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Novelty and Holidays

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Photos du journal - Architecture & Arts. Photos du journal. Photos de Judy Key. Photos de Brandy Sartain Harris. Photos du journal. Photos de Tricia L Mayo-Curtis. Photos du journal. Photos du journal. The Game of Love. I just love hearing about couples getting engaged...don't you?

The Game of Love

Just the thought of a new marriage, a new family...and well, the wedding cake, makes me turn to mush. My cousin Meg got engaged last month...yay! Now, I have 9 younger cousins...just on one side of the family. Hearing about their engagements is always exciting, but this one was especially thrilling because I've actually gotten a chance to get to know her *now* fiance....and he is such GREAT GUY!

{ok, adorable are they?!?} Photos du journal. Photos du journal. (2) Facebook. Party / this is a great idea for a party so everyone isn't crowded around a dip tray and double dipping. Recipes, cooking ideas, and recipe of the day. Panda CupCake. (1) Facebook. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. What? Yes! - SugarBlog - SugarDerby. Um... ok.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. What? Yes! - SugarBlog - SugarDerby

Why didn't I think of this?!?!?! Of course you can hollow out a strawberry and stuff it full of cheesecake. Of course you can!!! And just in time for Valentine's Day... perfect excuse to make them! Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries Here's what you need: About 20 strawberries... this was a little over one carton for me. 8 oz pkg softened cream cheese 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla 1 sleeve of graham crackers 1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (optional) First you will want to wash the strawberries and cut off the tops. Party / Dinosaur Party Theme. Party / Birthday centerpiece idea for any age. Party / Pineapple palm fruit tree. Party / cake pop ice cream cones. These are so cute! Party / Lego man lego cake. Untitled. Easter DIY Tutorial: Carrot Shaped Cupcakes. In a few days, Peter Cottontail will be hoppin’ down the bunny trail… so we better have some carrots ready for him!

Easter DIY Tutorial: Carrot Shaped Cupcakes

But not just any carrots. Really, how many boring carrots can one bunny eat? I say we go for sparkling carrots with a surprise inside! Hi, it’s Carrie Sellman from Half Baked, the cake blog for sweet inspiration. I’m happy to be back at HWTM today, sharing a different kind of carrot recipe – just in time for EASTER! By Carrie Sellman makes 12 cupcakes – Ice Cream Cones (12) – Chocolate Cake Batter (made from mix or from scratch) – Buttercream Icing (store bought or homemade) – Orange Candy Melts (2 packs) – Orange Sprinkles (2 jars) – Green Edible Candy Grass 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Design for kids and the home. Awesome Bento Art. Untitled. (2) Facebook. (2) Facebook. Hydrangea Cupcakes. Deep Dish Fruit Pizza. My sister-in-law Missy first introduced me to the concept of fruit pizza years and years ago, and here’s how: she brought one to my house and I proceeded to eat the whole thing.

Deep Dish Fruit Pizza

But it was small. And I was nursing. My mammary glands made me do it. I whipped up a whopper of a fruit pizza a couple of weeks ago using my good ol’ standby sugar cookie recipe…and it was so darn good in such a naughty, naughty way. Feel free to halve the recipe below and press into a smaller pan, or just split the full recipe in half and roll out two thinner pizzas. This is one of those fun, throw-together treats that’s perfect for everything from a slumber party to a baby shower. Sorry I said mammary glands. The Cast of Characters: my sugar cookie dough (recipe below), marshmallow creme, cream cheese, peaches, kiwi, blueberries…and whatever other fruit you’d like! Now, you could divide the dough in half, then roll out each half into thin, round pizzas.

(11) Facebook. - StumbleUpon. This may look like a perfectly innocent cake meant to lure a leprechaun to the top but it has a few secrets.

- StumbleUpon

Secret #1: Beneath the pile of gold coins are fragile bars, when the leprechaun approaches to grab the coins he’ll fall into the pit and be trapped. Secret #2: There is a rainbow hiding inside the cake. The leprechaun will discover this as he eats his way to freedom. Have you heard of Leprechaun traps? I hadn’t encountered these until this year, and I am completely charmed by them. I decided that my angel food cake pan, with the hole in the middles, would make an excellent shape for a leprechaun trap. To read the complete how-to for this cake please click on MORE. To form the rainbow in this cake I used the method shown here at Omnomicon which is very simple — separate your cake batter, color each section, then pour it into your cake pan one color on top of the next.

So this is what I did. This makes for pretty dishes. Piecaken - Star 94.1.