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Smooth Photo Scanning Services is a family company that provides high-quality services at an affordable rate. Converting your analog media to digital format allows you to effortlessly view, share and enjoy old captured memories. Don’t let your precious family photos and home videos continue to collect dust and fade away.

35mm Slides to Digital Service. All of your slides are treated as if they contained one of our own personal memories.

35mm Slides to Digital Service

As soon as we receive your 35mm slides at our secure scanning facility, they are labeled and logged into our order tracking system. From there, they are assigned to one of our experienced slide scanning technicians. Each slide is sprayed with compressed air to remove dust build up and scanned using the highest quality slide scanning equipment available. All of our slide scanners utilize Digital ICE technology, which detects and removes dust particles and minor scratches during the digitization process. Digital ICE also restores and corrects color, reduces film grain noise, and optimizes contrast & exposure of each of your scanned slides.

We accept slides in carousels, magazines, boxes or any other type of storage container. How to unstick a picture from glass? Tips & Tricks. Printed photographs have been used for generations to capture and share special moments of our personal history.

How to unstick a picture from glass? Tips & Tricks.

Unfortunately, these priceless prints weren’t designed to last forever. Printed photos have the chemical tendency to fade over time and are vulnerable to fire or water damage. Another common problem that we don’t often think about is when a one-of-a-kind photo gets stuck to the glass of a picture frame. In this article, we’ll discuss how to prevent and remedy the issue of removing photos stuck to the glass.

Please keep in mind that while these methods are very effective, there is no guarantee that your photo stuck to glass can be removed with being damaged. 4-Creative Ideas to Use Old Movie Film Reels Instead of Storing. Film reels were a common sight in the past, but they largely fell out of favor after the introduction of digital video in the 80s.

4-Creative Ideas to Use Old Movie Film Reels Instead of Storing

Today, film reels are primarily used by film studios across the world. However, even these companies are phasing out the use of this physical recording format in favor of innovative digital recording formats. Many people find old bins full of film rolls in their family storage spaces. What are the ways to fix your water damaged photos? Flooding or a burst pipe is something many people fear of experiencing.

What are the ways to fix your water damaged photos?

But while there are plenty of insurance options that will provide you peace of mind about your furniture, home appliances, and other valuables, no amount of money can replace the loss of photos that contain precious memories shared with those you care for the most. Unfortunately, it doesn’t even take a major accident or disaster to ruin a large portion of your collection – even a small leak can cause severe damage if it goes unnoticed for long enough and gets into the boxes where you store your photographs.

However, if you’ve discovered that you photo collection has suffered water damage, don’t despair just yet. There are practical steps you can take that can help you not only salvage the less affected pictures but maybe even restore your water damage photos and albums to their previous condition. To help you get started, let’s explore a few of the most useful ideas when dealing with water-damaged photos. Do It Yourself. Save Time & Cost with Photo Scanning Service. Dealing with piles or boxes of photographs in your closet or basement can be a real hassle.

Save Time & Cost with Photo Scanning Service

On one hand, those photos contain precious memories and have captured moments from the past that you want to cherish. Bringing Life to Old Photographs - How Photo Restoration Helps. Preserving memories of your family are essential, which is why most people end up accumulating massive collections of photographs that capture various moments in their lives and allow revisiting those times in vivid detail.

Bringing Life to Old Photographs - How Photo Restoration Helps

However, the problem with photo collections is that they tend to deteriorate. Even if the process is relatively slow, the passage of time will usually cause significant damage to photos, no matter how securely they are kept. What’s even worse, sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as flooding or fire can ruin in a matter of seconds. Luckily, in some cases, it’s possible to reverse the damage at least to a certain degree and return the photos to their former condition.

Digital photo restoration tools have completely revolutionized how we can take care of our images and immortalize them for future generations. Free Software Some of the more common issues with old photographs are scratches, specs of dust when scanning, and imperfections from folding or wrinkling. Audio Cassette to Digital Service. Once your cassette tapes or audio reels are received at our secure facility in NJ, they are labeled and logged into our order tracking system.

Audio Cassette to Digital Service

Before transferring reel-to-reels or audio cassettes to digital or CD, each tape is inspected for damage and repaired as necessary. Our audio transfer technicians then process each tape using specialized equipment and software in real-time from beginning to end to ensure every moment is preserved. Once your audio content is captured and converted to digital, each file is checked for quality and edited using professional tools to ensure playback is clean and balanced.

We remove background hissing, even out volume fluctuations and adjust playback levels. We also trim out blank space at the beginning and end of each recording. 8mm Tapes to Digital. Video Quality and Resolution The 8mm video tape format refers to 3 variations including the original Video8, the upgraded Hi-8, and the most recent Digital8.

8mm Tapes to Digital

Sony introduced the first Video8 camcorder, the Handycam, in the mid 80s to compete with Panasonics VHS-C format. Though slightly more durable than VHS or VHS-C tapes, 8mm tapes are still magnetic and will lose their recorded contents over time. Convert Negatives to Digital. Convert Slides To Digital. Convert Slides To Digital. Photo Digitizing Services.