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Smile Studio Orthodontics

Smile Studio Orthodontics is the best orthodontist office in Richmond/Katy, Texas. Offer high-quality dental care services to our patient, Likes Invisalign, Braces, iTero 3D Scans and Digital X-rays. Scheduled an online appointment now

Smile Studio Orthodontics best orthodontist in Richmond Tx. What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?

Smile Studio Orthodontics best orthodontist in Richmond Tx

Dentists and orthodontists are very similar as they are in the profession of helping with dental health care. Both orthodontists and general dentists complete four years of dental school, after their bachelor’s degrees, and both are doctors of dentistry. An orthodontist, however, is required to complete further schooling and thereby have more experience in the area of orthodontics. This is why when a general dentist has a patient with dental malocclusion (“mal” = bad, “occlusion” = bite), they will refer them to a specialist which is the orthodontist. What is overbite vs underbite, Contact Smile Studio orthodontics to cure. What is an overbite>What is underbite>Overbite vs underbite Simply put an overbite is the overlapping of the lower teeth over by the upper teeth.

What is overbite vs underbite, Contact Smile Studio orthodontics to cure

Conversely, an underbite is when as you close your mouth the lower front teeth are in front of your upper teeth. An overbite can be caused by the eruption of teeth and over the development of the upper jaw and or underdevelopment of the lower jaw. Rarely do people have the perfect best bite for their face because teeth erupt at random events. Open On Saturday - Smile Studio Orthodontics. Orthodontist Office Near Me. Our orthodontist office in Richmond/Katy, Texas is a contemporary and professional space yet comfortable and welcoming.

Orthodontist Office Near Me

We promise you’ll always be greeted with a smile and a friendly voice whenever you visit. We serve patients of all ages, and we understand that each one of our patients has unique needs. Braces Cost: How Much Do For Child & Adult? Six Month Smiles Braces At Smile Studio Orthodontics Richmond Katy, Tx. Some adults are hesitant to get braces, even if they badly need orthodontic correction.

Six Month Smiles Braces At Smile Studio Orthodontics Richmond Katy, Tx

After all, braces are just for kids and teens, right? While many people do have their orthodontic correction done in their adolescent years, adults can certainly benefit from braces as well. Affordable Digital X-Rays In Richmond Katy TX 77406. Radiography, or x-rays, are crucial in orthodontics and dentistry.

Affordable Digital X-Rays In Richmond Katy TX 77406

This imaging tool allows Dr. Khan to see what is going on below the surface of your gums so that he can anticipate and address future problems. Digital X-rays dental are also excellent for detecting decay or bone loss. Although some offices still use old-fashioned film x-rays, they are truly relics of the past. These radiographs use caustic chemicals to develop, harming the environment. To avoid these issues, Dr. Furthermore, digital x-rays are much quicker since there is no developing time.

Braces Adjustment Appointment Available Near You At Richmond Katy. Braces Adjustment Appointment Once the braces have been placed and the wires have been tightened for the first time, patients will be told to come back regularly for something called a braces adjustment appointment.

Braces Adjustment Appointment Available Near You At Richmond Katy

As the wires are tightened, the teeth will start to move from their initial position and being the migration into their final position; however, this process is going to require a handful of appointments to adjust the wires and keep the teeth moving. Orthodontics Near Katy Tx Provide Best Quality Invisalign. Invisalign, transparent aligners are hidden and removable.

Orthodontics Near Katy Tx Provide Best Quality Invisalign

It is extremely rare to naturally have completely straight teeth and a perfectly aligned bite. This is why so many people can benefit from orthodontic correction. But metal braces are very noticeable and can create embarrassment for kids and adults. Orthodontic Separators & Rubber Bands. Separators and Rubber Bands When patients have their wires and brackets placed, they should understand that the process of placing the braces has not been finished yet because the separators and rubber bands still need to be placed.

