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Téléchargements mobiles - Eat, Drink & Be Social. Photos du journal - The Ripple Effect. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. Photos du journal - How To Instructions. Ethan Brown - Photos de Ethan Brown. Facebook. 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home. Can you get through this post without calling your contractor?

31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

Lower your living room to create a conversation pit. The bi-level living room will give your home an incredibly spacious yet cozy effect. Turn an attic nook into a pillow room. What is life but one long, perpetual movie-night slumber party? Display your book collection under the stairs. Or use the space underneath for storage. Next level wine collection not included, unfortunately. Or use that space for a book nook. So much cozy. Dogs are people, too, which is why your dog should probably get his or her own little haven underneath the stairs. Make space for two dishwashers instead of one. You can load one while the other washes. If you’re doing a HUGE remodel, ask your contractor about tacking on a tree or guest house.

This add-on might cost less than you think. Turn your shabby garden shed into a charming artist’s shed. With big windows for lots of light and visual inspiration. Install an in-wall pest control system. Insane in le bain. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. JunkroomGypsy - Photos du journal. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. Photos du journal - What's Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe. Mary Asbury - Photos de Mary Asbury. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. John M Simmons - Photos du journal. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. Buddy The Elf - Photos du journal. Photos de la publication de Merry Little... - Merry Little Christmas. America's Forgotten Pin-Up Girl. Word of the day: Zaftig /zäftig/ adjective: (of a woman) Having a full, rounded figure; plump.

America's Forgotten Pin-Up Girl

Meet Hilda, the creation of illustrator Duane Bryers and pin-up art’s best kept secret. Voluptuous in all the right places, a little clumsy but not at all shy about her figure, Hilda was one of the only atypical plus-sized pin-up queens to grace the pages of American calendars from the 1950s up until the early 1980s, and achieved moderate notoriety in the 1960s. “She’s a creation out of my head. I had various models over the years, but some of my best Hilda paintings I’ve ever done were done without a model,” veteran artist Duane told the online pin-up gallery Toil, Despite being one of history’s longest running calendar queens alongside the likes of Marilyn Monroe, even the most dedicated vintage enthusiasts probably won’t have come across Hilda before. That isn’t to say Hilda wasn’t capable of “inspiring strong sexual sensations in any red blooded woman-lover” (and still is).

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