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What Makes Bugler the Best Pipe Tobacco?

18 april 2020

What Makes Bugler the Best Pipe Tobacco?

There are tobaccos, and there are tobaccos. While there are different varieties out there, it's essential to choose the tobacco that provides a great experience. That can be a considerable challenge.

Despite presenting to the smoker, a variety of cuts, cures, and tastes, you must choose the best tobacco possible. This article is about selecting the best tobacco that provides a great smoking experience. You can apply what we teach, whether you're a pro or a humble beginner, to find the perfect tobacco for your palate.

Where Do You Begin Your Quest for the Perfect Tobacco for You?

In shopping for any tobacco (even if it’s loose tobacco brands), three things are essential:

· the quality;

· the aroma;

· the taste.

Many smokers smoke indoors; if you’re one of them and you have smoke-sensitive persons around, this will also impact your choice of tobacco. That said, have you heard of the rule of three?

The rule of three says that tobacco can be any of the following:

· English blend;

· Aromatic;

· Non-aromatic.

English blend tobaccos

This blend refers to English tobacco. They did not allow additives until the mid-eighties. Today's English blends contain Oriental tobaccos such as Latakia.

Aromatic tobaccos

Aromatic tobaccos feature flavors or casings from the manufacturing process. Some common casings include apple, cherry, chocolate, maple, rum, and vanilla. Depending on the amount you use, the blends could go by the terms “aromatic” or “semi-aromatic.”

Non-aromatic tobaccos

These tobaccos depend on the natural ingredients of tobacco for aroma and flavors. To improve the sweetness of such tobaccos, they are specially fermented or aged.

It's vital to learn pipe tobacco lingo. It makes the descriptions of different tobaccos less confusing. Virginia has more sugar than Burley, so it's smoke is naturally sweeter.

Verdict: The Best Pipe Tobacco

Bugler Tobacco is a resilient name in the tobacco industry. But Bugler is still popular among elite smokers and has topped pipe tobacco lists for many years. When it comes to choosing the right pipe tobacco, pipe smokers are aware of the Bugler choice.

Bugler is easily the best pipe tobacco. You get a delightful smoking experience, along with excellent taste, powerful aroma, and nostalgic flavors.

The Bugler pipe tobaccos are of such a high quality that is apparent to the smoker. They comprise of bold mahogany Burley blended with long strands of bright Virginia tobacco. The result is a rich smoke that gives deep satisfaction to the smoker.

The Bugler Blue Pipe Tobacco comes from air-cured Burley, and flue-cured Virginias blended into a rich flavor. On the other hand, the Bugler Green Large Pipe Tobacco uses the same tobaccos with a frosty mint flavor. It's smooth and cool, easily lighting when you burn it. The sugar content is higher than the Bugler Blue.


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