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Online Stores: The New Marketplace for Smokers

18 april 2020

Online Stores: The New Marketplace for Smokers

E-commerce has changed the face of business over the last two decades. Everything from jewellery to groceries, to food items, now has a market online. But, the question is: can you order tobacco online?

Yes, it’s possible to buy tobacco online.

Why Would Anyone Buy Tobacco Online?

Tobacconists are increasingly ensuring that anyone can now purchase pipe tobacco online. Aside from tobacco, other products such as smoking accessories are available online. But why would you, or anyone else buy online rather than going to a good old physical store?

Products with a considerable price tag and perishable items are more difficult to sell online. Smokers typically want to touch, smell, or sample a product before ordering. That notwithstanding, some of the reasons to buy tobacco online include:

#1 – The ability to compare while shopping

A smoker can review and compare dozens of stores and tobacco stores quickly. This process does not require physical travel to any store or through several aisles. They can easily compare product range, quality, price, and customer service. All of this, from the comfort of an internet-enabled device.

#2 – Broader product selection

Physical shelf space will always be an issue for physical stores. The internet offers a wider variety of tobacco types and brands. Imagine having the option to sample pipe tobacco or buy rolling tobacco online. E-commerce stores such as Smoker's Outlet make sure to stock many flavors of tobaccos from multiple manufacturers.

#3 – Better prices

Even when smokers visit their local tobacconist, they often ensure they scour online stores for better prices on specific products. But online stores are successfully trailing systems where buyers can obtain tobacco samples before buying.

It’s also easier to find special promotions and exclusive discounts for buying online. The Smoker's Outlet uses such sales to attract smokers to try specific brands of pipe tobacco.

#4 – Unbiased reviews from other smokers

Social proof is especially important, even for smokers. When you shop for tobacco online, it's essential to read the experience of other smokers with tobacco or other smoking product. In simple terms, smokers buy when they see that others have bought them.


It’s no longer uncommon to find companies offering tobacco for sale online. It’s the new normal, and Smoker's Outlet is offering the smoker a comprehensive solution to their smoking needs. Do you want a broad selection of premium tobacco at the best prices? Visit the Smoker's Outlet today.

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