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□Дорожные войны□ on Instagram: “Лайк, если хочешь такие же дороги в России □ ________________________ Мы делаем лучший шок-контент про автомобили, ставь лайк и…” Design Milk on Instagram: “At this year's #salonedelmobile, @cosstores and @studio_swine brought people together with their collaborative installation New Spring, a…” Видео on Instagram: “Нужное изобретение? □” Видео on Instagram: “Вот так подают кофе в одном из кафе”


StreetArtGlobe on Instagram: “An inverted aquarium... very cool. Via @ARTFIDO.” Wall. Illustrator - on Instagram: “#приветполуношники Хочу с вами кое-чем поделиться. В 2012 году мой муж (кто не знает @adno) посетила крутая идея□ Как рисовать людям, которые не умеют этого делать вообще□. Но тогда не было ни времени, ни ресурсов. Эргономичные сиденья поездов. Дизайн-студия PriestmanGoode решила полностью пересмотреть способы размещения пассажиров в поездах, увеличив количество сидячих мест до 30%.

Эргономичные сиденья поездов

Для этого она разработала две новые системы, основанные на более высокой посадке пассажиров и максимальной экономии свободного пространства. Дизайн-студия PriestmanGoode предлагает полностью пересмотреть организацию посадки пассажиров в общественном транспорте, в частности в метро. Новый проект студии — это два способа увеличить вместимость вагонов до 30%. Первый из них наиболее изобретательный и называется Horizon.

Суть его в более узких сиденьях с высокой посадкой, которые позволяют пассажирам сидеть не полностью, а частично опираясь ногами. Наука on Instagram: “Как вам такой трансформер?□” Supermundane X Pikkpack = Special DIY Shoe. Futchi. Brilliant SALt lamp runs 8 hours on just 1 glass of salty water. Rural communities in the Philippines will soon be trading in candles and battery-powered devices for lamps that run on salt water.

Brilliant SALt lamp runs 8 hours on just 1 glass of salty water

The Sustainable Alternative Lighting project, known as SALt, has given this nation of 7,000 islands an important tool to use their most ubiquitous resource, salt water, in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. SALt’s motto is “This isn’t just a product. It’s a social movement.” And they aren’t kidding. Lipa Aisa Mijena is combining her skills as a member of the department of engineering at De La Salle University and her compassion as a member of Greenpeace Philippines to get the lamps in the hands of the most underprivileged communities in the islands.

Related: Ross Lovegrove’s gorgeous sun tunnel lamp draws in the light of the sun The SALt lamp uses a solution of one glass of water mixed with two tablespoons of salt – even salt water directly from the sea – to provide 8 hours of light. . + SALt: Sustainable Alternative Lighting Via Design Indaba. Intel iQ — MicroTug: этот мини-робот может поднимать вес, в 2000 раз превышающий его собственный. The Blue Experience – Facebook Phone by Tolga Tuncer. Monday morning and I’m sharp with a cup full of freshly brewed coffee, crisp toast and a farm-fresh Facebook Phone!

The Blue Experience – Facebook Phone by Tolga Tuncer

Pardon me, but the Blue Experience is utterly fascinating and an odyssey of newly developed Facebook Apps that work beautifully on a dedicated FB phone. Love the instant Instagram button and minimal tech-specs. Enclosed in a blue saturated aluminum casing (17.5 cm x 5.5cm) and designed in as a wedge, the display is easily viewable even when the phone is flat on a table. Boasting of a gorgeous display with its size and aspect ratio optimized for the new Facebook core app OS, the phone promises to be a social networking delight.

Basically the concept is all about connecting, communicating and sharing. Features: Welcome. Behance. Wall. New App that brings Celebrities, Fans, and Charities together (gofundme campa... Nanobarrier. BAMIN — Build. Buy. Remix.


15 of the Best Cheat Sheets, Printables and Infographics for Photographers. Everyone loves cheat sheets, and photographers are no exception.

15 of the Best Cheat Sheets, Printables and Infographics for Photographers

Squeezed into a set of short tips, schemes, and definitions, a cheat sheet is a quick way to learn something, as well as refresh your knowledge about any particular subject. Moreover, now that infographics are an extremely popular format of delivering information on the Internet, cheat sheets can also be a source for visual inspiration. Here is a large collection of some noteworthy cheat sheets, infographics, and printables for photographers. From shooting basics to photography marketing tips, every aspect of photography is covered in this round-up. Marou for La Grande Épicerie de Paris on Behance.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat were approached by La Grande Épicerie de Paris, one of the finest grocers in Paris, to create an exclusive chocolate bar specifically for their shelves.

Marou for La Grande Épicerie de Paris on Behance

Our challenge; to keep the strength of the Marou chocolate brand & packaging, while appropriately incorporating a graphic language inspired by the iconic La Grande Épicerie and adjacent Le Bon Marché Marou had decided to create a range of 3 exclusive bars for the store, including an extra dark 85% cacao bar, a medium 75% bar, and a relatively light 65% bar. Our approach was to create 3 different colored packs in a way that appears to feature the iconic building at 3 different times of day utilizing the 3 core colors of La Grande Épicerie de Paris. The buildings were hand drawn, to wrap around the package in a way that creates billboarding opportunities. Marou Chocolate for Air France on Behance. Air France approached Marou Chocolate to commission a specially designed Marou chocolate bar for their annual charity gala.

Marou Chocolate for Air France on Behance

The theme would be celebrating the Paris to Saigon route. Marou and the Rice Creative team quickly put their heads together and offered something traditionally beyond the brief. Misfit Shine on Behance. Wear Anywhere Getting people to continue to wear a device that measures activity requires trickery.

Misfit Shine on Behance

We all have different tastes, and wearables, to be effective, should either be part of our fashion or invisible. Our goal was to create a device that you'd want to wear, whether it did something or not. You can wear SHINE anywhere. Hi-Fi аудиобоксы Pototskiy Audio: время для чувств и свободы / / Fusion Tables (TM) Interactive Restaraunt Technologies - Домашняя страница. Think Insights with Google – Think Insights – Google.