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SmuGG BuGG is a website that is dedicated for the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro. SmuGG BuGG started after a lot of hiccups. After trying to write on many other different niches, I thought it would be great to start with Photoshop tutorials. Visit:

How To Get Slim? - SmuGG BuGG.  10 Best Places In India To Visit During Christmas And New Year - SmuGG BuGG. India is a home to beautiful and fun places in the world.

 10 Best Places In India To Visit During Christmas And New Year - SmuGG BuGG

The best time to travel in India is during Christmas and new year. The short holidays makes you enjoy this period the most. Many places are decorated and booked for all night parties during Christmas and new year week. Here are 10 places to visit in India during Christmas and new year. Goa During Christmas week Goa becomes all the more fun destination to go to. Mumbai This city never sleeps, and during the Christmas and new year week, you will find it even more beautifully decorated and booked with various uptown parties.

Gulmarg Those who are always in the mood of enjoying the scenic view and the climate during new years can visit Gulmarg. Pondicherry Pondicherry is again another desired destination to hang out with friends or family during the new year. Kochi Kochi is again another city with lots of parties organised and with an advantage of the natural fantastic beach scenes. Vishakhapatnam Delhi Bangalore Manali Hyderabad. 10 Ways To Seduce Your Partner Without Saying A Word - SmuGG BuGG. What happened to romance?

10 Ways To Seduce Your Partner Without Saying A Word - SmuGG BuGG

Sappy soppy long-handed love letters. Don’t we all wish the old-hand-on the arm or a brush of the hand on his thighs were enough to hint how much you are into them? At the beginning of any relationship the minuscule gesture made your partner go putty in your hands- your pulse would rise, and iris would dilute. Then life happened. Connection prevails, but the electricity is lost. Aries Compatibility With Various Other Signs - SmuGG BuGG. Aries are born in between March 21 to April 19.

Aries Compatibility With Various Other Signs - SmuGG BuGG

There are some other zodiac signs which are compatible with Aries and some are not. Aries are mostly compatible with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. With these four signs, Aries will have a good bond. The least compatible signs with Aries are Cancer and Capricorn. Comparing all these zodiac signs with Aries will give a better idea about the Aries compatibility. Cancer Compatibility With Various Other Signs - SmuGG BuGG. Cancer is born in between June 22 and July 22.

Cancer Compatibility With Various Other Signs - SmuGG BuGG

They are one of the most challenging and sentimental zodiac signs. Cancer is most compatible to Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. The least compatible signs with cancer are Aries and Libra. There are many cancer characteristics and cancer personality traits. There are times when cancer is compatible with some signs because of the Cancer traits. How to Convert Your Black Money to White - SmuGG BuGG. With this sudden change in the economy as well as this drastic change in our currency system, our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a powerful move to reduce the levels of black money present in and across Indian governance system.

How to Convert Your Black Money to White - SmuGG BuGG

While major investment advisors appreciated this move and are agreeing to the fact that this would lead to elimination of black money, most of the people agree that the rich bureaucrats, as well as people with tons of undeclared money, would find the loopholes in the system to launder their money in the 50 day window provided by the government. On our quest to reveal how successful is this campaign, we present to you ten loopholes through which people can try and bring their black money back into the system.

This is by far one of the most common ways of converting your black money to white. People can invest largely in numerous real estate projects and can buy properties which would later generate revenue for them. 10 Stretch Marks Removal Remedies - SmuGG BuGG. Stretch marks are those visible lines on the surface of the skin, with an off-colour shade.

10 Stretch Marks Removal Remedies - SmuGG BuGG

Mostly stretch marks are found on the abdominal wall; however, they can also occur on upper arms, things, breasts and buttocks. Sometimes stretch marks cover a large area of the skin surface. While the main cause of stretch marks is pregnancy, other reasons contribute to their occurrences as well such as rapid growth, sudden weight loss or weight gain, change in physical condition, heredity factor, and stress. Our skin has three main layers: Epidermis (the outer layer), Dermis (the middle layer), and Subcutaneous or Hypodermic (the deepest layer). Stretch marks occur in the dermis or the middle layer of the skin when the connective tissue is expanded further than its power of flexibility due to rapid expansion or contraction of the skin.

Stretch marks can make one feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about their body. 1. A simple stretch marks removal remedy is to use lemon juice. How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week - SmuGG BuGG. You must be wondering about how to lose 10 pounds in a week?

How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week - SmuGG BuGG

If you want to lose 10 pounds in a week, then you will have to burn calories between 3,500 and 5,000. You know losing 10 pounds in one week is a lot to ask for, but if you restrict your diet plan and take care of your diet, then it can be done. This goal is both challenging and risky, but if you still want it, you can do it. Here are some diet plans and ways to lose 10 pounds in one week.

How To Get Skinny? - SmuGG BuGG. Do you want to become skinny?

How To Get Skinny? - SmuGG BuGG

Losing weight is great but if you want to become skinny then have a clear picture in your mind about how skinny you want to get. You will have to dump a lot of foods if you want to have a thin body. Losing weight can be a little tricky. Here are some ways on how to get skinny? Drink water. 10 Things You Should Never Insert In Your Vagina - SmuGG BuGG.

