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Talk-yapc-asia-2015/ at master · bradfitz/talk-yapc-asia-2015. The Raspberry PI for Embedded Linux Development. Introduction I have developed a full series of videos on the Beaglebone – an Embedded Linux device that is perfect for getting started and great for embedded Linux development.

The Raspberry PI for Embedded Linux Development

An alternative to the Beaglebone is the Raspberry PI – it is a great platform that is low cost and relatively powerful – however, it has one major advantage over the Beaglebone and that is in playing MPG4 and MPG2 video files as it has built in hardware decoders for these video formats. As a result my work with the Raspberry PI on this site, mainly discusses the use of the Raspberry PI for multimedia type applications. The first use of the Raspberry PI here is in deploying XBMC on the Raspberry PI using the OpenElec Linux Distribution. Building OpenElec for the Raspberry PI In this video series I am going to explain how you can build a XBMC ( Media Player for a home television using the OpenELEC Linux distribution and deploy this on the Raspberry PI platform. 1. 2.

Build Tomorrow's Language Technologies. Create and share visual ideas online. Study Algorithms. ITERATIVE VERSION The iterative version can be done in this way:- Input: num Initialize rev_num = 0 Loop while num > 0 Multiply rev_num by 10 and add remainder of num divide by 10 to rev_num rev_num = rev_num*10 + num%10; Divide num by 10 Return rev_num Here is an implementation of the same.

Study Algorithms

RECURSIVE WAY We will discuss how to calculate the result when a number ‘x’ is raised to the power ‘y’. Originally C provides a standard function that allows us to directly use the power function. It can be used in the following manner. Now suppose that we need to write a custom function by ourselves. Riak for Big Data Application Products. Improving Facebook's performance on Android with FlatBuffers. On Facebook, people can keep up with their family and friends through reading status updates and viewing photos.

Improving Facebook's performance on Android with FlatBuffers

In our backend, we store all the data that makes up the social graph of these connections. On mobile clients, we can't download the entire graph, so we download a node and some of its connections as a local tree structure. The image below illustrates how this works for a story with picture attachments. In this example, John creates the story, and then his friends like it and comment on it. On the left-hand side of the image is the social graph, to describe relations in the Facebook backend. One of the key issues we address is how to represent and store the data in the app. Parsing speed. Unix Toolbox. Hardware | Statistics | Users | Limits | Runlevels | root password | Compile kernel | Repair grub | Misc Running kernel and system information # uname -a # Get the kernel version (and BSD version) # lsb_release -a # Full release info of any LSB distribution # cat /etc/SuSE-release # Get SuSE version # cat /etc/debian_version # Get Debian version. List of freely available Programming Books.

Send Anywhere. Cross-platform JS Charting Solutions. Master Password — Secure your life, forget your passwords. Klook - Explore & Book Things To Do. Mapstr, Never Forget Places Again. User Manual - UO Smart Beam Laser Projector. Tutorial. From StackMob to BaasBox – users In the last few days we were asked a lot of questions about if and how it is possible to transfer data to BaasBox from StackMob, who announced they were going to suspend their service from May 11th, 2014.


The first thing to do is trying to pinpoint the functional and architectural differences between the systems, in order to make the following explanations easier to understand … From StackMob to BaasBox – data In the previous post (From StackMob to BaasBox – users) you learned how to import app users from Stackmob to BaasBox. In this post you will learn how you can similarly import data. As in the previous post, the first thing to do is export data from Stackmob. In order to access such feature you need to … Basic line. A web whiteboard. System Administration Screencasts. 19 Minutes With Ansible (1/4) In this episode series, we will be looking at Ansible, which is an easy to use configuration management and orchestration tool.

System Administration Screencasts

My goal for this series, is to show you what Ansible is, how it works, and the steps to get going on your own. Watchdog — watchdog 0.8.2 documentation. Python API library and shell utilities to monitor file system events.

Watchdog — watchdog 0.8.2 documentation

Directory monitoring made easy with A cross-platform API.A shell tool to run commands in response to directory changes. Get started quickly with a simple example in Quickstart. Easy installation You can use pip to install watchdog quickly and easily: Java NAOqi SDK — Aldebaran documentation. Creating a new service Where HelloService implementation looks like this: import com.aldebaran.qimessaging.*; public class HelloService extends QimessagingService{ public String greet(String name) { return "Hello, " + name; } } In order for the service to run, you should first run a master, and then connect your Java service to it: $ /path/to/cpp/sdk/bin/qi-master $ java App You can then call the advertised methods of the hello service as you would do for any other NAOqi service, or using qicli.

Java NAOqi SDK — Aldebaran documentation

Thank you – Linagora/hublin. GNU's advanced distro and transactional package manager — GuixSD. GuixSD comes with thousands of packages which include applications, system tools, documentation, fonts, and other digital goods readily available for installing with the GNU Guix package manager.

GNU's advanced distro and transactional package manager — GuixSD

Graphical log-in screen. Control your computer with the GNOME desktop environment. The Xfce desktop environment with GNU Emacs and IceCat. Differential Equations Explained. CosPLAY You're probably used to equations like (t−.5)(t−1)=0, where 'solving' means finding an unknown number.

Differential Equations Explained

A differential equation (DE), by contrast, is a fact about the derivative of an unknown function, and 'solving' one means finding a function that fits. To visualize derivatives, we can draw a right triangle whose hypoteneuse is tangent to a function. If the triangle's width is 1, then its height is the derivative. With that one weird trick, the plots to the right show how the derivative of sin(t) is cos(t). That's a pretty basic DE, though. Unit I: First Order Differential Equations. Percy. What is continuous visual integration?


