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Urbanspoon on Instagram: “That's how you make an iceball cocktail! With @cocktailchemistry.” Food & Forest Restaurant by YOD Design Lab. Ukraine-based YOD Design Lab have recently completed a restaurant named Food & Forest.

Food & Forest Restaurant by YOD Design Lab

Design: YOD Design Lab Photography by Andrey Avdeenko. 2662. Кафе для журналистов. Гражданская журналистика становится настолько популярной, что традиционные СМИ уже не могут не только не замечать, но и соревноваться с народными журналистами, которые как правило, прибывают на место события, еще до того, как оно происходит.

2662. Кафе для журналистов

С развитием интернета в этом жанре стали пробовать себя все, кто тайно или явно мечтал о карьере писателя, фотографа, репортера или просто о славе. В сети развелось масса «народных» порталов, на которых разрешаются любые публикации с места событий, фотографии, дополнения и комментарии к статье. Уважающим себя изданиям приходится с этим считаться и даже идти на сотрудничество с гражданскими журналистами. Канадское издание The Winnipeg Free Press нашло свой оригинальный способ взаимодействия с местными народными журналистами. Газета открыла кафе для журналистов в самом центре города. Еще одна цель такого кафе для журналистов для издания - это привлечение новой читательской аудитории. . © – портал бизнес идей. ПрИколись. Multisensory Dining at Paul Pairet's Ultraviolet - Entertainment Designer. Posted by Staff on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012 Chef Paul Pairet has been delighting taste buds for years, but now he is tackling all the senses.

Multisensory Dining at Paul Pairet's Ultraviolet - Entertainment Designer

His newest restaurant, Ultraviolet, is a unique dining experience that engages not just the sense of taste, but also sight, sound, touch, and smell. For this Shanghai-based project, Pairet collaborated with a team of experts to design additional sensory experiences based on his menu. The result is a 20-course adventure in what Pairet refers to as “psycho taste.” Pairet is not the first chef to experiment with multisensory experiences around the dining table, but other attempts have usually been one-off events.

The experience begins before you even get to Ultraviolet. According to the restaurant’s website, the meal “unfolds as play.” For the audio portion of the meal, a surround sound system pumps out intriguing soundscapes to help you sink deeper into the experience. All images: Scott Wright. Restaurant Modeled After the A380 Airbus Opens in China - Entertainment Designer. Posted by Staff on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 Even though airplane food has a reputation as some of the most unpalatable fare out there, this doesn’t stop people from getting excited about airplane-themed restaurants.

Restaurant Modeled After the A380 Airbus Opens in China - Entertainment Designer

We’ve already seen restaurants and bars built inside of actual airplanes (the DC-6 Diner and El Avion Bar), but the latest aviation-themed restaurant to pop up is a little different than these. In Chongqing, China, hungry guests are now lining up to grab a seat in Special Class, a fine-dining restaurant modeled after the Airbus A380. Since 2007, the A380 has been the largest passenger airliner available and has become popular among the jet-setting crowd for its spaciousness and swanky styling.

Aboard an Emirates A380, guests will find luxurious amenities such as a full-size bar at which they can totally forget the fact that they are on an airplane. Special Class is in fact the second restaurant based on the airliner. All Images: Dinner In The Sky Las Vegas. 12 Restaurants With Mouthwatering Decor. For serious restaurateurs, serving delicious food is only half the battle.

12 Restaurants With Mouthwatering Decor

The other half is offering a dining space, which combines aesthetics and functionality and which elevates the experience of eating to the level of an enchanted ritual. The Restaurant and Bar Design Awards is, famously, the world’s only event dedicated to hospitality design. It honors the architects and designers who create the world’s most jaw-dropping dining spaces. Now, Restaurant and Bar Design, out from Taschen in May, features 100 highlights put forward to the awards panel from the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. From an igloo-inspired noodle palace at the base of Mount Fuji to a pop-up café brightly painted with the tweets of a famous poet, you may just be too wowed to eat. Takeshi Hosaka Architects, Hoto Fudo, Yamanashi-ken, Japan Morag Myerscough, The Movement Café, London Morag Myerscough painted the cryptic tweets of poet Lemm Sissay onto the façade of this hip pop-up café.

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