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Jeff Lawrence

Jeff helps individuals and small businesses fight back by relying on his unique background and experiences. Prior to creating Smith Lawrence, Jeff represented big corporations on behalf of a large national law firm, he gained in-house legal experience working for a registered investment advisor, and he worked on the floor of the Kansas City Board of Trade.

Manage Your Divorce Cases with Divorce Lawyers in Kansas City. Going Through a High Asset Divorce is Tough: Your relationship with your ex-spouse may not be reconcilable, but you want to maintain your relationships with your kids and friends and protect your reputation and your assets.

Manage Your Divorce Cases with Divorce Lawyers in Kansas City

That’s a lot to think about. David knows- he’s been there. The good news is an experienced divorce lawyer can make all the difference for your emotional well being and your financial outcome. Work with a Kansas City Divorce Lawyer Experienced in High Asset Divorces: For nearly 30 years, David R. Investment Fraud Attorney in Kansas City. Losing money at the hands of someone you thought you could trust is painful.

Investment Fraud Attorney in Kansas City

Like millions of others, you likely rely on advice from financial experts. In a lot of situations, your broker can help you increase your financial status and help you plan for your future. Unfortunately, sometimes they make mistakes and commit negligence. Other times, they know full well that they are taking advantage of you, stealing your money, and committing investment fraud. These unfortunate events often happen to seniors that have worked long and hard to save for their retirement only to have someone take it all away from them. Based in Kansas City, Jeff Lawrence is an investment fraud attorney that can use investment laws to help you. You don’t want just any trial attorney; you need a litigation attorney like Jeff that understands the unique laws that protect people like you from bad people committing investment negligence and investment fraud.

5 Ways My Divorced Friend Celebrated Her Valentines Day. How to Survive Valentine’s Day After Your Divorce? Valentine’s Day can trigger distress among divorcees.

How to Survive Valentine’s Day After Your Divorce?

Fret not. Here we have come up with the simple strategies helping you make this day wonderful. After a divorce, you need time to recover from the trauma of a failed marriage. And an arrival of Valentine’s Day can reopen the wounds that have started healing just now. Therefore, February 14th may make you feel more pain, loneliness and confusion. Instead of being in stress and pain throughout the day, you can use these tips to survive Valentine’s Day. Become a Gift Donor: Rather than spoiling your mood for not receiving any gift this Valentine's, be the gift giver. Take Your Single Friends on a Night Out: Instead of cursing Valentine, make the most of this occasion by taking your single friends for a fun night out.

Burn Those Old Love Letters Making You Feel Pain: How Long Does It Take to Settle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit? If you have filed a personal injury claim, you might be wondering what goes on in a typical case, and how long it takes.

How Long Does It Take to Settle Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

This article will help you understanding the key factors determining the duration of your case. As a plaintiff, you want to settle your personal injury lawsuit as fast as possible to cover your medical expenses and daily bills. Besides, you like to avoid the unfair settlement amount as compensation from the defendant’s insurance company. Sadly, many plaintiffs overlook certain factors which drags on their case for years which otherwise could be resolved within months. 3 Major Reasons for Couple Fights (and the simple ways to avoid them) – Site Title. Just like you fight or argue with any of your friend, there are good chances that you get into a fight with your life partner too.

3 Major Reasons for Couple Fights (and the simple ways to avoid them) – Site Title

It is common, but you really need to learn how to avoid it, if you really wish to live a peaceful life. Here is some help, read on. You have your own personal desires, fears, preferences, tastes, needs, insecurities and habits. And this is the reason why living peacefully with another human being at times becomes so difficult. When you have to spend just a few days together, things seems to be fine. In case, you had a fight or you fear for the difference of opinion, it is essential to learn about some common facts, couples usually fight over. Money Matters Without a doubt this is one of the most obvious causes as it is a reflection of personal values. Home Responsibilities The biggest and silliest of the fights occur when one partner feels the load is not shared.

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