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FDA inspections: Fraud, fabrication, and scientific misconduct are hidden from the public and doctors. Photo by RCarner/Thinkstock Agents of the Food and Drug Administration know better than anyone else just how bad scientific misbehavior can get. Reading the FDA’s inspection files feels almost like watching a highlights reel from a Scientists Gone Wild video. It’s a seemingly endless stream of lurid vignettes—each of which catches a medical researcher in an unguarded moment, succumbing to the temptation to do things he knows he really shouldn’t be doing.

Faked X-ray reports. That misconduct happens isn’t shocking. Much of my research has to do with follies, foibles, and fraud in science, and I knew that the FDA wasn’t exactly bending over backward to correct the scientific record when its inspectors found problems during clinical trials. We didn’t have to search very hard to find FDA burying evidence of research misconduct. It’s not just the public that’s in the dark. Such was the case with the so-called RECORD 4 study. It’s not just one study, either. Photo by Scott J. Proslogion-Vaccines: The REAL Story - Vaccines DO NOT Contain Fetal Tissu. Dr. Jay L. Wile* Of the many lies told by anti-vaccination advocates, this is one of the worst, because it hits on a real moral issue. However, anyone with a modicum of training in biology will tell you that it is impossible for vaccines (or any other injected medicine) to contain human tissue.

The reason is simple: if you are injected with anything containing tissue from another person, your body will immediately recognize it as an invader and begin attacking it. For any lie to be successful, there must be a grain of truth in it. Where do the vaccine companies get the cells for these vaccines? Now that you have learned the facts, we can discuss the moral issues involved. Suppose that the doctors rush in and tell you that there is a young boy in the next room who needs a heart immediately, or he will die. The cells that were taken from the two aborted babies more than 35 years ago are much like my loved one's heart. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8. *Dr. Clinical and Laboratory Studies with Rubella Vaccines in Adults. Aborted Fetuses Used in Vaccines! “Xigris is a recombinant form of human activated protein C. An established human cell line possessing the complementary DNA for the inactive human protein C zymogen secretes the protein into the fermentation medium.”

About the 293 Cell Line... The protein C is produced in the HEK 293 aborted fetal cell line. 293 cells are available from the American Type Culture Collection. There are variants of the cell line that derive from the parent. ATCC Number: CRL-1573 Price: $167.00 Designation: 293 Depositors: F.L. Graham Biosafety Level: 2 Shipped: frozen Organism: Homo sapiens (human) Morphology: epithelial Tissue: kidney; transformed with adenovirus 5 DNA The 293 cell line is a permanent line of primary human embryonal kidney transformed by sheared human adenovirus type 5 (Ad 5)DNA.

The cells express the transforming gene of adenovirus 5. The cells express an unusual cell surface receptor for vitronectin composed of the integrin beta-1 subunit and the vitronectin receptor alpha-v subunit. History of vaccination in Australia » NCIRS. The tables listed below provide a summary of the significant events in vaccination practice in Australia, particularly for vaccines used in population-based immunisation programs. The information provided in these tables has been obtained from a wide range of historical sources, including The Australian Immunisation Handbook; vaccine preventable diseases and vaccination coverage reports; and state, territory and federal government health department information. To the best of our knowledge this information is correct at the time of publication although any feedback is most welcome. We have chosen to use generic names rather than trade names to describe vaccines, except in rare instances.

When using these tables the following definitions apply: ‘Registered’ refers to the date on which the Therapeutic Goods Administration approved the use of a vaccine. ‘Recommended’ refers to when a vaccine was formally recommended for use in a particular group, with or without funding. BMJ Restoring Study 329 | Setting the Record Straight. 60 Minutes II: TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINATIONS. To: Josh Howard, Executive Producer Michael Rosenbaum, Producer Elliot Kirschner, Producer Dan Rather, Reporter Staff of 60 Minutes II We, the undersigned, request that you air a correction of your October 20, 2004 segment entitled “Saying ‘No’ to Immunization”.

This piece was biased, inaccurate, and dangerous to the health of the public because it grossly misled viewers about the safety of vaccinations and the autism epidemic. Petition created by Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAPI) Scroll down for the information 60 Minutes II failed to report: Now, more than ever, with 1 in 166 children diagnosed with autism and 1 in 6 with neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders, people deserve to hear the truth about this country's disastrous vaccination policy and the iatrogenic epidemic it is causing. (1) One American family in 68 is now impacted by autism.