Your vagina is a delicate thing, and it is crucial to take care of it.

10 Things You Should Never Insert In Your Vagina - SmuGG BuGG

If we don’t take good care of it, then we put ourselves at risk of many uncomfortable and itchy infections. You must have heard some horror stories about some girl inserting random objects inside their vagina and ending up in the hospital. Inserting any random object can cause severe damage to this sensitive part of your body. So here is a list of things you should NEVER insert in your vagina. Fruits and vegetables. 10 Home Remedies For Cramps Before Period - SmuGG BuGG. Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life.

10 Home Remedies For Cramps Before Period - SmuGG BuGG

Sometimes these menstrual cramps become very painful and annoying for many women. These menstruation cramps can disturb your regular activities due to the pain. Cramping can cause a dull pain in the lower abdomen or, the lower back. It generally happens after the first two days of the period. Women suffer from menstrual cramps due to heavy bleeding during periods, smoking, alcohol and genetics. 10 Masturbation Side Effects - SmuGG BuGG. Masturbation is practised by many people all over the world. It has started to corrupt life of most of the youngsters. There are a lot of masturbation side effects which can cause physical issues for a long term. Here are 10 masturbation side effects which are caused due to chronic masturbation habits. 10 Hot Ways To Masturbate For Women - SmuGG BuGG. Women masturbation is not openly talked about, but there are many techniques which women use to masturbate.

Female masturbating is all about having an orgasm alone. There are many masturbating techniques used by the women who want to have fun. Woman masturbation is not talked about openly because sometimes it becomes very uncomfortable and embarrassing for the women. Only 60% women in the world admit that they masturbate and talk freely about it. Masturbation is also a good way to explore how and where you like to be touched and makes you enjoy the sex. 10 Amazing Male Masturbating Techniques You Would Enjoy The Most - SmuGG BuGG. A guy needs some time to reconnect and wants to give himself some satisfaction without having to please someone. Man masturbate to provide themselves with the satisfaction without having to seduce someone. Most people learn to masturbate quickly during their adolescents. Boys masturbation has always been a cause of worry for their parents, but during their teenage years they love masturbating and try doing it secretly.

Some men masturbate because they are single and want some pleasure and the others masturbate for having a good time. 10 Steps That Will Help You In Increasing Your Sense Of Mental Well-Being - SmuGG BuGG. Feeling happy, content and confident are all a part of mental well-being. Mental well-being does not mean that you will never have to face a difficult situation, but it means that you will always be confident and strong enough to face every situation. Having a good and balanced mental wellbeing is important. No one can give a mental well-being to you, It’s you who has to work on it. 10 ways to decorate your home beautifully this Diwali - SmuGG BuGG.

As we all know, Diwali is the festival of lights. It is a festival which Hindus celebrate joyfully. On Diwali, people light up their houses and shops. Have you ever wondered what the word Deepavali means? You must be knowing it, right? Deep = Diya and avali = rows which mean diyas in a row. How To Activate Macros In Excel - SmuGG BuGG. What Happen To Celebrity Costumes After Movie - SmuGG BuGG. Have you ever wondered what happens to the outfits which are worn by the actors in a movie?

They wear such beautiful costumes with heavy work and different outfits in each movie. What happens to these celebrity costumes after the film ends? Habits That Leading To Lower Sperm Count - SmuGG BuGG. It is not a surprise that new or let’s say modern day habits have had a serious effect on our health. Daily sitting job, followed by almost a lazy routine with little or no exercise has a serious impact on our health.

However being in this lifestyle for long apart from harming your skeleton system has some serious threats posed to the reproductive system. 10 Ways That Could Work As A Snoring Aid - SmuGG BuGG. Often snoring is shown in a funny way, but in actual, it is very embarrassing, especially when it is regular. It results in poor sleep for the person who is snoring and whoever is sleeping next to him/her. 10 Effective Ways To Treat Split Ends - SmuGG BuGG. Girls who use curling irons,straighteners or hair products, struggle the most with this never ending battle of split ends. It doesn’t matter how you get split ends; they just refuse to go away.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff - SmuGG BuGG. If you are suffering from dandruff, there could be two main reasons behind it. First, it may be because of dry scalp or second; it may be the result of a skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. Eczema, Malassezia, or psoriasis are other reasons behind the cause of dandruff. Over the counter, remedies may come with zinc pyrithione. 10 Ways To Improve Your Analytical Skills - SmuGG BuGG. Analytical skills are something that you would require all through your life. This is something that is tested in numerous competitive examinations; this is something that would actually help you in moving forward in life. But what exactly are these skills? 15 Famous successmaker who turned their failures into success. Before attaining success in their career, some of the famous people experienced epic failures. However, these people treated failures as pillars of strength and rose to the heights which are practically impossible for anyone else to attain and became the successmaker that the world talks about So below is the list of 15 such people who encountered epic failures before finally kissing the flag of success.

