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All You Need to Know About AWS Kinesis. Amazon Kinesis is an AWS feature which enables gathering, processing and analyzing real-time data and video streams.

All You Need to Know About AWS Kinesis

This helps us in getting timely insights and making decisions effectively. It possesses the key capabilities to process the streaming data very flexibly by making use of the tools that well fulfill the requirements of your application. Amazon Kinesis helps in consuming vast varieties of real-time data such as audio, video, website clickstreams, application logs, etc. It can also process IoT data as well, for analytics, machine learning and other applications, etc. It is very instant when it comes to responding without making you wait until the entire data collection and processing happens. AWS Kinesis Data Streams Amazon Kinesis Data Streams (KDS) is a real-time data streaming service. Durability: It ensures minimal data loss along with synchronous duplication of streaming data across all the Availability Zones in the AWS Region. Conclusion. AWS BEANSTALK: Cloud Computing made Easy.

AWS Beanstalk is a cloud development tool based on the PaaS model, launched by Amazon Web Services.

AWS BEANSTALK: Cloud Computing made Easy

AWS Beanstalk allows you to deploy an application without provisioning its infrastructure, providing high availability. It is easy to use and you can use it for services developed with .NET, Java, Python, Ruby and a lot more. You simply need to upload your code and your AWS Beanstalk will handle the deployment, auto-scaling, load balancing; making it easy for you. Cloud computing could have never been easier without AWS Beanstalk. #1. The complete set of Beanstalk components with a balanced environment, version and configurations comprise the Beanstalk Application.

. #2. Environment refers to the current version deployed onto AWS resources. New for Amazon EFS – IAM Authorization and Access Points. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides enterprises, government, and people with complete cloud-based platforms and environments.

New for Amazon EFS – IAM Authorization and Access Points

It is meant to function reliably and efficiently for the sake of businesses and users. A proper completely secured environment is ensured to highly-sensitive organizations and military services, etc. AWS is quite different and much cost-effective as compared to other cloud platforms, like Google Platform. The Customer Service and end to end the availability of bulk of services makes it very popular among organizations and individuals. The User Interface is interactive and easy to use by the clients and serves as a multi-tasking tool as well.

Amazon Elastic File System or Amazon EFS is a service that acts as cloud storage. Amazon EFS is built dynamically so that it can grow and shrink automatically with the addition and removal of data and files. Identity and Access Management (IAM) How does IAM work? On-Premises to Cloud Computing. Transformation is a part of progress and it is necessary to keep up with the increasing competition in the market.

On-Premises to Cloud Computing

Introducing your business to cloud computing will help you grow, attract more customers and reduce the cost of managing your customer’s software. On-premises software vendors build software in a model one business model which costs a lot on managing and gradually this cost increases every year. With the right cloud partner, you can focus on the core of your application and improve your client’s experience. The on-premises software developers usually operate through a model one business model in which maintenance of your software costs you more than the price of your software.

The on-premises ISVs need to upgrade to stay up in the market, cloud migration has a complex process for which most of the traditional ISVs aren’t prepared for. Migrating to Cloud Reasons to Migrate #1.Lower your IT cost #2.Wide market approach #3.Advanced security #4.Increases customer satisfaction. AWS DataSync Update - Support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Applications of IoT in Energy Industry. The huge network of computing devices connected to the interne exchange information from one to another without any kind of human interaction.

Applications of IoT in Energy Industry

As technology is evolving, we see a huge interconnected network passing on information to one another to communicate. The energy consumption is occurring at a very rapid rate, exhausting the resources in producing it at the same rate, all of this needs a reformation to save energy. Data is the center of IoT and it has all the data to which there was no access earlier, all this data can be used in the revolution of the energy management system.

We are in search of a revolution in energy production where we can reduce the use of fossils and emissions and achieve affordable and sustainable power. IoT in Energy Generation Energy system management The equipment used for energy generation can be monitored through IoT, this will help us keep track of the overall health of the equipment, performance, efficiency and simplify its maintenance. Smart Grids.


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