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Celebrating Carol Ann Duffy at 60 Anne Varety. The Power of Words in Duffy's Poetry Bernard O'Keefe. Exploring Many Senses in 'Mean Time' Jill Swale. Secret Lives in Duffy's Poetry Cox and Swan. Language and Structure in the Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy. It is now nearly ten years since Carol Ann Duffy published Standing Female Nude, her first collection of poetry.

Language and Structure in the Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy

Since then, volumes have followed at intervals of two or three years, and a Selected Poems, which includes five poems (plus an extract from another) from a volume in progress, has been published by Penguin. Her third collection, Mean Time (1993), won both the Whitbread Award and the Forward Prize. Much praise has been heaped on Duffy, but perhaps the most remarkable claim for the quality of her work so far has been made by Robert Nye, who suggests she writes love poems “as if she were the first to do so”. Duffy’s second book, Selling Manhattan, contains the love poem ‘Miles Away’, a piece both structurally and linguistically representative of her work in general. It begins with the line “I want you and you are not here”. I pausein this garden, breathing the colour thought isbefore language into still air. Carol Ann Duffy - Literature. Carol Ann Duffy, one of the most significant names in contemporary British poetry, has achieved that rare feat of both critical and commercial success.

Carol Ann Duffy - Literature

Her work is read and enjoyed equally by critics, academics and lay readers, and it features regularly on both university syllabuses and school syllabuses. Some critics have accused Duffy of being too populist, but on the whole her work is highly acclaimed for being both literary and accessible, and she is regarded as one of Britain’s most well-loved and successful contemporary poets. Duffy’s themes include language and the representation of reality; the construction of the self; gender issues; contemporary culture; and many different forms of alienation, oppression and social inequality.

She writes in everyday, conversational language, making her poems appear deceptively simple. Six hours like this for a few francs.Belly nipple arse in the window light […]I shall be represented analytically and hungin great museums. Carol Ann Duffy: A poet laureate with a twist. Few positions in public life, apart, perhaps, from Pope or manager of the England football team, have proved quite so unattainable to women over the years as that of Britain's Poet Laureate.

Carol Ann Duffy: A poet laureate with a twist

For centuries, from Ben Jonson onwards, the prestigious honour with its peppercorn salary and liquid remuneration of a "butt of sack" has been a masculine stronghold, handed down from man to man. But that dominance could well be set to come to an end this week after it was let slip that the name of Carol Ann Duffy has been put forward for the Queen's approval to assume the role from the outgoing Laureate Andrew Motion. If all goes as planned, the Glasgow-born poet will become not only the first woman to hold the post but the first openly gay one. Judith Palmer, director of The Poetry Society, said her appointment – should it be confirmed – would prove extremely popular and follows a long-running campaign to get a women into the position.

Language and Structure in the Poetry of Carol Ann Duffy. Carol Ann Duffy on five years as poet laureate: 'It has been a joy' When Carol Ann Duffy was appointed poet laureate in 2009, the first woman to hold the post in its nearly 350-year history, she set herself several goals that included setting up new prizes, giving support to new festivals and helping to generate commissions for poets.

Carol Ann Duffy on five years as poet laureate: 'It has been a joy'

But she had only one goal for herself as a practising poet. "I wanted to continue to write as I always had, and I have tried very hard not to write a poem I previously wouldn't have written. There always had been a public element to my work, particularly during the Thatcher years, and I think all poets, to a greater or lesser degree, need to have a finger on the national pulse. Poetry provides an important alternative voice to journalists or pundits or academics as a way of dealing with things that matter to us all. But, for me, it was about finding the moment when my interests and my voice ran parallel to something that could be seen as public. " Jeanette Winterson on the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy – of course it's political. Poetry is pleasure.

Jeanette Winterson on the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy – of course it's political

Sometimes people say to me, “why should I read a poem?” There are plenty of answers, from the profound – a poem is such an ancient means of communication that it feels like an evolutionary necessity – to the practical; a poem is like a shot of espresso – the fastest way to get a hit of mental and spiritual energy. We could talk about poetry as a rope in a storm. Poetry as one continuous mantra of mental health. Poetry as the world’s biggest, longest-running workshop on how to love. We could say that the poem is a lie detector. Yes. And pleasure. Carol Ann Duffy has often spoken about poetry as an everyday event and not as a special occasion. Just as the body is shaped for movement, the mind is shaped for poetry.

Rhythm and rhyme aid recall. Love and Masculinity in Duffy's Poems.