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How to rethink project management for DevOps. Five Reasons Developers Don’t Use UML and Six Reasons to Use It. In many professions, people use graphical models to represent what they are creating or studying.

Five Reasons Developers Don’t Use UML and Six Reasons to Use It

For example, chemists have 2D and 3D diagrams to model molecules; cartographers use various kinds of maps to represent different geographical aspects of a region. If you’re a software developer, you’ve seen diagrams that represent some facts about the software design. UML is a visual language commonly used to create such diagrams. UML is not specific to any software process (e.g., XP, RUP), programming paradigm (e.g., OOP), or technology (e.g., Java, .NET, embedded real-time). It originally targeted object-oriented systems but has evolved and now can be used to model any kind of software system. Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. Agile Modeling (AM) Home Page: Effective Practices for Modeling and Documentation. The Agile Unified Process (AUP) Home Page.

Current Status I stopped work on the AUP in 2006.

The Agile Unified Process (AUP) Home Page

Since 2009 I have actively worked on the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework. Overview. The Agile Samurai. Get ready to kick some software project butt.

The Agile Samurai

By learning the ways of the agile samurai you will discover: Scrum to Kanban Transition Experiment. As my product development teams have improved their Agile Kung-fu, and the teams seem to really getting it.

Scrum to Kanban Transition Experiment

They move through the scrum rituals and produce potentially shippable software every two weeks. Sure there is room for improvements, but generally the teams are doing a great job following the scrum framework. Agile application lifecycle management is not an oxymoron. The phrase application lifecycle management (ALM), might seem to be at odds with the concepts of Agile.

Agile application lifecycle management is not an oxymoron

ALM is all about the rigorous processes surrounding software development. Agile is all about the flexibility to change processes as the development team goes along. By focusing on the goals of each approach, we can actually use the two together and make perfect sense. Scrum to Kanban Transition Experiment. Agile and Antifragile. Agile Policy Making: How Complexity Theory, Big Data and Data Science Research is Changing the Practice of Policy Making. By William A.

Agile Policy Making: How Complexity Theory, Big Data and Data Science Research is Changing the Practice of Policy Making

Brantley Big data and data science has revolutionized how commercial enterprises market and sell products and services. In a widely repeated story, Target was able to predict when customers are pregnant based on changes in their buying habits, according to Kashmir Hill in a 2012 Forbes article titled “How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did.” The same powerful analytical techniques are being paired with complexity theory to create new methods for public policy analysis and creating public policy.

CEOs: It Takes a Team to be Agile - Peter Sondergaard. InShare109 by Peter Sondergaard | March 3, 2014 | 2 Comments I recently participated in an event in San Diego with more than 80 global CIOs who represent some of the largest companies on the planet.

CEOs: It Takes a Team to be Agile - Peter Sondergaard

I enjoyed sharing the conclusions from our recent CIO Agenda Survey with this senior community and we had an interesting discussion on the latest trends in technology, evolving business demands and the major opportunities and challenges facing CIOs. Beyond Functional Requirements On Agile Projects. The Concise Executive Guide to Agile (IEEE CS Press ReadyNotes), Israel Gat, eBook - Agile Modeling (AM) Home Page: Effective Practices for Modeling and Documentation. The Agile Executive. If I could choose a subtitle to Anne’s guest post, I would pick How to Produce a Book in Five Days.

The Agile Executive

While this subtitle does not take into account preparatory work prior to the five days, it captures the essence of the revolution in social publishing. The intensive collaborative authoring that takes place during book sprints leads to hyper-productivity that transforms the economics of various classes of books. A thread of particular interest in the post is the path innovation took. Agile Requirements Modeling. Many traditional project teams run into trouble when they try to define all of the requirements up front, often the result of a misguided idea that developers will actually read and follow what the requirements document contains.

Agile Requirements Modeling

Define and Manage Agile Requirements in Scrum with User Stories. Agile Requirements Rachel Davies, Agile Experience Ltd, UK, In the last few years, the agile software development movement has created a paradigm shift in how we work to understand system requirements.

Define and Manage Agile Requirements in Scrum with User Stories

Agile teams shape software systems using a collaborative process, with executable software at its heart and documents marginalised to a peripheral role. This creates a fundamental shift away from tools for managing requirements artefacts. Instead, we need tools that support collaboration and the gradual distillation of business rules into automated test suites. Extreme Programming - Enterprise Software Blog. Agile Modeling and eXtreme Programming (XP) Agile Modeling (AM) is a practices-based software process whose scope is to describe how to model and document in an effective and agile manner. On the AM home page I state that one of the goals of AM is to address the issue of how to apply modeling techniques on software projects taking an agile approach such as eXtreme Programming (XP), Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and Scrum to name a few. Because the scope of XP is much greater than that of AM, XP covers the full development lifecycle, it is a candidate "base process" into which the techniques of AM may be tailored.

Furthermore, although XP clearly includes modeling as part of its process it is not as explicit about how to do so as many developers would prefer. Hence an opportunity for AM. Table of Contents 1. There are several common misconceptions that people seem to have regarding modeling on an XP project. Second-hand knowledge of XP. 1.1 Modeling is Part of XP. Feedback Loops in Scrum the Other Way Around. User Stories are the way a non-technical product owner can communicate with the technical team. It is probably the best way any product owner can tell the technicians what he or she actually wants. A the same time it is the best point to pick up technical requirements, limitations and pitfalls related to your requirements.

Therefore, take this opportunity and listen carefully. My SCRUM Diary: Feedback Loops in SCRUM. What is a "feedback loop"? Put simply, a process has a feedback loop when the results of running the process are allowed to influence how the process itself works in the future. Reflective Urgency: Critical Thinking AND Acting Quickly - Forum. Reflective MoralityMartin Sanders, ICT Consultant, NetherlandsThe reflectiveness need in an urgency and target-driven society or company would ultimately drive us to solutions that are closer to root cause resolution instead of band aid fixes. Reflectiveness is not just the combination of even more spreadsheets into a new decision, but there is a close relation to literacy, maturity, sustainability, compliance and morality. Right? Agility, becoming quicker and more dedicated (ruthless?) Then your competitor, short term target focus, flexible mission statements, status anxiety: all of these mechanisms link morality to an economic reality.

Reflective urgency can not be analyzed in a clean laboratory environment. VUCA - KATA - Hoshin Kanri. The Eight Pillars of Innovation.


Design Thinking Network. BUSINESS CHANGE AND INNOVATION. Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything. Photography: Courtesy of the artist and the Wallace Trust Artwork: Sara Hughes, Download, 2005, acrylic on linen, 1.5 m x 1.5 m, Wallace Trust Collection. Systems Thinking. Logged off - Westpac NZ Online Banking. The Current Direction of Agile. Process & Practices. Story-Splitting-Cheat-Sheet.pdf. Agile Stories. Kaeru. Patterns for Splitting User Stories - Agile For All. Good user stories follow Bill Wake’s INVEST model. Essential skills for agile development. Manning Becoming Agile May 2009.