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Harry Bang

With over ten years providing denture care in London, Ontario, Dr. Harry Bang has shared his expertise creating beautiful smiles at Smiles Denture Care Centre. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Partial Denture - Smiles Denture Care Centre. A partial denture replaces one or more teeth and will help prevent your natural teeth from shifting or drifting into the space left by the loss of a natural tooth.

Partial Denture - Smiles Denture Care Centre

We can also work closely with your dentist to develop a treatment plan and style of partial denture that best fits your dental needs. The position, stability and number of remaining teeth are only a few of the factors that help to determine what type of partial denture would be best for you. Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylics, a metal/acrylic combination or flexible thermoplastics. Acrylic partials are usually used as a transitional or temporary replacement of missing teeth and can incorporate metal clasps into the design. The metal/acrylic partial, commonly called a cast partial, is usually a more rigid and permanent style of denture. With a partial denture, you’ll look better, feel better and chew better. Relines - Smiles Denture Care Centre. The requirement for relining occurs when bone and tissues change due to shrinkage.

Relines - Smiles Denture Care Centre

Possible causes may be: Post immediate denturesTooth lossWeight lossBone loss in the upper or lower jawSickness or disease The bite position, existing teeth and acrylic bases must be in good condition and not worn or stained to provide a reline procedure. An impression of your oral tissue is taken inside your denture(s) to provide a working model. New acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a correct fit. Reasons for rebase procedure: Standard Dentures - Smiles Denture Care Centre. Standard Dentures in London Ontario Standard dentures utilize basic tooth shapes, shades and materials.

Standard Dentures - Smiles Denture Care Centre

They tend to wear a little faster than precision dentures as the teeth and materials used are standard. Regardless of your choice, Smiles Denture Care Centre is committed to providing all of our customers the best possible fit, function and appearance. It is our mission to restore beautiful smiles through our premium dentures. We understand that a healthy smile plays a significant part in your confidence, social life, and even overall health. Affordable Premium Dentures Being a reliable denture clinic in London, Ontario, we specialize in denture services.

As a former registered dental technician and now a licensed denturist, Harry Bang has been passionate about dental health and helping people who have lost their natural dentition restore their natural, bright smiles. Here at Smiles Dentures Care Centre, we love to welcome new patients in our London, Ontario denture clinic. Precision Dentures - Smiles Denture Care Centre.

Precision Dentures London Ontario People eventually lose their teeth as they age.

Precision Dentures - Smiles Denture Care Centre

Missing teeth can lead to jawbone shrinkage, difficulty chewing, and low self-esteem. At Smiles Dentures Care Clinic, we understand the importance of having a complete set of teeth and restoring beautiful smiles. If you are in need of dentures made of quality materials, let us make sure that they perfectly fit to function properly. Dental Care: Surprising Methods To Prevent Tooth Decay. Getting cavities, also known as tooth decay, is one of the most common preventable dental issues for Canadian adults and children.

Dental Care: Surprising Methods To Prevent Tooth Decay

When you eat, bacteria in your mouth feed on the sugars from the food and forms a sticky plaque on your gums and teeth. The plaque erodes the enamel on your teeth, which can turn into cavities. Your dentist has told you how important it is to brush and floss every day and get regular dental checkups. Did you know that there are other ways, and some ways you may not have heard of that can help to prevent tooth decay? Here are just a few. Watch What You Eat Eating a healthy diet of fresh foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients will not only nourish your body but also help keep your teeth and gums healthy. . • Calcium - your teeth are made of calcium and phosphate, so eating lots of foods that contain calcium is an excellent way to strengthen your teeth. Signs You May Need Dentures - Smiles Denture Care Centre. How Ill-Fitting Dentures Affect Your Oral Health - Smiles Denture Care Centre. Our oral health changes as we grow older.

How Ill-Fitting Dentures Affect Your Oral Health - Smiles Denture Care Centre

With age, you may become more susceptible to tooth loss. Dentures are often recommended to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile. While proper dental care and regular checkups keep your oral health in check, the ridge of the gums eventually shrinks, causing the dentures to loosen. The effects of wearing loose or ill-fitting dentures can be immediately noticed. Unfortunately, many people fail to correct the problem right away, leading to additional issues including: Discomfort – Ill-fitting dentures can exert added pressure on the gums.

Your dentures require proper, thorough care to keep them in good condition. When your dentures are starting to feel loose, it’s time to see a dentist for an adjustment. Call Smiles Denture Care Centre at (519) 457-2800 for a free consultation.

What Happens at a Recall Visit-Smiles Denture Care Centre

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