The implications are staggering. This is mercury, a known neurotoxin and the second most toxic substance on earth after plutonium. Human Cell Strains in Vaccine Development — History of Vaccines. Note: The terms “cell strain” and “cell line” are sometimes used interchangeably. In this article, “cell strain” is used to describe a culture of a single type of cell; “cell line” is used to describe an immortalized culture of a single type of cell – that is, one that replicates infinitely, like the well-known HeLa cell line that was started with cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks.

Animals have been used in the production of human vaccines since vaccine farms were established to harvest cowpox virus from calves in the late 1800s. From that point, and through the first half of the 20th century, most vaccines would continue to be developed with the use of animals, either by growing pathogens in live animals or by using animal cells. Although many vaccines and anti-toxin products were successfully developed this way, using animals in vaccine development – particularly live animals – is not ideal. How Cell Cultures Work Vaccines Developed Using Human Cell Strains Barr Labs.

Plotkin SA. Satan at Work: Aborted Fetuses Used in Food, Beauty Products and Vaccines - Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, ... Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics. Brands. Home - New Death Post-Gardasil Updated VAERS Figures & Report that HPV Vaccines Adverse Reactions are 50% Higher than other Age- Related Recommended Vaccines. Mother of Injured Gardasil Girl Demands Gardasil’s ‘New Medical Conditions’ Be Legitimized as Post-Gardasil Syndrome (PGS) & Post-Cervarix Syndrome (PCS) By Leslie Carol Botha, Vice President of Public RelationsNovember 29, 2011 One would think the world is facing a cervical cancer epidemic with the amount of money being exchanged and laws changed to make sure the potentially dangerous HPV vaccines and the rDNA contaminated Gardasil become front and center in global consumer markets.

One must also be starting to question the hidden agendas behind this world-wide vaccination program. Kind of slick and sly for the global media to announce on the U.S. Thanksgiving Day that Gardasil will make its debut in the UK by September 2012. Updated VAERS Data According to SANE Vax Inc. VAERS ID 437735 shows that on July 6, 2011, an 18 year old girl from Massachusetts died 84 days after receiving two shots of Gardasil: Gardasil Victim’s Mother Demands Naming Gardasil ‘New Medical Conditions’ Source: 1. GlaxoSmithKline News » Topix. WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system. 2015 global summary. Primates in Laboratories | Animals Used for Experimentation.

Every year in the U.S., more than 105,000 primates are imprisoned in laboratories, where they are abused and killed in invasive, painful, and terrifying experiments. While it is well known that nonhuman primates are sensitive, intelligent beings who share many important biological and psychological characteristics with humans, these very attributes, unfortunately, make them prime targets for experimenters, who treat them as if they were disposable pieces of laboratory equipment. How Primates End Up in Laboratories Primates abused in experiments are bred in government or commercial facilities, born in laboratories, or captured in the wild in countries such as China, Cambodia, and the island of Mauritius.

Babies born in laboratories are forcibly torn from their screaming mothers and permanently separated from them—usually within three days of birth. Deprivation In laboratories, these animals have barely enough room to sit, stand, lie down, or turn around. Loneliness, Boredom, and Insanity. Hashtag #humanharvesting sur Twitter. Ebola Has a No -Patent number is CA2741523A1 so Be Alert. By Mike AdamsGlobal Research September 25, 2014Natural NewsThanks to L. FDA issued warning letters to three companies over what they call fraudulent health claims regarding Ebola treatments. The warning letters, viewable here, single out the Natural Solutions Foundation (Rima Laibow) and two essential oil companies “Young Living” and “doTerra” whose distributors, the FDA says, were making claims that their oils could treat or prevent Ebola.

The warning letters threaten all three companies with possible criminal prosecutions if they do not immediately answer the FDA and FTC with explanations of how they plan to halt the making of such claims. As of this writing, the e-commerce website of the Natural Solutions Foundation appears to have already removed any mention of Ebola.

“An FDA agent showed up at my front door on September 23, 2014, to hand deliver [highly unusual!] Fucetola goes on to write: FDA and FTC are simply wrong about the law. Proof Ebola Is A Conspiracy. Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola 'invention?' (NaturalNews) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control owns a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as "EboBun. " It's patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010. You can view it here. (Thanks to Natural News readers who found this and brought it to our attention.) Patent applicants are clearly described on the patent as including: The Government Of The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health & Human Services, Center For Disease Control.

The patent summary says, "The invention provides the isolated human Ebola (hEbola) viruses denoted as Bundibugyo (EboBun) deposited with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC"; Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America) on November 26, 2007 and accorded an accession number 200706291. " It goes on to state, "The present invention is based upon the isolation and identification of a new human Ebola virus species, EboBun. 1) Extracts Ebola viruses from patients. 1.