Bran's Kernel Development Tutorial on Bona Fide OS Developer
4.-The GDT and IDT The GDT and the IDT are descriptor tables. They are arrays of flags and bit values describing the operation of either the segmentation system (in the case of the GDT), or the interrupt vector table (IDT). They are, unfortunately, a little theory-heavy, but bear with it because it'll be over soon! 4.-The GDT and IDT

Object moved Object moved Every time the CPU accesses virtual memory, a virtual address must be translated to the corresponding physical address. Conceptually, this translation requires a page-table walk, and with a three-level page table, three memory accesses would be required. In other words, every virtual access would result in four physical memory accesses.

News - Kiwi A number of major changes to the Kiwi build system have been made recently, resulting in some changes to the builing instructions. These instructions are being updated, but in brief, the changes are: You may now use versions of SCons later than 1.2.0, if you wishYou no longer require libnewt, snack, SLang or associated packages as the old newt based menu system has been removedYou now require ncurses and associated development libraries to build the new lxdialog based menu system Please ensure that your build configuration is correct after updating your source code copy with the new menu system. News - Kiwi
C++ Extensions - Using the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
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