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Pipe Mechanics: What Counts for Your Tobacco?

18 april 2020

Pipe Mechanics: What Counts for Your Tobacco?

Every smoker needs to know about the mechanics of a good tobacco pipe. The tobacco bowl, slot, smoke channel and draft hole, all play a role in defining a pipe’s smoking qualities.

These drillings determine a pipe that smokes well, much more than the shape, size, and component materials.

Similar to a high-performance engine with proper tuning, good airflow is a critical factor for a pipe to smoke correctly. For you to ensure the best conditions for modulation of the burn, optimal volume airflow should be without restriction, from bowl to button.

The free flow of air makes it easy to regulate puffing without demanding too much concentration and effort. Optimal airflow comes from the smoke channel maintaining a regular “Goldilocks” diameter, which is neither too large nor too small.

What this means is that the height of the smoke channel must reduce to contain the mouthpiece tapering all the way to the button. The smoke channel will also increase in width, a gradual transition from a round cross-section to the slot's flattened oval opening. It's akin to a long and thin paper cone that you slowly flatten from the tip to its base. It's ideal to have a consistent region of the opening on the entire length of the smoke channel.

Factory brands and the majority of high-volume makers generally do not pay attention to this all-important factor. However, superior pipe makers consider this airflow attribute to be a priority. That does not mean you cannot find a pipe from a factory or high-volume maker that smokes well. But it means that only pipes from highly skilled pipe makers are more likely to yield a good smoke.

What Goes into your Pipe Matters

Pipe mechanics might be a factor in how well your pipe smokes, but what about the tobacco in it? This question is less about the pipe maker and more about the smoker. Smooth tobaccos that burn slowly are a smoker's delight. You can begin that journey using Good Stuff Tobacco coupons.

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