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Monopolize Your Marketplace. Straight Talk About Setting Prospect Expectations. Stop Customers From Choking On Project Costs. Posted by Rich Harshaw on May 4, 2017.

Stop Customers From Choking On Project Costs

Feast your eyes on this beauty above. She’s a Prime Black Angus Ribeye. Cooked medium rare (just how I like it), so you get that perfectly rich and juicy flavor. But here’s the thing… While I love me some steak, I’m not going to shove the whole 12-ounce cut down my gullet at once. Stop Customers From Choking On Project Costs.

Monopolize Your Marketplace. Monopolize Your Marketplace. How To Get The Money You Need For Your Marketing Budget. Posted by Rich Harshaw on March 6, 2017.

How To Get The Money You Need For Your Marketing Budget

In the last post I told you how to find your Most Important Number. Basically, this is the number of sales per month you need to generate with your “bread and butter” product to get you where you want to be financially. Example: Windows is your main product. You’re selling eight window projects per month. So your Most Important Number might be 25 jobs per month. Because, let’s face it: It’s easy to say that if you were doing 25 window projects per month for $8,000 per job (and $4,000 gross profit), that you’d allot 15% of sales ($1,200 per sale) to marketing. But when you realize that would require a monthly marketing budget of $30,000—over $20,000 more than what you’re currently spending—you automatically think, “How the heck do I get there?!”

Monopolize Your Marketplace. 3 Magic SEO Pills That Are Really Search Engine Cyanide. Posted by Rich Harshaw on January 6, 2017.

3 Magic SEO Pills That Are Really Search Engine Cyanide

Ever notice how there are approximately 129,347 different diets, programs, pills, products, and scams for weight loss? Heck, you probably have someone on your Facebook friend list who’s become a “representative” for some multi-level-marketing company and the latest fat-loss fad product (stomach wraps, magical diet pills, etc.) they’re hocking. Even though 99.9% of these flash-in-the-pan remedies don’t work, people buy ‘em up by the millions. The prospect of a getting a killer beach bod while exerting zero effort is just too tempting to pass up. Deep down, though, everyone knows—but won’t admit to themselves—that there’s really just one simple three-step process to losing weight: Should You Star In Your Own TV Ads? Posted by Rich Harshaw on February 7, 2017.

Should You Star In Your Own TV Ads?

A few years ago, I met a man named Kip Lee from Savannah, GA who owned a sunroom and window company. Kip’s business was getting along just fine. In fact, he had one of the country’s top sunroom companies, despite being in one of the smallest markets. Kip spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on newspaper advertising, and was just starting to dabble in TV commercials. His first few commercials featured a spokesman who talked about the qualities of the company’s products. The commercials worked OK, but were not generating the results required to take Kip’s business to the next level. I started working with Kip around this time. Kip made an infomercial basically as an afterthought because the production company cut him a good deal on it. In the first few seconds of watching it, though, I knew this forgotten piece of advertising—relegated to a time only insomniacs and new moms were awake—was THE key to increasing Kip’s business. Your Crappy Mobile Site Is About To Kill Your SEO.

Posted by Rich Harshaw on February 2, 2017.

Your Crappy Mobile Site Is About To Kill Your SEO

In an unpredictable world, only two things are certain year in and out: Income taxes.Google rolling out a new update that can drastically mess with your rankings. I’m sure you’re all too aware of the first one, so let’s talk about the second. This is BIG because it could drastically affect your rankings on mobile devices. Here are 5 key things you need to know: What is Google’s mobile index? The mobile index is going to rank pages based on the content that’s shown to a user on a mobile device, rather than ranking the results based on content served on the “full-size” page. Monopolize Your Marketplace. Monopolize Your Marketplace. PPC Construction. WHY SHOULD I DO PPC ADVERTISING?

PPC Construction

IT HAS NEVER WORKED BEFORE. Absolutely. PPC, when done properly, is a powerful and immediate lead generating tool. It allows you to position your company right in the stream of people who are actively looking for a remodeling company. It does not require the time investment that SEO does, and can produce immediate leads and revenue for your company.

WHAT MAKES YOU ANY BETTER AT PPC THAN OTHERS? We start with real PPC experts, not an automated system that almost all other providers use. Then there is a difference in philosophy. 4 Bad Habits That Are Keeping You From $10MM. Posted by Rich Harshaw on September 20, 2016.

4 Bad Habits That Are Keeping You From $10MM

Something was a “little off” in his sales presentation. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, so he wanted me to take a look at it. A couple days later, he flew to my home office in Texas with his top two executives, and paid me $15,500 to let them give me the sales presentation, and then have me give them suggestions to make it better. Over the course of 6 hours, I identified two or three dozen (mostly) teeny-tiny adjustments that I felt, collectively, would move the needle. After the meeting, I typed up the notes and created a 17-page document that gave an analysis of all 48 pages of their iPad pitch book, and where the changes needed to occur… as well as specific things the reps should say as they talked through any particular slide. This Is How You All But Eliminate Sit-No-Sales… For Good. Posted by Rich Harshaw on July 11, 2016.

This Is How You All But Eliminate Sit-No-Sales… For Good

Let’s be honest: Sit-no-sales are the worst. You dedicate the time, resources, and labor hours to go to the prospect’s home. You give the estimate. The prospect seems to be on board… And then you never hear from them again. Why? One of the most likely reasons is that the prospect can’t visualize the project. In these instances, you USED to have to decide whether to let the prospect go or relentlessly follow up with them for weeks or more. Monopolize Your Marketplace. Contractor website. Turn Lookers Into Buyers Your website is the most important tool in your entire marketing arsenal.

Contractor website

Every single prospect you ever get will judge your company—and their likelihood of doing business with you—on what they find when they look you up online. To effectively convert LOOKERS into BUYERS, your website must look good and say the right things. That’s where MYM comes in: with our wealth of experience in contractor marketing, we know how to both write and build a great website. It all starts with a powerful IDENTITY… and MYM is the only marketing company that understands the concept and executes it flawlessly. Content is key, but so are looks. We've launched hundreds of awesome websites for contractors just like yourself. Kitchen & Bath Remodelers Exterior Remodelers Roofing Companies Other Contractors Website Content (35 Pages) Let MYM do the heavy lifting of overhauling the content of you entire website.