Orthodontic Separators & Rubber Bands

The reason why these devices are not placed at the first visit is that they need time to work. These are the last pieces of the puzzle and will allow the orthodontist to place the proper bands on the backs of the molars before finalizing the rubber band placement around the wires. Smile Studio Orthodontics Richmond, Katy. Placement of Braces Once the treatment has been planned out and deciding, it will be time to place the braces on the teeth themselves.

Smile Studio Orthodontics Richmond, Katy

This visit can be a nervous experience for patients of all ages, particularly children, and it can be helpful for patients to understand the process of placing the brackets, wires, and bands. When patients know what to expect coming into the office, they can have many of their questions and concerns addressed that they may not have had otherwise. The process of placing the Braces: The brackets are not going to stick to the teeth if the surface is wet. Wild Smiles Braces In Richmond Katy TX. Sure, metal braces are an effective way to straighten teeth and correct bite alignment problems, but they’re a bit… boring, especially if you are a kid or teen.

Wild Smiles Braces In Richmond Katy TX

But what if your child could personalize their braces, bringing their own unique flair? They can with WildSmiles. Wild Smiles braces allow patients to add their individual style with fun shapes like footballs, hearts, stars, diamonds, and others. Your child is likely to be much less reluctant to get braces when they find out they can add designer features. Best of all, the WildSmiles shapes do not interfere with the corrective effect of braces in any way. Smile Studio Orthodontics Katy, Texas. Orthodontist Richmond Katy, Texas 77406. Dr. Rizwan Khan Orthodontist In Richmond, Tx. Meet Dr. Rizwan Khan, DMD – Your Richmond/Katy, TX Orthodontic Specialist Although he was born in Chicago, Dr. Khan was raised on a farm in South Carolina where he learned early on how to proficiently use his hands.

He later adopted the Houston, Texas area as his home and has lived in the Katy/Richmond area since 2010. Why You Need Dental X-Ray Examination? Smile Studio Orthodontics Richmond TX. Clear (Ceramic) Braces Clear braces, also known as ceramic braces or invisible brackets, are made of a clear, high-quality esthetic material that is far less noticeable on your teeth compared to metal braces. Although teenagers and adults usually opt for clear braces, we also routinely use them on younger patients who have cosmetic concerns or want to look unique while in treatment. Most patients prefer to use clear elastics along with the clear braces to complete the invisible look. But many patients prefer to add colors, including neon and other fun colors, to spice up their look. Orthodontist Special Offers And Discounts.

Orthodontic Services Richmond Katy, Texas. Braces: What’s The Perfect Treatment Age? Treatment Age for Braces Patients who are told that they may need to get braces may have questions regarding the potential treatment age of the patient. It is important to time the treatment properly to ensure that the teeth wind up in the proper location. Dental Exam: What Happens During First Visit. What Happen at the Initial Dental Exam? When patients arrive at the office for the initial dental exam, they may not be sure what to expect. For children, this visit in a new environment can be an anxiety-provoking experience, particularly if they have preconceived notions about what having braces might entail. It can be helpful for patients to know what to expect when they visit an orthodontic practice for the first time. Furthermore, patients should know what to bring to the visit as well to ensure that everything goes according to plan. For the initial visit, there are a few steps that patients should keep in mind.

When To See An Orthodontist? When Should I See an Orthodontist? While most people grow up seeing a regular dentist once or twice per year for typical cleanings, many people don’t know when to see an orthodontist. An orthodontist is an oral health professional that has specialized training in the movement and alignment of the teeth with various other parts of the mouth, including the jaw. If there is a question about how the teeth or the bite align with each other, it is a good idea to see an orthodontist.

Right Age to Visit an Orthodontist Parents and loved ones should pay attention know when child’s teeth as they start coming in. Children’s Tooth Development Everyone has a different rate of tooth development when it comes to timing. Valuable Information Without a Referral. How To Make Yourself Need Braces Read At Smile Studio orthodontics. Invisalign & braces specialist Guide For Clear Braces At Richmond Katy. Payment Options To Get Affordable Braces. Smile Studio Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign Specialist Richmond Katy. What Is Important Details About Braces Cost?