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Repositories: CLILEVO

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Griglie di valutazione. CLIL links - A trip to CLIL. CLIL Humanities Follow Up Webpage. You will find links to all the resources we showed you here.

CLIL Humanities Follow Up Webpage

However, we showed different resources to different groups so there may also be resources here which you have not seen yet. Please email me if you can't find something or you discover a bad link. We will shortly upload the activities you produced so that everyone can share them. CLIL worksheets. CLIL Learning Activities Repository. CLIL Teachers´ Web Guide. Discover how interesting can the queen of the sciences be working with these interactive websites.

CLIL Teachers´ Web Guide

This is an excellent website which includes a maths dictionary with visual explanations and interactive games at different levels. An illustrated Mathematics Dictionary. This website deals with basic mathematics including games and a math glossary. This is a school website designed for younger students with a lot of fun maths at different levels. Enllaços d'interès. CLIL4teachers / CLIL4teachers Front Page. PLEASE NOTE: You can download resources from the wiki without requesting access.

CLIL4teachers / CLIL4teachers Front Page

Please request access (see link on the right) if you would like to leave comments or upload your own materials. To be given access, you need to include a short message to explain your interest in CLIL. Thank you.