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Who we are? Bek Travel /Holiday in Mongolia/ is a tour company based in Bayan-Olgii that is equipped to provide you Climbing Tavan Bogd ,with a variety of services and tours.

Trekking in Mongolia. This adventurous trekking will take place in one of the most amazing places on earth, the Altay Tavan Bogd National Park.

Trekking in Mongolia

It is famous with its snow capped mountains, alpine lakes, Argali mountain sheep, snow leopard and many other animals and birds, with fresh wild rivers and nomadic people preserving and living with the nature. Altay mountains around Tavan Bogd is one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia. After years of trekking around the area we discovered a fantastic route, an untouched wilderness to see around this area. We will experience nature, ethnic nomads, different culture, nomadic festivals, riding on horses, see balbals, rock arts, cross rivers, eagle hunters with their golden eagles basically everything you can imagine.

Come and experience this amazing , unforgettable experience with Back To Bek Travel. Itinerary, Western Mongolia, Altay Tavan Bogd Trekking 15 days Trip. Day 1. Day 2. Get picked up by our staff and transfer to airport to fly to Olgii. Eagle hunting. Day 1 (September 27) Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed by Bek Travel’s staff at UB airport.

Eagle hunting

Drive to Flower hotel. After the lunch at Mongolian Nomads restaurant, we will see Natural museum. In the evening we will see Tumen-Enkh Ensemble Mongolian traditional concert. Drive back to Hotel after the dinner. Day 2 ( September 28) Fly from UB to Olgii. Day 3 ( September 29) Drive back to Olgii, visit local market and see museum. Day 4 ( October 30) Start attending the Eagle Festival at festival site 10kms out of Olgii town. Day 5 (October 1) Attend the eagle festival and overnight in hotel again.

Day 6 (October 2 ) Start driving to Altay village where a famous eagle hunter lives, you will be welcomed in his wooden house. Day 7 (October 3) Training session on this day in the morning, how to ride a horse with a golden eagle on your arms to be ready to hunt wild animals ( such as fox, rabbit, pallas cat etc) on the Altay mountains. Day 10 (October 6) Leisure day in Olgii. Eagle festival tour. Trekking to Tavan Bogd. Day 1.

Trekking to Tavan Bogd

Arrive in Olgii and have lunch. Leave Olgii for Khokh Khotol, 100km from Olgii. Dinner and overnight. Day 2. Drive along the river and pass the hill 2,600m above sea level. Day 3. Day 4. . - Note: Khuiten Peak requires proper climbing equipment (please bring your own). Altai tavan bogd. Bek Travel, 6 days Western Mongolia Package, All Combined Trip Itinerary in Tavan Bogd National Park. 1st round: June 3-June 8 2nd round: June 10-June 15 3rd round: June 17-June 22 4th Round: June 24-June 29 5th round: July 1-July 6 6th round: July 8-July 13 7th round: July 15-July 20 8th round: July 22-July 27 9th round: July 29-August 3 10th Round: August 5-August 10 11th round: August 12-August 17 12th round: August 19-August 24 13th round: August 26-August 31 14th round: September 2-September 7 15th round: September 9-September 14 16th round: September 16-September 21 Following attractive trekking adventure will take place in Western Mongolia, in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park among the snow-capped peaks of the High Altai Mountains, one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia.

Altai tavan bogd

Day 1 Fly from UB to Olgii, arrive in the morning, short town introduction (small town) go to Halal Restaurant ( Turkish restaurant) and have brunch. Trekking in Altai mountains. Holiday in mongolia. Trekking in Mongolia. Trekking to Tavan Bogd. Western Mongolia.