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Smtp Cloud Servers is a leading provider of Cloud SMTP Servers to small-businesses, professionals and individuals.

Traditional Hosting on imgfave. What is VPS hosting & how it works. 4 Popular Types of Web Hosting Services. Cloud Hosting VS VPS Hosting. Shared IP address or a dedicate IP address, which one to choose. An IP or internet protocol address is entirely different from the domain name of the site or the URL of the website.

Shared IP address or a dedicate IP address, which one to choose

IP address in particular is a sequence of numeric digits that is assigned to almost every internet accessing device. The domain name of the site serves as the address of the website on the internet where as internet provider address is a unique set of identifying label that allows internet to find your website and the device which you are using to access the website. Meaning of shared IP and dedicated IP IP address is basically of two types, one is shared IP address and other is dedicated IP address. A shared hosting of ID address for your domain name is one where various websites are hosted on a single IP address. Things To Check Out After Paying For A Dedicated Server. RELIABLE CLOUD SMTP HOSTING. 5 tips on how to secure your mail server.