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But does it float.

Digital art

EnricoCrobu. Nuala O'Donovan - Nuala O'Donovan. Arte Sella / Incontri Internazionali Arte Natura. Works of Katsuyo Aoki Official Website. New Works2013 Predictive Dream XLIV, H 310 x W 275x D 360mm, Porcelain, 2013 Predictive Dream XLV, H 270 x W 235x D 355 mm, Porcelain, 2013 Predictive Dream XLIII, H 270x W 220x D323mm, Porcelain 2013.

Works of Katsuyo Aoki Official Website

Projects. Erno-Erik Raitanen // Portfolio. Eliza Frye. Neolastic Vases by Sjoerd Jonkers. These Neolastic vases by Sjoerd Jonkers are made by pouring a plastic over a mold made of sand.

Neolastic Vases by Sjoerd Jonkers

Despite the use of liquid polymer, the pieces hearken back to a more primitive age when tableware and vessels were much more rough and ready than they are today. Of course, each vessel is different and beautiful in a simple, earthy way. Perhaps it is the resemblance to sand castles and other such sandbox creations that add even more emotional value. Ikuko iwamoto ceramics top.