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Maggie hambling the waves. 2016 02 02 16 27 29. Joseph Mallord William Turner, 'A Stormy Sea and Sky by Daylight, Possibly a Study Relating to the Eddystone Lighthouse' circa 1813 (J.M.W. Turner: Sketchbooks, Drawings and Watercolours) Great sea paintings. Collections. Soraya m. 2016 01 18 22 27 48. 2016 01 18 22 29 02. 2016 01 18 22 29 21. 4. Ramel. Photo (2) DGSDGDSGS. Hotlinebling. Illustrator .png. INSPIRATION. New classics on Behance. Retro Floral Patterns - Process on Behance. Classic novels cover design on Behance. Realash on Behance. Luna Beauty on Behance. Untitled 2. Background trees. Cantone Cosmetics on Behance. RAVE Cosmetics on Behance.

On Behance. Luxe Cosmetics on Behance. MAC Cosmetics App on Behance. Posh Cosmetics on Behance. Elementwo Cosmetics Branding on Behance. SMINKA COSMETICS AND INFO IMPROTANT. Cosmetic branding on Behance. This project was for a branding assignment at university, and we had to choose a sector to develop a strategy for, along with brand personality, and identity tool kit.Shush is a funky innovative brand for teenagers between 13-18 years, in high school.

Cosmetic branding on Behance

I developed the brand around the target market, and looked at what was currently being offered to them within the cosmetics range.Most of the competing brands were not easy for them to use whilst at school, and I wanted to be a bit sneaky and create a rebellious brand that enabled high school teens to wear makeup at school.By doing this I created a brand with a two way featuring product of makeup and stationery together, which combines their makeup bag and pencil case together.This brand I believe would work in the real world as it would become very addictive to the young female teen, however I would imagine parents and teachers would raise their concerns for this.Overall it was a fun assignment brief.

Lolita on Behance. MAC Cosmetics + Virgin Galactic on Behance. LIV cosmetic brand on Behance. Farah Fahad on Behance. Behance. Blush Cosmetics Branding on Behance. Uzuri – Classic and Seasonal Makeup Collections on Behance. Behance. Portfolio 2014/15 on Behance. German Gonzalez on Behance. Behance.


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