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Great Barrier Reef Luxury Cruises and Port Douglas Private Boat Charter. Features An important thing to consider when choosing a charter boat, is whether or not our vessel suits your needs. Independence 1 has been custom built to suit our needs and it has been successful for a wide variety of activities, which makes it a perfect choice for you. We take snorkellers and divers out to the reef every day, but we can offer so much more! We have had movie stars charter our boat due to its luxurious and comfortable setting. Underwater videographers, photographers and researchers rave about the large back deck, perfect for storing their equipment and working around technical gear.

We also have a speedboat that enables us to access the shallow reef lagoons, coral cays and remote reefs. Low impact, environmentally aware operations ABC Scuba Diving Port Douglas are committed to the protection and preservation of the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. Our boat ‘Independence 1’ is a luxury cruiser, offering individual dive and snorkel charter boat options.