Daily Routine Of These 10 Million Dollar Company Founder - SmuGG BuGG. There is a very common phrase that “Early Bird Gets the Worm”. Top 10 Positive Gemini Traits - SmuGG BuGG. Gemini is the third zodiac sign in the zodiac chart. People who are born between the month 21st May-20th June falls under this sign. 10 Pisces Traits That Makes Them A Creative Personality - SmuGG BuGG. People who are born between the months of February – March 20 fall under the Pisces zodiac signs. Pisces traits include being spiritual, selfless, liberal, compassionate, and kind. 10 Capricorn Traits That Makes Them An Ambitious Personality - SmuGG BuGG. The Benefits of CoconuT Oil - SmuGG BuGG. Tips to Stay Healthy - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Taurus Traits That Makes Them A Practical Personality - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Sagittarius Traits which make them a Dynamic Personality - SmuGG BuGG.

10 Cancer Traits That Makes Them A Loving Personality - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Positive Virgo Traits That Makes Them A Reliable Personality - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Scorpio Traits That Makes Them A Practical Personality - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Exotic Destinations You Can Go Without Visa - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Best Way To Quit Smoking - SmuGG BuGG. Top 10 Tips to help Children Develop Healthy Habits - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Things in Girls that Attract Boys Towards Them - SmuGG BuGG. Smoothie For Weight Loss - SmuGG BuGG. Healthonomics - SmuGG BuGG. Health Drink: Strawberry Watermelon Mint Infused Water - SmuGG BuGG.

10 Best Food that Burn Fat - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Hobbies that will Make you Smart - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Strategies to Avoid People You Do Not Like - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Profession Women Adore In Their Men - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Surprising Human Body Fact That You Might Not Know - SmuGG BuGG. A Trip to Antarctica - SmuGG BuGG. How To Apologize To A Girl - SmuGG BuGG. Introduction- 10 Simple Muscle Building Tips - SmuGG BuGG. How to Schedule Twitter Tweets - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Mouth-watering North Indian Dishes - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Chor Bazaars From All Over The World To Buy Expensive Things At Cheap Prices - SmuGG BuGG.

5 Tastiest Bengali Sweets - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Things you will learn from traveling - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Tips To Grow Your Business Using Social Media - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Tips To Make Your First Date A Success - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Forbidden Places that Government Doesn’t Want You to Know - SmuGG BuGG. How to Submit Website in Yandex Webmaster Tools? - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Hollywood Stars Who Died Young - SmuGG BuGG. Lesson 1 – Outline to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques - SmuGG BuGG. Lesson 2 – Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank - SmuGG BuGG. How To Set The Preference For Your Photoshop - SmuGG BuGG.

How to Increase the Page rank of a Website - SmuGG BuGG. Compress All the Images of Your WordPress Website - SmuGG BuGG. How to Open External Links in New Window for WordPress - SmuGG BuGG. Benefits of Social Marketing for a Website - SmuGG BuGG. Tips To Make Money From AdWords - SmuGG BuGG. Check the Quality of Twitter Followers - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Tips to Avoid while Starting an Online Business - SmuGG BuGG. Health. 20 Coolest Things to Do in Goa - SmuGG BuGG. 7 Secrets Various Hotels May Keep from You - SmuGG BuGG. Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in India - SmuGG BuGG. Best Destination Hotels & Resorts in the USA - SmuGG BuGG.

How to submit Your Website on Baidu Webmaster tools - SmuGG BuGG. Girly Things That Guys Will NEVER Understand. Top 10 Low Cost Start Up Business Ideas. How to Be More Creative - Best tips to make yourself. 10 Tips to be more productive while you work from home - SmuGG BuGG. How to Fix Helvetica Neue Font Issue in Chrome - SmuGG BuGG. 5 Simple Techniques to Reduce PSD Size - SmuGG BuGG. Learn to Extract in Photoshop - SmuGG BuGG. How To Add Photoshop Fonts. How To Resize Images in Photoshop. 10 Disgusting Facts about Fast Food will make you sick. 10 Tips to Achieve Growth In Your Job - SmuGG BuGG. Why Bloodhound Smells - SmuGG BuGG. Tiny Indonesian Dragon - SmuGG BuGG. Top 10 Destinations of the World you must visit in 2016 - SmuGG BuGG. Nude Parties in India are Thrown Secretly in these 5 places - SmuGG BuGG. Top 5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations outside India - SmuGG BuGG. 10 Things to Do in Paris, France - SmuGG BuGG.

Essential Nutrients for Women - SmuGG BuGG. Shocking Facts about Fast Food - SmuGG BuGG. Do's and Don'ts to Keep in Mind While Donating Blood - SmuGG BuGG. A Trip to Lakshadweep Islands - SmuGG BuGG. A Trip to Jammu & Kashmir - The Heaven on Earth - SmuGG BuGG. 5 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Actually Change Your Life - SmuGG BuGG. 10 signs that show that your boyfriend is over-possessive - SmuGG BuGG.