Simply what we use to describe the practice of continuous feedback for every visual change that any developer makes. Thoughts, The forward thinking tool for iPad and iPhone. Community-curated collection of free books for the intellectually curious. The 25 Best Data Visualization Tools for Interactive Charts and Graphs. How are you visualizing data in JavaScript charts? What is your favorite library for creating charts and graphs with JavaScript? Google Charts Google Charts is a JavaScript library for creating charts easily. The chart galley provides a large number of well-designed chart types, including line, bar, pie, and radar charts, as well as Venn diagrams, scatter plots, sparklines, maps, google-o-meters, and QR codes are supported. It’s powerful, free and simple to use. Confluent. Smjavalangdev (Suvankar Mazumder) Gmbh. The Pound program is a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web server(s).

Pound was developed to enable distributing the load among several Web-servers and to allow for a convenient SSL wrapper for those Web servers that do not offer it natively. Pound is distributed under the GPL - no warranty, it's free to use, copy and give away. Pound is a very small program, easily audited for security problems. It can run as setuid/setgid and/or in a chroot jail. Pound does not access the hard-disk at all (except for reading the certificate file on start, if required) and should thus pose no security threat to any machine.

Mailpile/Mailpile. Communitycube: Let’s Build a Fair Internet. by Jonay Sanz. Scaling Secret: Real-time Chat. Architecture When we talked about implementing chat, we usually talked about three options: Use a 3rd-party chat service (e.g., Layer)Use a 3rd-party websocket implementation (e.g., Pusher)Roll our own websocket-based protocol backed by our servers running on AWS or GCE (we were almost entirely hosted in App Engine at the time) Chat needs to be fast and it’s not good enough to do polling (kill your servers with requests and your users with slowness), so we needed persistent connections (e.g., websocket). We quickly discarded #1 as an option (Layer), because we wanted to control our own user data and we wanted full control over the stack and the experience (admittedly, we didn’t dive much into Layer’s entire offering, but we felt that rolling our own would the be the fastest path).

While some felt #3 was the best option, I believed #2 might actually work out best. The architecture was simple. In this image, there are two users (A and B) present in the same chat room. Code and Model. How To Install and Use PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.04. Introduction Relational database management systems are a key component of many web sites and applications. They provide a structured way to store, organize, and access information. PostgreSQL, or Postgres, is a relational database management system that provides an implementation of the SQL querying language. OpsDash by RapidLoop - Server Monitoring Done Right. ReMARKable on Product Hunt. Deekit — Deekit. Online whiteboard for remote teams. Mirage/irmin. Distributed systems for fun and profit. I wanted a text that would bring together the ideas behind many of the more recent distributed systems - systems such as Amazon's Dynamo, Google's BigTable and MapReduce, Apache's Hadoop and so on.

In this text I've tried to provide a more accessible introduction to distributed systems. To me, that means two things: introducing the key concepts that you will need in order to have a good time reading more serious texts, and providing a narrative that covers things in enough detail that you get a gist of what's going on without getting stuck on details. It's 2013, you've got the Internet, and you can selectively read more about the topics you find most interesting.

In my view, much of distributed programming is about dealing with the implications of two consequences of distribution: that information travels at the speed of lightthat independent things fail independently* Print web pages, create PDFs. Introduction. Distributed systems. Distributed systems. Highload. Highload. Highload. Distributed systems theory for the distributed systems engineer.

Gwen Shapira, SA superstar and now full-time engineer at Cloudera, asked a question on Twitter that got me thinking. My response of old might have been “well, here’s the FLP paper, and here’s the Paxos paper, and here’s the Byzantine generals paper…”, and I’d have prescribed a laundry list of primary source material which would have taken at least six months to get through if you rushed. Docker. Docker. Welcome to the dotCloud Sandbox — Sandbox 0.0.1 documentation. Sandstorm-io/sandstorm. Etherpad.

Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts. Programming Languages - Hyperpolyglot. Fall 2014 / Final projects. Caskdata/tigon. Getting Started - Apache Brooklyn (incubating) This guide will walk you through deploying an application to a public cloud. Clocker - Creating a Docker Cloud with Apache Brooklyn - Cloudsoft. Squiidz/bone · GitHub. Open-Source Software for Libraries - The Creative Librarian. Help:Manual Quickstart. Table of Contents. Agonzalezro/configura · GitHub. Ajenti Webserver Control Panel. Install. Resources. Linux Containers: Parallels, LXC, OpenVZ, Docker and More. The State of Containers. Complex and Dynamic Docker Builds Made Simple. Configuration management for the future. American fuzzy lop. OCamlEditor.

Voyager. Creack (Guillaume J. Charmes) · GitHub. Iand/gocookbook · GitHub. Going Go Programming. Docco. Bup - towards the perfect backup - wrouesnel_blog. Colossus. Aeron: Do we really need another messaging system? Kevinburke/hamms · GitHub. Container Solutions6 Dockerfile Tips from the Official Images - Container Solutions. Binux/pyspider · GitHub. Blockspring. Framework for building beautiful real-time dashboards. Markdown - Go Walker. Tour.golang exercise solutions. Go by Example. Multi-Model Database — FoundationDB. Derekparker/delve · GitHub. Slightlyoff/ServiceWorker · GitHub. Homepage - beego: simple & powerful Go app framework.

Goinggo (William Kennedy) · GitHub. Homepage - beego: simple & powerful Go app framework. Klange/toaruos · GitHub. Andybons (Andrew Bonventre) · GitHub. Java-WebSocket by TooTallNate. Zodiac/isicp · GitHub. Fabric8 Documentation. North.