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Founded in 1997 by Dan Smith, Smith Publicity Inc. began as a one-person operation and has evolved into the most prolific and successful book marketing, book publicity and book promotion agency in the publishing industry. The firm has promoted over 3,500 books and authors – the most ever by a book publicity agency in publishing history.

Book Promotion Services Can Help with Sales. The book promotion services we provide at Smith Publicity are unmatched.

Book Promotion Services Can Help with Sales

We promote books and authors with unique promotional campaigns. Our work includes an array of promotion techniques for books that also help build your author brand. The strategic mix of tactics we employ is one-of-a-kind and derived from years of experience. We are the leaders in our field and win rave reviews from past clients. To date, our team has expertly promoted more than 3,500 books. The best promotion campaigns succeed because they are carefully developed for individual authors and titles. Promoting Books Successfully Requires an Array of Tactics:

Book Publicity Services. Book Publicity Services That Help Authors Sell Books, Build Expert Brands and Create Additional Opportunities How do we do our Book Publicity? Custom, personalized service. We have no cookie-cutter programs. Great Ways to Market a Book. Book Publicity Dos and Don'ts for Novels. Effectively (and Tactfully) Market Your Book on Social Media.

Literary agency. Book Promotion Services Can Help with Sales. Book Promotion Companies. Founded in 1997, Smith Publicity has evolved from a one-person operation run in a bedroom office to one of the leading book publicity agencies in the world.

Book Promotion Companies

Founder Dan Smith’s goal for the company was to offer unparalleled customer service and work to exceed, not simply meet client expectations. This fundamental principle of Smith Publicity‘s book promotion programs resonated with clients, and over 20 years later, we’ve worked with thousands of authors and publishers, as well as entrepreneurs, consultants, publicly-held companies, and businesses in many industries. Smith Publicity Executive Team For more information, explore these pages: Smith Publicity Belongs to the following professional associations: – Independent Book Publishers Association –Book Publicists of Southern California –The Association of Publishers for Special Sales –PubWest — Publishers Association of the West –Greater Los Angeles Writers Society –Bay Area Independent Publishers Association –Georgia Writers Association.

The Book Publicity Value of Podcasts. Are Paid Book Reviews a Help or a Hindrance? How to Market Books Using Review Excerpts. Book Promotion Companies. Book Reviews Provide Needed Visibility Online. How Much Do Bestseller Lists Help Sell Books? Business Book Promotion by Smith Publicity. Smith Publicity knows this game.

Business Book Promotion by Smith Publicity

I was on national radio, prime time TV, and been written up in Forbes, USA Today, and leading journals. Sales of my book spiked when Smith’s campaign started. It’s difficult to quantify the value, but when I consider the new accounts my consulting business signed this year, I’m confident ‘The Smith Effect’ was a factor in nearly half a million dollars of new business. That’s a stellar ROI in anyone’s language. Nicolas Reed, author of Selling to the C-Suite: What Every Executive Wants You to Know About Successfully Selling to the Top. Book Publicity Services. How to Get Publicity and Sell Books. 4 Ways to Promote Yourself as an Author. Literary agency. Have Your Written a Book? Remember Author Promotion. Book Publicity Services. Book Reviews are Crucial to Self-Published Books. Bylined Articles are Excellent Author Publicity. Smith Publicity, Inc.

Business Book Promotion by Smith Publicity. How Social Media Can Help Market Books. How to Market an eBook and Gain Readers. Smith Publicity Book Marketing Company. Book Authors Should Write Articles to Get Publicity. Smith Publicity, Inc. Book Publicity Services. Media Training is Essential for Authors. How Author Promotion Helps Book Promotion. Book Publicity Services. Smith Publicity, Inc. How to Have a Book Cover that Sparks Sales. Self Published Book Marketing for Authors. “Working with Smith Publicity absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Self Published Book Marketing for Authors

Between the creative strategies they developed for me as a first time author to the level of detail they provided about their weekly outreach efforts, Smith definitely ranks as one the most effective and reliable partners I’ve had in 22 years of running my business. “ Susie Frazier, author of Designing for Wellness Whether you call it self-publishing, indie publishing, print-on-demand or hybrid publishing, there is no disputing the fact that authors now have many more options to see their work in print beyond traditional publishing. Over the last ten years, self-publishing has been “democratized” and evolved from what was stigmatized as an amateurish endeavor to an increasingly accepted and exciting form of publishing.

The industry has enjoyed a revolution of popularity and gained credibility via major print media coverage. Check out our popular “All Things Book Marketing” podcast here. Please provide a Pod name. BOOK MARKETING AGENCY. Book PR & Marketing Services. The Best Author Websites Have This Content. Book Marketing Plans for Self-Published Authors. eBook Marketing Services. eBook Marketing Facts eBook readers buy more books at a higher rate than print buyers; this is especially helpful for authors with a series of books.Digitally-savvy readers­­­­­ are more likely to make recommendations to others online via blogs, social media, etc.The increasing use of smartphones and tablet computers is spawning more and more digital readers.Fiction remains the most common genre of purchased eBook but others are growing fast; they include business, self-help, cooking and even coffee table books.

