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SnapMunk is dedicated to providing readers with all things interesting, exciting and entertaining in the world of tech news, startup companies and startup culture. With a broad lens feeding a highly curated stream of content, SnapMunk offers thought-leading perspectives and unique insights into technology current events, new business ideas, cool new technology and exciting investment opportunities. It is our goal with SnapMunk to ensure that those who are interested in technology and startups are not only well-informed but intellectually inspired and thoroughly entertained.

Westworld Episode 7 Recap: Tromp L'Oeil. Electronics Powered By Body Heat: A Smartwatch Is Just A Start. If you’ve been living under a rock, or perhaps a really large iPhone for the last several months, you may not have heard that smartwatches are struggling.

Electronics Powered By Body Heat: A Smartwatch Is Just A Start

Last month the IDC reported that only 2.7 million smartwatches were shipped in the third quarter of 2016—that’s more than a 50% drop from the same time last year. The struggle is real at the very top too; in Q2 of this year, Apple Watch sales dropped almost 57% YOY, and some industry analysts are projecting that by the end of 2016, total Apple Watch shipments will have been cut 15-25%. Not even Dr. Oz could drum up substantial excitement over a smartwatch he endorsed that is designed to save your life; the iBeat barely squeaked out alive from its Indiegogo campaign raising just 102% of its modest $50,000 target from a meager 427 backers.

“Smartwatches are pretty big right now and they’re constantly changing,” says Dr. To some degree, yes. At its core, Matrix industries is not a smartwatch company. The interest is not without merit. 7 Startups Forcing Home Furnishing & Interior Design Into The Future. Where VCs & Angel Investors Think 2017 Investment Money Will Go. Startup Tech News. Low Cost & Best Small Business Startup Ideas // SnapMunk. Small Entrepreneur & Online Home Business ideas // SnapMunk. Caitlyn Knows How to Launch a Brand. Jumpstart Your Startup Venture. Leadership Skills Development. Leadership Assessment Tools. Startup Business Ideas. Grants for Small Business Startup. Growth Management Strategies. Business Growth Consulting. Top 5 Financial Mistakes That Startups Make - SnapMunk. This article seeks to highlight Top 5 financial mistakes startups make as well as tips on how to cope with them.

Top 5 Financial Mistakes That Startups Make - SnapMunk

According to a study by Harvard business school, more than 20% of most businesses fail in the first year of operation with some lasting even shorter. The reasons for failure are numerous including under-capitalization, lack of proper planning, investing in the wrong business venture, having the wrong employees among others. The biggest cause of business failure is managing funds properly. Having the right amount of capital is the first step but even more important is how to manage this money to ensure you have a healthy cash flow until sales start flowing. Underestimating the strength of human capital This reason accounted for the failure of over 30% of startups in US alone according to the study.

How to Manage a Dysfunctional CEO - SnapMunk. More often than not, it is the CEO or Founder who makes the workplace dysfunctional.

How to Manage a Dysfunctional CEO - SnapMunk

Most of us have been there or are headed there. Left to their own devices, such leaders end up making the company or organization equally dysfunctional and dysfunctional companies under-perform. How Startups Can Create the Right Strategy - SnapMunk. Many inexperienced entrepreneurs make the mistake of targeting the marketing too soon before taking the time to learn about how it works.

How Startups Can Create the Right Strategy - SnapMunk

This strategy never pays off because consumers are not receptive to new products/ services that have not been recommended by others. In other words, they resist change. Therefore, if you want to see consistent growth in your startup, your initial launch strategies must be appealing to both investors and the potential customers. So, how does a startup create and maintain the right strategy? After launching your products/services, it’s essential to keep a consistent watch on the growth scale of the business to ensure that your short-term and long-term business goals are achieved. Reviewing the Vision, Mission, and the Objectives to Keep the Business on the Right Track. Leadership Skills Development - SnapMunk. Small Business Startup Grants - Snap Munk - 3D Printing Startups to Discover - SnapMunk. 3D Printing Startups to Discover - 3D Printing Startups to Discover -

What Startup Founders Seek in New Hires - SnapMunk. When being interviewed by startup founders, job applicants should know that the founders are searching for a person who is able to make their business succeed.

What Startup Founders Seek in New Hires - SnapMunk

New companies create millions of jobs every year. Even though they offer numerous job opportunities, not everyone is fit for every new business. All successful startup founders hire people who display certain traits. The following are the 4 essential traits startup founders seek in new hires. 5 Reasons People Hate Your Website.

Even though your online business idea might be great, got tons of initial traction and generated huge traffic, you began noticing a steady decline in traffic over time.

5 Reasons People Hate Your Website

Grants for Small Business Startup - Behance. Small Business Startup Ideas, Grants & Checklists. Preview: SnapMunk Last Build Date: Tue, 26 May 2015 22:06:09 +0000 4 Steps to Successful Fundraising Sat, 23 May 2015 03:02:52 +0000 Raising business capital is no small task.

Small Business Startup Ideas, Grants & Checklists

It is a process that requires thoughtful preparation, especially on the part of the chief executive officer. The post 4 Steps to Successful Fundraising appeared first on SnapMunk. Why A Large Round Might Be A Mistake. 5 Reasons People Hate Your Website - SnapMunk. Business Growth Consulting & Effective Marketing Strategies. Leadership Assessment Tools & Development Skills - Coroflot. Effective Marketing Strategies for Startups Business - Mobypicture. Creating a Culture of Accountability - SnapMunk. Every business needs to instill and cultivate accountability in the workplace.

Creating a Culture of Accountability - SnapMunk

Without it, employees can devalue the business causing the good ones to leave and your loyal customers to look elsewhere. Encouraging staff to be more accountable should therefore be a primary focus for every manager. Teams thrive when everyone is responsible and accountable for their actions. For accountability to become part of the organization’s fabric, it must be fostered, not forced.

How can you do that? 8 Insights for Attracting Angel Investors - SnapMunk. Angels are not your average investors.

8 Insights for Attracting Angel Investors - SnapMunk

Angels are those people who have the capability of financially affording to indulge their love of risk. They are accredited investors, who are defined as those with a net worth of $1 million and above, or an annual salary of $200,000 and above. Typically, an angel usually invests less than $1 million in early-stage companies. They remarkably provide additional value beyond even the funds they provide.