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User Adoption Communication

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ROI of User Adoption Communication

User Adoption Communication Tools. Driving User Adoption of New Systems: Implementing new enterprise software (and appropriate user adoption) is more about people factors and effective change communication than about technology.

User Adoption Communication Tools

Here are some tips for effective employee communication to increase user adoption of new enterprise software: "Difficulties with technology represent just 10% of the user adoption challenge". Tip 1 - Understand Your Audience Organizational culture is a big factor for user adoption This is particularly the case for enterprise collaboration software. Segment your audience Identify WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”) Understand and address structural or process barriers Many employees are judged by the results they deliver. Speak their language IT people do not tend to think like most end users. Identify key influencers Understand the thought leaders within the enterprise, both official and unofficial. Tip 2 - Identify Your Communications Channels Central Screensaver Messaging Consider all channels Helpdesk Channel. Fun with portal adoption. « How to make a lasting memory | Main | Make your intranet govern for you » Fun with portal adoption By swilson | August 15, 2011 While speaking this morning with a client about their portal, the client asked, “don’t you have to do some learning, some education, some training to get people to use the new intranet?”

Fun with portal adoption

Big, fat duh coming in right here. Here’s an organization that has focused its intranet or portal on news and one-way content consumption only. Adoption can be one of the most fun things on which we work. My colleague Melissa Wood designed assignments for users to get them engaged and to teach them new skills. Those who complete the task are entered into a drawing for prizes. At every turn, we look for creative ways to make employees try new things. But you have to make adoption personal too. We like street team members to create short, how-to videos that feature their own computer screens and their face as they teach a simple new technique. Comments. Cats Guide to Internal Comms: IT and Internal Comms teams need to learn to play nicely. Bridging The Communication Divide Between Business and IT Personnel. Business Personnel versus IT Personnel Very often we find business and information technology (IT) personnel at loggerheads.

Bridging The Communication Divide Between Business and IT Personnel

The cause of disputes usually range from business personnel placing seemingly unrealistic demands on the IT function, to IT personnel’s disregard for following due process. Either way, the outcome usually results in friction and diminished cohesion between business and IT personnel. The effects are usually seen in extended delays in project turnaround times, lack of cooperation and commitment between IT and business personnel, and potentially loss of clients and a depreciating bottom line.

Cats Guide to Internal Comms: Use the language they use (especially for IT Communications) The State of Workforce Tech By Forrester. A new study from Forrester this week provides some insights into the current state of office workers.

The State of Workforce Tech By Forrester

Forrester conducted an online survey in May, 2011 of 4,985 US information workers. The results are published in its "The State of Workforce Technology Adoption" and contain information relating to how the modern workforce conducts business and uses various technologies and tools. For example, this chart shows how many different devices we all juggle in the average day. What isn't so surprising is how many of us use four devices. Already 48% of information workers buy whatever smartphone they want and use it for work (see chart), and 545 pay for all or some of the monthly phone bill. Half of the workers surveyed split their time between office and home or a remote location. The paid report can be located on Forrester's website here. The State Of Workforce Technology Adoption: US Benchmark 2011. User Adoption and SharePoint – Tips For Success. User adoption, a new perspective.

September 22, 2011 User adoption starts at the beginning of a project, not at the end.

User adoption, a new perspective

I have been contacted more than once by companies – all large, reasonably well-resourced and with smart intranet teams – who want to talk about user adoption just before launching their new intranets. That rarely works well. I have developed 5 key success criteria for user adoption and most start very early in the process. We reviewed these points with the members of IntraNetWork in Paris at our September work session. Create a “networked governance” with no black holes.Involve users from day onePlay the local management trump cardDeploy operationally, not organizationallyPropose practical, decision-making tools 1.

(By governance, I’m referring to decision-making: scopes, roles and accountability.) All parts of the organization must be somehow connected to at least one of the decision-makers and, more importantly, know how they are connected. 2. 3. 4. 5. Download pdf: Personal E-mails and Confidentiality: What Does Your Company Policy Say? March 7, 2012 by Jerome Coenic-Taylor It seems almost inevitable that employees with Internet access via work-issued computers will use that access for personal reasons at some point during the work day.

Personal E-mails and Confidentiality: What Does Your Company Policy Say?

One of the most common things that employees do is log into their personal e-mail accounts to read and send e-mails. But have you expressly informed your employees through your employee handbook or company’s website about your e-mail policy?