Wilber-loves-Apple

Images are arriving at last Hi Folks, I’m finally getting around to fixing the missing images in a serious way. I think most of the tutorial images are now present. I know there are still some missing tool icons and also some of the script download links may not work either.
Anyhere Software - Explore your world through everyone's eyes - Explore your world through everyone's eyes Feel free to add your comment to the Flickr GeoTagging Group. Address search and satellite imagery is provided by Google. Photos are shared via Flickr.
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