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The Easy Guide to Selecting Pipe Tobacco

18 april 2020

The Easy Guide to Selecting Pipe Tobacco

If there was ever a question, Smoker’s Outlet, is a great place to get the best pipe tobacco. Here's the whole truth: no tobacco will satisfy everyone equally. Plus, our tastes as pipe smokers tend to change over time.

What You Need to Know to Select Pipe Tobacco

It’s common for smoke shops to carry a vast selection of pipe tobacco products. These products feature almost the entire array of possible tobacco flavors that a smoker may wish to try.

The thing is, you’ll likely stick to one brand you like, which isn’t surprising. But, always endeavor to try a different blend from time to time.

Our market is always changing, with new blends and varieties sporting exotic flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, cherry, and so forth.

Your Pipe Tobacco Smoker's Profile is Important

These days, you go online and find almost anything. You’ll often find us – Smoker’s Outlet – when you search the term “discount tobacco near me.” At Smoker's Outlet, we must build a smoker's profile when you reach out to our in-house experts. This profile will take into account your alcohol, food, and wine preferences.

So, our goal is to shake up your pallet a bit. Most popular blends comprise of English, Virginia, and aromatic blends. There’s almost always some Virginia tobacco in pipe tobacco blends, whether you decide on an American or classic English blend.

English Blends

English blends can vary incredibly. The manufacturer's preferences and interests often decide what flavor eventually emerges. Oriental or Turkish tobaccos are also in everyday use. These tobaccos have small-leaf tobaccos that taste much better than other blends.

A big flavor and an aromatic quality are defining features of Oriental tobaccos.

Virginia Blends

Virginia tobaccos are typically the base for Oriental English blends. It's a similar case with classic American blends, which also feature Burley. Burley lends a nutty taste to the blend.

Aromatic Blends

These blends are as diverse as the English and feature infusions of exotic flavors. Aromatic tobacco blends taste great, but you'll need to start small.

A Tobacco Brand That Veterans Enjoy

Many pipe tobacco manufacturers may claim their flavors should be your pipe tobacco of choice, but Smoker's Outlet offers exciting Bugler Pipe Tobacco flavors. The high-quality tobacco comes from fine flue-cured sweet Virginias and air-cured Burleys. The smoke remains smooth all through your sessions.

The skillful blending of both tobaccos results in a rich flavor that soothes every palate. However, the mellow attribute of Bugler Tobacco means it won't overwhelm the smoker's senses so that every smoke will be satisfying.

The non-aromatic pipe tobacco has been popular for decades in the US, and sticking to two blends allows for a higher focus on quality. The refreshing menthol flavor of the Bugler Pipe Tobacco Green is highly fulfilling in taste, keeping its burn throughout.

The classic Bugler Pipe Tobacco Blue Blend is a vibrant and mellow flavor that fits any time you want to smoke it.


Both flavors of Bugler Tobacco are worth trying and are available on the Smoker's Outlet website. Look no further to try out your first pipe tobacco. It's always best to start strong. Other smoker types can even explore our loose tobacco brands. The experience is often second to none.

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