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5 Tips For Strategic Employee Communication. Most of us spend weeks or months pouring over your social media, print and video campaign for the new product your company is pushing.

5 Tips For Strategic Employee Communication

But while spending so much energy focusing on how to communicate a message to your consumer base, what is most neglected is communicating that message to your own employees. Employees need to be on board with your new campaigns, and how you communicate with them will differ from how you communicate with your consumers. Your marketing success hinges not only on getting the message across to your customers, but also on you making the effort to improve communication with your employees. Get HR Involved Don’t let your marketing team work behind closed doors. Choosing the right communication channel. This communication channels guide will help internal communicators and managers, alike, make an informed choice when selecting the right channel to deliver their message and understand their audience.

Choosing the right communication channel

Use this tool to check the advantages and disadvantage of each channel. What is it: Descriptions of different communication channel attributes from consultants Sue Dewhurst and Liam Fitzpatrick. Purpose: Explains each channel’s strengths, weaknesses and considerations. Biker’s Guide to Internal Communication. Now that the weather is improving I got my bike out this weekend; yes I am a fair weather biker.

Biker’s Guide to Internal Communication

My first bike was a Yamaha FS-1E. It was a 50cc bike that you could ride when you were 16 years old. I loved it. How to write an internal communication strategy. How to write an internal communication strategy What does an internal communication strategy look like?

How to write an internal communication strategy

Do you need one? Internal communications 101 #internalcomms | Inside out. Posted on January 15, 2014.

Internal communications 101 #internalcomms | Inside out

Filed under: communications, corporate communications, internal communications, intranet, organisational culture, social intranet | Tags: employee engagement, engagement, internal comms, internal communications, value | In the world of internal communications we seem to spend our time tumbling or lurching from one activity (aka crisis!) To another. We don’t often spend time reflecting on what we’re really contributing, or our purpose inside organisations. This is a shame. The Top  10  Songs  about   When  Employee  Engagement and  Communication  Fails! - The Dialogue Zone. Ivy Lee and the history of internal communication. Ivy Lee and the history of internal communication Of all the people in the history of public relations, the American Ivy Lee probably has the best claim to being the father of the industry.

Ivy Lee and the history of internal communication

Richard Evans (pictured) is Head of Media for Diabetes UK and a biographer of Sir Basil Clarke (1879 – 1947), who is regarded as the UK’s first PR professional. Internal Communication Methods - Strategy and Tactics by SnapComms Ltd. Feedback and Lessons for Internal Communications « INTRASKOPE – INTERNAL COMMUNICATION VIEWPOINT FROM INDIA. Like many of you I have in the last few weeks engaged with a few product and service organizations to address issues of service lapses and product defects.

Feedback and Lessons for Internal Communications « INTRASKOPE – INTERNAL COMMUNICATION VIEWPOINT FROM INDIA

A couple of experiences turned out to be very positive while others made me wonder about the state of ownership and commitment from such organizations. In the process I realized that there is a lot to learn and apply to internal communications based on how we give feedback, how we react to feedback and by understanding human behavior better. With the external market orientation mirroring internally it is as important for organizations to treat staff as ‘internal’ customers to be able to provide consistent standards of service. CEB Communications Blog » How To Reach Non-Wired Employees – And No, It’s Not The Bulletin Board. You’ve had a series of work-related accidents in the workplace, and you want to emphasize to your steelworkers that they should be wearing their hard hats.

CEB Communications Blog » How To Reach Non-Wired Employees – And No, It’s Not The Bulletin Board

Obviously, you can’t send them an e-mail or run a social media campaign – these guys are non-wired. Employee Communication Is Key | Point Blank | Direct Capital. Never, ever stop communicating.

Employee Communication Is Key | Point Blank | Direct Capital

We’ve stressed the need to communicate well with your customers, but what about your employees? I once worked at a company where the only time we saw the chief executive was when he was delivering bad news. Working in harmony – effective employee communication and your marketing. Comment, insight and ideas on communicating with employees effectively around all aspects of their relationship with the business to drive performance and maximise return on human capital.

Working in harmony – effective employee communication and your marketing

This blog focuses on engaging employees emotionally not just presenting them with transactional information. Chris Hopkins is Managing Consultant at award-winning employee communication consultancy Caburn Hope - www.caburnhope.co.uk . Employees Improving Bosses. Employees Improving Bosses A recent employee survey shows that, while their bosses are ethical and professional, they could stand to communicate better in times of crisis, resolve workplace conflicts and be open about their own weaknesses. By Katie Kuehner-Hebert. Study: Employees Want Employers to Talk Politics - Gregory S. Casey.

By Gregory S. Casey | 8:00 AM November 2, 2012 Employers are increasingly talking about politics with their employees. Software > How Enterprise Social Networking aids employee collaboration. With the surging popularity across the globe for social networking, there is a continuous need to imbibe the ease and networking capabilities of social networks, internally within the organization. Thus, building a social network for the employees is the next step towards building stronger employee relations, professionally, and to an extent personally. The idea is to bring real-time communication inside the enterprise; to have a platform that brings together employees of the company inside a private and secure enterprise social network to connect, share and collaborate.

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) is one of the best ways for enterprises to know what’s happening where, how, when and by whom. Ongoing projects, documents, presentations, tasks are shared regularly. Value of Employee Communication Sessions. By Jay Delahousay, Demand Media Source: Despite the many ways to pass information in the workplace — email, social media, phone, text or via the company intranet — inadequate communication between managers and employees exists. Employees need guidance from their supervisors, and management needs input from the entire team in order for the company to succeed.

To help foster an open and honest culture, many companies host communication sessions that can provide measurable benefits to all employees. Definition. 5 reasons to communicate directly with employees | Small Biz Advisor. Busy business owners may look to you to communicate directly to employees about the benefits and retirement offerings. While it can seem like extra work or pressure, it can be worth it. Check out these five reasons to learn why: Advisors are seen as experienced, knowledgeable and impartial professionals who can answer employee questions about benefits and retirement issues without their boss having to know details or information.

This creates an arms-length relationship from the company, which can make employees more comfortable.Nick Acocella of Acocella Advisory and Wealth Management Services Inc, in Toronto, says advisors can explain how benefits plans work in detail including limitations, which a boss or manager may not be able to do. This will avoid misunderstandings and frustrated employees who get claims rejected.Advisors can do the same with retirement plans and—if it's okay with the owners—offer additional financial advice to help employees plan for their futures.

5 Internal Communication Activities Your Boss Will Support. Internal Communications - Free PR Advice and Tips Checklist.

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