When it comes to how to market an eBook, the most crucial consideration is discoverability. It is the process of making consumers aware of your eBook and interested in purchasing it. Successful eBook marketing requires a book to stand out in a crowded digital marketplace. Do You Know These Key Book Publicity Terms? How Authors Can Use Twitter Successfully. How Do You Grow Sales With Book Marketing? Book marketing. What Book Marketing Techniques Are Most Effective? Is Book Publicity Completely Online Now? Ideas for Successfully Marketing Your Book. Clear Goals Equals Better Book Marketing. Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors. Self-published authors who develop a marketing plan that includes book promotion increase their chances of success.

Book Marketing for Self-Published Authors

The plan helps you be strategic about the actions and tactics you plan to take to accomplish your marketing and sales goals. A well-developed marketing plan identifies your readers and competitors. It also contains a book marketing budget and planned activities to reach target readers. Because you alone are responsible for promoting your self-published book, creating a marketing plan that works for you is essential. It requires an organized and well-planned approach to succeed. It's also crucial to identify your competition. Once you understand your readers and competition, you can target your audience. Book Reviews: How to Earn Them for Your Book. The credibility and visibility to be gained through book reviews can be essential to an author's success.

Book Reviews: How to Earn Them for Your Book

When it comes to how to promote a book, it's crucial to make sure your book is reviewed in places that your readers hold in high esteem. Therefore, if you're an author, you may be asking yourself: how do I get my book reviewed? The answer is there are many ways to obtain reviews, even if your book hasn't made its way to the top of a bestseller list. Coming up, we'll go over things you can do yourself to request reviews – and also, if your budget allows, you might work with a book marketing firm for help. You can begin by requesting book reviews from members of your e-mail subscription list. How Do You Market Your Book? Various Rugs to Use around the Home. Various Rugs to Use around the Home. Founded in 1997 by Dan Smith, Smith Publicity Inc. began as a one-person operation and has evolved into the most prolific and successful book marketing, book publicity and book promotion agency in the publishing industry.

Various Rugs to Use around the Home

The firm has promoted over 3,500 books and authors – the most ever by a book publicity agency in publishing history. Smith Publicity has been at the forefront of developing author promotion services and strategies. An “equal opportunity” book promotion firm, the agency promotes quality books in all genres, whether self-published or traditionally published. How Radio Interviews Help in Book Marketing. Smithpublicity. Promoting Childrens Books. “Smith Publicity identified my book marketing blind spots and got my book in front of outlets that I would have never dreamed of approaching otherwise.

Promoting Childrens Books

As a result, Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps has been featured in print, web, podcast, and radio campaigns across the United States. The campaign is still paying dividends after the end date, despite only signing up for a four-week run. My publicist was professional, efficient, and devoted to obtaining results. She covered a lot of ground in only four weeks and her communication and follow-through skills were always on point. Fiction Book Marketing and Marketing for Novels. Comprehensive Fiction Book Marketing with Smith Publicity <img class="alignright wp-image-15626 " src=" alt="Maureen Connoly used our fiction book marketing services to promote her novel, Little Lovely Things.

Fiction Book Marketing and Marketing for Novels

" width="110" height="165" srcset=" 200w, 687w, 768w, 470w, 450w, 900w" sizes="(max-width: 110px) 100vw, 110px" />“I highly recommend Smith Publicity, to anyone seeking to promote their book. Having gone through the cycle of launch and release of my debut novel, I can say that I have been thrilled with their services, and that Smith far exceeded my expectations … Without hesitation, my next book will be placed in their competent hands as soon as it is ready.” Maureen Connolly, author of Little Lovely Things. Book PR & Marketing Services. Self-Help Book Marketing. Smith’s Self-Help Book Marketing Reaches Target Audiences <img class="alignright wp-image-15608 size-medium" src=" alt="self-help book promotion services by Smith Publicity.

Self-Help Book Marketing

" width="203" height="300" srcset=" 203w, 250w" sizes="(max-width: 203px) 100vw, 203px" />My publicity team from Smith took the time to discover my publicity priorities and to continually check in on those priorities throughout my book launch. Smith worked hard to get me podcast interviews, articles, and regular contributor spots at Entrepreneur, Bustle, Thrive Global, and many other places.

If you have a book to promote, I recommend working with them.” Carol Tuttle, author of The Child Whisperer: The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children. Non-Fiction Book Marketing. Why non-fiction books are typically well suited for book publicity campaigns: Media like “real life” topics that typically make for better author interviews and good information for print storiesNon-fiction books provide, among many other things: <img class="wp-image-14007 size-medium alignright" src=" alt="Non-fiction book marketing is important for self-published authors who write non-fiction books. " width="300" height="200" srcset=" 300w, 768w, 1030w, 1500w, 705w, 450w, 1920w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />Advice to improve livesWays to solve common problemsHelp for entrepreneurs and businessesInsights into current events and cultural trendsExaminations of historical figures, issues, and controversiesMany non-fiction authors are ideal media sources for expert commentary on trends, breaking news, and hot topics.

Business Book Promotion by Smith Publicity. How to Market a Book to Spark Visibility and Sales. Knowing how to market a book uniquely is the specialty of our book marketing experts at Smith Publicity. If you’re an author or publisher and you’ve been thinking about how to market your book, we’re pleased to help. Our one-of-a-kind campaigns market books distinctly and memorably.

From media coverage to events and commanding the digital space, we’ll do what it takes to help interested readers discover your work. How Have Virtual Book Tours Revolutionized Book Publicity? How Do You Market a Book to Help Sales? How to Market a Book? Book PR & Marketing Services.