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Autonomatic_home. Imagine the blog, INFLATEABLE STRUCTURE  DIA/Dessau/ss 2011.... Solid Freeform Fabrication in Tissue Engineering. A Technology for Directly Fabricating 3D Living Tissue...

Solid Freeform Fabrication in Tissue Engineering

Creating living tissue in complex geometries is a challenging issue facing the tissue engineering community. Traditional tissue engineering techniques result in living tissue of simple, often 2D geometries. Fabric / Concrete Cloth Testing. The past two weeks we decided to get our hands dirty, and take a stab at material testing.

Fabric / Concrete Cloth Testing

We tested the fabric that we have been using to create the HYBIOS and several other fabrics, such as cotton and scrim. We used a meter to measure the weight devised from pulling, as well as the displacement threshold before the material would break. The materials were tested on a 1000x1000x1000 mm frame. Concrete cloth was tested at 4 mm thickness. Styrofoam Robot // Jonas Pfeil. Der Kritzler. In May I moved into a new office with the great guys of The Future of Everything.

Der Kritzler

The office has really nice big windows and we thought about what we could do with them. I remembered hektor, this super cool 2D drawing machine. What if that thing could draw directly onto the window? Shape to Fabrication - Generative Design and Digital Fabrication in Architecture - in practise.