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Smitika Acharya from Bengaluru, Software Developer by profession, love to travel and eat but hate cooking :P

Aero Sports in Karnataka. Culturals Place in Karnataka. Birds Sanctuaries in Karnataka. Beaches in Karnataka. Archaeology in Karnataka. Karnataka's Popular Holiday DestinationsHome. Popular Destinations Kodagu also known as Coorg, is an administrative district in Karnataka, India.

karnataka's Popular Holiday DestinationsHome

It occupies an area of 4,102 square kilometres (1,584 sq mi) in the Western Ghats of southwestern Karnataka. Gokarna is a small temple town located on the western coast of India in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Main temple and deity is Lord Shiva, who is also known as Mahabhal..... Nagarhole National Park also known as ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Park,’ is located 94 km from Mysore. Temples in Bangalore Prasanna Veeranjaneya Temple The uniqueness of the Prasanna Veeranjaneya temple, apart from the 22-foot-high deity of Veeranjaneya, is its peaceful atmosphere.

Top 5 Virtualization tool for Developers. Software developers are busier now than ever before.

Top 5 Virtualization tool for Developers

They want to do more work in less time with quality. 30 common challenges to DevOps and how to resolve them – BestDevOps. Source – As DevOps becomes mainstream, many teams are asking themselves, “Where do I start with my DevOps adoption?”

30 common challenges to DevOps and how to resolve them – BestDevOps

“What challenges am I likely to face along the way?” And, “How do I resolve those challenges?” These are just a few of the recurring concerns I heard from enterprise DevOps teams during a series of focus groups I ran over the past year. From those sessions, I’ve compiled below a list of the most common challenges DevOps teams say they face, along with solutions that just might help shape or refine your own DevOps journey. How to reach the DevOps pinnacle DevOps is the pinnacle that everyone has been trying to reach as organizations move from traditional, waterfall approaches to iterative development, agile, scaled agile, and, finally, DevOps. For the better part of my career, I’ve worked for, and consulted with, organizations that were trying to improve the way they deliver software-intensive products across a variety of industries, geographies, and scales. Top 5 Build Management Tool. 7 Machine Learning Tools for IIoT – BestDevOps. Source – Companies at the forefront of the machine learning field offer open source libraries of solutions for companies and the average person.

7 Machine Learning Tools for IIoT – BestDevOps

Below is a list of seven open-source platforms that help businesses integrate machine learning into their production process. With these toolkits, businesses, regardless of their size, can get access to the same ML resources developed and used by prestigious companies. Top 10 Continuous Integration Tool. Today we are present here with another interesting article which will help you to know about the best tools which are used for continuous integration in DevOps practices.

Top 10 Continuous Integration Tool

Continuous Integration has become a mainstream technique for software development. Which makes it mandatory to implement it in your software development lifecycle (SDLC). But implementation of CI required best selection of tools to achieve good results and there is still a confusion amongst beginners and even in vetrans of software industry while choosing the best tools. So keep reading, I have done some research and compile a list of CI tools which will definitely going to help you. Before going further, let's first see what is Continuous Integration? 9 Big Mistakes DevOps Teams Make – BestDevOps. Source – If organizations want to maximize the benefits they experience as a result of embracing DevOps, they’ll need to avoid these “gotchas”.

9 Big Mistakes DevOps Teams Make – BestDevOps

If you’re going to adopt DevOps, you better do it right. According to the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud report, 84% of enterprises and 72% of small to medium-sized businesses have adopted some DevOps practices. These organizations are attracted to DevOps benefits like greater agility, improved customer satisfaction, greater employee morale, greater productivity and business growth. However, not every organization that embraces DevOps experiences these benefits. But in order to achieve those benefits, organizations will have to avoid the nine big mistakes that DevOps teams often make. Nagios Core: Starting and Stopping. 21-04-2017 Hits:19 Unix - Linux.

Nagios Core: Starting and Stopping

Delhi High Court rejects AAP plea on EVMs. Source - Just a couple of days before the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) suffered a blow as the Delhi High Court on Friday rejected their plea for the use of the Electronic Voting Machines with Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT ) for the upcoming civic polls.

Delhi High Court rejects AAP plea on EVMs

Justice AK Pathak dismissed the plea which was jointly filed by AAP and one Tahir Hussain demanding that Generation-2 of EVMs with VVPAT should be used for the MCD elections to remove the chances of tampering. The court observed that it was difficult to replace 13,000 EVMs at the eleventh hour. Earlier, appearing for the State Election Commission (SEC), its counsel Sumeet Pushkarna had stated that the voting machines are completely safe and cannot be hacked. Also the cost of replacing the machines would be huge. The court, however, did not say anything about the performance of the machines. Integrating Security into DevOps: Top 10 Tips. Source – Ten Tips for Integrating Security into DevOps By Gene Kim Imagine a world where product owners, Development, QA, IT Operations, and Infosec work together, not only to help each other, but also to ensure that the overall organization succeeds.

Integrating Security into DevOps: Top 10 Tips

By working toward a common goal, they enable the fast flow of planned work into production (e.g., performing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of code deploys per day), while achieving world-class stability, reliability, availability, and security. In this world, Infosec is always working on ways to reduce friction for the team, creating the work systems that enable developers to be more productive and get better outcomes. Three challenges: Running Agile at scale. Source – Across large enterprises, IT leaders are developing a new operating model to respond to digital demands.

Three challenges: Running Agile at scale

This model presumes that applications development will need to scale the use of Agile methods if teams are to support digital products and services at the cadence of continuous delivery. In their quest to run Agile at scale, many organizations have made substantial investments in tools, training, and frameworks like SAFe. But these investments by themselves are insufficient. Static Code Analysis: Top 10 Tools. Software security is a very important concern for todays Software market and for that you need to do code analysis in the development lifecycle. Now we can not imagine ourselves to sit back and do manual reading each line of codes and find issues and bugs. Those days of manual review in the software development lifecycle to find the flaws in the codes are over now. Now the mindsets has changed and developing quality & secure code from the beginning is on rise.

This is the time of automation and developers & programmers are now shifting towards the adoption of tools which auto detects the flaws as soon as possible in the software development lifecycle. Build and Release Certification Training by scmGalaxy. Concept and Process Software Configuration Management overview Elements of Software Configuration Management Introduction of Version management / Source Code Management Overview of Build management Overview of Packaging management Build and Release Concept and Process Overview of Release and Deployment management DevOps Concept and Process Continuous Integration and Delivery Process Operating Systems Introduction of Linux Operating System Linux User Commands Linux Admin Commands Windows Administrator fundamental Source Code Management Build Tools Scripting Package Management in Linux and Windows Artifact Repository Tools.

Continuous Delivery: 4 Ways to Improve. Source:- Apps used to be so large that they came on CDs. Today, software updates are small enough to download in the background of our smartphones. DevOps Tools Collections by scmgalaxy. 26-03-2017 Hits:169 Virtualization Mantosh Software developers are busier now than ever before. They want to do more work in less time with quality. But, as we all know it's not possible without right set... Read more 23-03-2017 Hits:567 IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools. Supreme court: Courts should take pragmatic view of rights of consumers. Software Programmers: Top 5 Code Editors. Three key steps: Improve DevOps and security. Source:- Concerned about DevOps security?

Learn three key steps to embedding security into the software development process, including how to improve automation. 7 Ways for Anyone to Invest in the Cloud. Source:- The cloud is growing. To cut costs and boost computing power and storage, companies are increasingly turning to cloud computing to run their businesses.

That bodes well for firms that build hardware, data center infrastructure companies, telecoms and computer software designers.